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How To Succeed In 2012

That’s a bit of a grand title isn’t it?

The fact is, the majority of hopeful onliners won’t succeed in 2012.  My personal estimate is that 99% will be in the same situation as they are now or worse by this time next year.

It’s a fact that I’ve gone over and over here on my blog that only 1% will succeed with their online business.

Here’s a good question for you.

What’s the one determining factor that decides whether your business is going to succeed or not?

We’ll get to that in a bit, but first a quick statistic discovered by a friend and mentor a few years ago.

SIXTY percent of people starting today with the thought of “Can I make a living online?” will NOT be around in 6 months time.

That’s a very sobering thought isn’t it?

There will be people reading this who in 6 months time will have thrown in the towel in frustration at having gone round in circles trying to work out what they should be doing (and HOW) and eventually giving up.

It’s a shame and it’s also completely avoidable with a little thought and preparation.  I know for a FACT what works.  It works for me and it works for thousands of other people too.

Think about this for a moment.

There are lots of different business models and some of them are really quite complicated.  A lot of people find out a little about some of the more complicated and well, let’s say “flaky” ones, and try to get to grips with them.  The problem is, deep inside they already know they’re going to fail because they don’t *quite* believe what they’re being told, and rightly so in most cases.

Here’s what I know DOES work, and you’ll know right away for a FACT that it works the moment the words settle in, and that’s because you see this every day.

Here it is.  Ready?

You create a product that people want and you sell it to them.

What on this planet could be simpler to understand than that?  But many (and this may be you) don’t know how to get from A to B.

So you end up with puzzles like “How do I come up with a good product idea?” and “How do I get it created?” and “How do I unleash it on the world when it’s done?”

I know it can seem never ending and an insurmountable task when you don’t know how.  But the best way of approaching it all is with a plan and one step at a time.  With my learning and experience, I can help you get from A to B when you join my personal coaching.

On Thursday 15th December I’ll accept you and four other people to join me during the first two months of 2012 and coach you through product idea to creation to sales page and promotion.

When you have that product online and making sales and building a mailing list, you’ll agree with me that signing up for personal coaching with me was the best thing you ever did.

My coaching with you will be one to one which is why I call it personal coaching.  You and I will sit and chat and work out what it is you want to do and I’ll help you put together a plan and achieve it.    So If you’ve spent some time just thrashing about a bit and don’t seem to have any real direction, or things are moving a little slowly…

I’ll get you on track.

I’ll show you:-

  • How to come up with neverending product ideas.  There’s a few simple techniques that means you’ll never go short of a good idea.  Heck, I’ll GIVE you some ideas if you want – I have more than I can possibly ever implement, and I add new ones almost every week.[br][br]
  • The steps you need to take your ideas and turn them into profitable reality.[br][br]
  • How to build a mailing list and with that a profitable business.[br][br]
  • The tools and methodologies I use on a day to day basis.[br][br]
  • How to find good (and very low cost) outsource staff and get them to do the things you can’t or don’t want to do.  Not as easy as you might think – certainly not as easy as I thought two years ago.  Yes I believed all the blather and hype about it.  You live and learn.[br][br]
  • Where to find that staff (and I’m not talking about the Freelance sites) and how to approach it all to pick up the right people.  I’ll help you hire them and hold your hand while you do it.  And here’s a tip to keep your costs down – you don’t have to hire them full time if you don’t want to.  Many outsourcers are more than happy to earn “bread and butter” money from you while doing other things.  Some only want to work part time, and I’ll explain why that is when you join.[br][br]
  • How to realise that opportunity is all around you, and all you need is to be prepared for it.  Someone told me a few years ago that “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”  Boy were they right.  If you’re prepared, then when the opportunities arise (and they always do) you’ll see them as your “Lucky breaks.”[br][br]
  • How to learn some of the essential skills you need even though you may be totally unaware of them right now.  And also the methods I personally use, and then I’ll help you to use them too in order to make sure you get a good response from what you do.[br][br]

And finally, of extreme practical use to you (and I’ve learned this is a blocker for most people) I’ll write your sales copy for you for the product you’re going to have created by the end of the coaching period.  I’ll also explain the entire copywriting process to you, and why I did what I did.

That last one alone is worth the entire cost of the coaching for many people.

Talking of cost, this isn’t going to break your bank.

Let me explain.  I spent about $10,000 on coaching a few years ago and I still think of it as the best thing I ever did.  I went into it scared and came out confident a few weeks later.  I’d invested in the most important part of my business.


So to answer the question I asked earlier – “What’s the one determining factor that decides whether your business is going to succeed or not?”

It’s YOU.

In case you missed my point above, you shouldn’t see the coaching I’m offering as an expense.  It’s an investment in YOU.  (I’m NOT charging $10,000 either, or anywhere near it.)

