Nickel Sale Today For WordPress Affiliate Link Plugin


The nickel sale for the affiliate link cloaker plugin for WordPress is now CLOSED, but you can still get it for $17 until the official site and affiliate scheme becomes live using this link:-

WordPress Affiliate Link Plugin – $17

(For reference, the nickel sales page is still there on the link below, but the payment link has now been removed. You can still use the link above to purchase.


In a few hours as I write this, the nickel sale for a very cool plugin that integrates with WordPress and lets you hide and track your affiliate click throughs will go live, today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).

Essentially what this plugin will allow you to do is to create affiliate links on your blog that look like a regular page or post. It does this by hooking into the WordPress permalink system – something that standalone scripts can’t do.

As if that alone isn’t good enough, it will also track your click throughs allowing you to work out which products you’re promoting are the most popular. And of course when comparing those clicks through into conversions, you can then work out which are the best programs to promote in terms of direct earnings. 😉

Next, you can force your URL to stay in the address bar while the target page you’re promoting is shown in an iframe.

This effectively means that to a casual visitor it looks very much like the page they’re viewing is part of your blog. 😉

And finally, you can check a box that will hide the links from menus and page lists (WP 3.x +). This will come in very handy if you want to create an affiliate link, but not have it appear on your menus and widgets etc.

When we officially launch this plugin, it will be for $27 and will include minor upgrades all the way up to v2. This is your chance to get the same deal but at less than half the price.

These nickel sales have a habit of being very popular and taking off very quickly, so you have to be a bit quick to get the best deal.

Let me put it like this…

You’re going to get a good deal on this plugin if you get it in the nickel sale at whatever the price. It’s way better than waiting and then seeing it on sale at $27 in a week or so’s time. Isn’t it?

But you’re going to be more pleased with your purchase if you can get it at the lowest price it will ever be. Right?

Don’t kid yourself with this one. This is probably one of the most unassuming but truly useful plugins you’ll ever see, and I can guarantee it’s one that you’ll be using all the time.

The nickel sale starts at just $6.97 and goes up by 5 cents every time a purchase is made. The faster you get there, the better (lower!) the price.

At 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) today, I’ll make a new post here on this blog with the location of the nickel sale.

-Frank Haywood

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