SmartDD v3 Videos

The first of the new SmartDD videos are up.

I apologise for the delay in doing this, it was because of some reported bugs that it now looks like we’ve completely cleared (so far).  Those bugs were:-

#1 – A foreach() error on the Inventory page for some server configurations.
#2 – No records on the Customer Search page.
#3 – The free sign up form was broken for some reason – we spotted that one.

So, onto the new videos.  Two so far on using Kunaki and ClickBank with SmartDD, and you can find links to them on the videos page on the SmartDD.com site, or you can just go to them directly here:-



More to follow tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

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SmartDD V3 – A Few Bugs

Well, we knew it was inevitable.  There’s a LOT of code in SmartDD v3 and so we would have been surprised if there wasn’t a single bug when we released it.

We’ve fixed the two reported now, and also spotted a third which has also been fixed.  Answering the support tickets and duplicating the circumstances that have caused the bugs has taken quite a while, and so I had to put the videos and docs back a few days while we sorted everything else out.

You can probably appreciate it’s been *very* time consuming and I think Paul is probably fed up of me by now.  And maybe you are too.

You can grab the hotfix for the FULL version here:-


Just unzip to your hard drive retaining the folder structure within the zip, then FTP all the files up to your v3 installation, overwriting the existing files.  FileZilla will do a perfect job of it for you.

If you’ve already downloaded but not installed v3, delete it and grab a new copy from the members area.  It’s been updated with all the changes in the hotfix above.

Now that the bugs have been sorted I’ll start to release the videos showing you how to use the new features.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood in internet business