When I open the doors tomorrow at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), stick the investment cost on your credit card and pay for it later out of your profits.  That’s exactly what I did.

-Frank Haywood

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Make $3,000 Every Two Weeks From PLR

Richelo Killian has been doing just that.

I met Richelo at a seminar in 2006, and for 3 weeks after that he bullied coached me every day by asking me if I’d launched SmartDD.

He knew that every day I delayed getting things “just right” was a day lost in sales. It was just what I needed.

Richelo has just written to me and here’s a snippet from the email:-

I am launching my $3K Every 2 Weeks Using PLR Coaching round 2 at the moment. Round 1 was a HUGE success! It sold out in 5 days flat! This time round, I am NOT limiting the number of people, but, I am limiting the closing date for sales.

The coaching starts on 17 April, and the sales page will stop working at midnight on 16 April. This is handled by software, so, it will stop.

I know I could do with a bit of a refresher – we ALL need coaching – so I’m signing up to it myself .

If you want a bit of background to this, about six months ago, he wrote a post on the Warrior Forum that became one of the most read and commented on posts ever.

He outlined his personal system for making $3,000 every two weeks from private label products (and not just ebooks, but other plr products as well, including software and scripts).

Knowing Richelo the way I do, I know he is way too up front to BS you. He does what he says and he’s now offering to teach you his methods in his personal mentoring course.

I know it will be excellent value for money, and that’s exactly why I’m signing up myself.

You can read his original Warrior Forum post at the link below – and find out how you can sign up to be tutored by Richelo in the art of turning PLR into profits.

PLR Coaching by Richelo Killian

See you on the course.

-Frank Haywood

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More Of The Same in 2008? Or Your Freedom?

As we take the first few steps into 2008, have you wondered what the year has in store for you?

More of the same as 2007 do you think?

And is that good or bad?

Good if you’re already successful and you’re growing your online business, or bad if you’re stuck in a job you hate?

A true story…

Once upon a time I used to drag myself out of bed every morning, go through my wake up routine and drive into work to do a job I didn’t like any more. I was totally miserable.

(My wife knew something was wrong and was worried it was us and that I was going to walk out on her. Never! I love her far too much.)

My doctor would tell you I was very ill if she were allowed to by law.

My job had turned bad, I felt like I was wasting my life, and because the pay was good I felt trapped. How could I give it all up?

Looking back now, I just laugh at the situation. Give what up exactly?

Give up my dignity as I was told what to do by another in a stream of d*** heads that knew less than I did?

Give up my freedom by being forced to do things I didn’t want to do, talk to people I wouldn’t give two minutes to outside of work, and just generally selling my soul in dribs and drabs?

And all in the name of job security and a promised pension years down the road…


For one, Job security doesn’t exist any more. Secondly, why would I wait another 20-odd years until I’m too old to physically enjoy myself? And then only to find I suddenly don’t know what to do with myself when I do eventually retire? And then peg it 2-3 years later as statistically I was doomed to do like so many other people?

(Including my father in law – he was such a good man and we all miss him.)

No way, no chance, I just could not take it any longer and eventually I broke and left the company.

My life changed instantly. My wife saw the change in me immediately.

I’m not saying it was all good, and if I could have my time again, I’d do things differently now that I know what I’ve learned the hard way.

For starters I’d have done it ten years earlier.

There is no way ANYONE who doesn’t want to, has to “hold down” a job any more. The world has changed, and is changing even more every day. Cottage industries have sprung up yet again as we go through another communication revolution.

Whole business models and new organisations have come into being to service the needs of people like me. And you too if you want.

From my perspective, I’m becoming one of the New Rich, and I’m not talking about money for money’s sake here either. I’m talking about the freedom I now have that I didn’t have before.

For instance, I need never miss another of my childrens assemblies, or nativities or other events at school. If my wife needs to go do something like shopping with her mom, I can do the pick ups from school. Or if she wants to disappear for a few days with her friends, that’s no problem either.

I can take my 3 year old daughter out to lunch when she finishes nursery at 11.30. I can go to the library whenever I want. I can get my haircut or go shopping or anything I like on a quiet Tuesday morning instead of the mayhem in the evenings or at weekends.

I can take a weeks holiday with the family in February (cold but usually beautiful wherever we go) without losing any of my holiday days as I have none to lose. I’m my own boss! No, boss is the wrong word, it’s better than that.

And… best of all… we’re now talking about upping sticks, selling everything we own and going on extended travel. Where? We don’t know yet. When? ASAP if I have my way, but realistically not until July.

I already know I can do everything I already do from pretty much anywhere in the world. All I need is an internet connection.

Apart from family, there’s nothing keeping us here in the UK any more. And when we look at our siblings, they’ve already gone and done it.

