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Would You Like To Work Less and Earn More?

Well of course you would, who wouldn’t?

Hmm… Well, a lot of people *say* they would, but then aren’t prepared to make the effort to get to that nice place.

A lot of it is down to a few small organisational changes you need to make. Do it now, and reap the reward for the rest of the year. It’s not a big deal, but for most people it’s something they never get round to doing.

One of my buddies, Alex Jeffreys, has put up a couple of free videos that everyone should watch. It’s the perfect time for these, it’s a new year, everyone is fired up, but if you don’t do just a few simple things, you could end up wasting the year away.

I admit it – I “freewheeled” for part of last year and I realised my mistake towards the end. That’s all changing now, and I’ve moved into a new (smaller, quieter) more private office space in a corner of my home.

I have a new white board for details of my current task, I have two 28 day charts with spaces for small post-it notes for the upcoming tasks, and I have a far clearer view of my year ahead.

The post-it chart is something I learned years ago, and it can really keep you on track when you have a lot of small tasks to complete. I’ll write more about how that works in another post.

For now, go take a look at Alex’s videos. If you’ve ever brain stormed anything before, you’ll find it second nature to you.

As Alex says, when he was shown how to do this by his business coach he thought “what a load of old cobblers”, but he found it really does work.

If you do anything at all today, read these posts and watch the videos.


-Frank Haywood

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