Subscriber Offer Follow Up

I just checked and I’m really pleased to say that the subscriber offer I put up yesterday is converting at just 6% – actually 6.38% to be precise.

It really makes my day when I see so many people who “get it” and know that this will make a big difference to their internet business.

Interestingly I had to do one refund as someone thought I was selling a small course on using your list as an affiliate program.  Well that was part of the learning, but all the learning was really free to read on that page.

What I’m selling there is the opportunity to use the same copy on that page, plus all the products.  Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough and so I’ll go tweak the copy tomorrow when the price goes up to its permanent $67.

I’ve also been asked if there’s any technical help on setting up the offer similar to mine.  Well, no there isn’t, at least not for $27 anyway.

It’s a fact that if you’re going to have any success online, then it’s a good idea to learn some of the technical aspects.  Yes I know some people who have little technical ability and who’ve farmed almost everything out from day one, but I wouldn’t really recommend that.  If you don’t have an inkling on how to do it yourself, how do you know when you’re being ripped off?

So that’s two very interesting points that have been raised there.

#1 – There’s a need for a short course on how to turn your list into an affiliate program.
#2 – There’s a need to help people set things up, or better still show people how they can set things up themselves.

So maybe I’ll do those at some point, or maybe you can beat me to it.  😉

-Frank Haywood

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