My brother married a Texan girl 3 years ago and moved to the States, and my sister has just moved to Goa in India with her husband.

We’re the slow starters really. 😉

Neither of us have what you’d call a job, and that’s something that people I meet casually find it difficult to understand.

Them: “What do you do?”

Me: “Um, I’m sort of self-employed.”

Them: “Doing what?”

Me: “I sell online business tools and info products for small businesses.”

Them: “Er… internet you mean? Is that profitable? Is it hard?”

Me: “Yes, yes, no.”

Them: “Hmm, I wish I had the guts to do something like that.”

Me: “Hmm…”

I’ve given up talking to people when they say that to me. What they’re really saying is that they’re no-hopers.

I know that sounds harsh, but I think that’s the only interpretation you can put on it. I’ve tried to explain to people in the past that they just need to change the way they think, but the fact is, most people prefer not to think and would rather carry on the old fashioned way no matter how detrimental it is to their humanity.

They’re the 98 percenters. Life will always be a treadmill for them. They’ll always be in a rut. It’s their choice, they have no-one to blame but themselves.

They believe what they’ve been brainwashed to believe all their lives. That the path to success is get good school results, work hard all your life doing s*** you hate, and after 40 years of that you’ll be rewarded when you retire.

Yeah right…

Do YOU really believe that? Do you believe that’s what life is all about?

Or do you want change? Do you want your freedom instead?

Well, I can’t give you that, but what I can do is help you take the first few steps on that path.

I’m accepting just a few people on a PERSONAL coaching course. Not an online digital mentoring programme – this is personal, you get me, you get my time.

I may never do it again. I certainly won’t ever do it at this price. I know it’s nowhere near the price it should be – I should be charging $5,000-$6,000 – but I have my reasons for keeping the price down.

I have three people signed up for my exclusive personal attention during January and February and my help as and when throughout the rest of the year. I have two others who have said they definitely wish to take two of the places but they’re umming and ahhing over it.

I’ve decided to reduce the number of spots to ten at the current price. If anyone wishes to join past that number, I will be raising the price by up to 50% more than it is now, and only for an additional five people.


Do you want more of the same in 2008? Or do you want to take those first steps towards freedom?

Take a look:-

– Frank Haywood.

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Personal Coaching Course Now Open

I’ve opened the doors to my personal coaching programme. I’m giving readers of my blog a four hour head start on taking the fifteen slots before opening it up to my other mailing lists.

That’s all there is to say really. You can find the details here:-

and I’ll just finish by saying I’m really looking forward to working with you in 2008.

-Frank Haywood.

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Mailing List – From Zero to Thousands

I said that today I’d show you a video inside my Aweber account, but due to a couple of technical problems and a lack of time to fix them and get this post done, I’ve decided to do a screen shot instead.

Remember in an earlier post I said that 18 months ago I didn’t have much of a clue, and I certainly didn’t have a mailing list. Okay, I had a few people I’d gathered together, but there were so few I don’t count that as having the kind of list you’d call a list.

I then started list building about 15 months ago, maybe a little less. Here’s the screen shot that I’ve just taken inside my Aweber account.

Aweber Screen Shot

You can see from that, that things have changed fairly rapidly for me, but how would you feel if you knew that most of that list has been grown in the latter half of 2007?

Look particularly at the one called fhblog. I only started that one two days ago and there are 15 subscribers on there. Well 13 of them were from my existing lists who I asked to come here, but there are two brand new subscribers on that list.

That’s just from blogging. (I also spotted that some kind soul has “Stumbled” me on StumbleUpon – I thank you sir or madam if you’re reading this!)

I found the same effect when I did my 7 Products in 7 Days, and I wrote to one of my friends about it. I only told my lists about the sites for my Default Ebook Layout and also Keyword Inspector.

And yet…

I picked up brand new subscribers!

I can only surmise that people on my list told their friends about the free products, who then came along and signed up.

So it seems clear to me what the lesson is here.

Just by the act of having done a few things, I’ve moved my business forward. More importantly, the act of doing those things is cumulative. This is certainly what I’ve found in the last few months.

Sometimes, I don’t do anything. But still the business asset in the form of my mailing list continues to grow and harden.

(By harden I mean that every time I send a mailing out, I get a number of unsubscribes. But the people who remain make the core of my list denser. I hope that makes sense.)

But no-one seems to be talking about this effect. Or at least, not anywhere I’ve been looking.

Overall the trend is up and I’ve realised I don’t have to do much towards it, but when I do, I’m extending my net to capture more subscribers, and things get better.

I’ll finish today by repeating what I said yesterday. It’s very important and will be core to my coaching programme.

More prospects = more customers = more money.

> Frank Haywood.

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