8 Weeks – Join Me

The first opening to spend 8 weeks with me is now officially live.

In case you’ve only just joined my mailing list, or you missed it, I’m putting aside 8 weeks starting on the 4th Jan 2010 so you can call me and ask me anything you like that will get you to where you create and launch your first product.

There are 10 7 slots available that include 12 months of a brand new autoresponder service I’ve negotiated for you (worth $180), ALL my products released so far and up to 28th Feb 2010 (worth more than $300), plus 8 weeks of my time where you get to call me and ask anything you like about creating and launching a product.

So you get to ask me about product creation, list building, copywriting, how to approach potential JV partners, autoresponders and so on.  I’ll answer you to the best of my ability, but most importantly I’ll answer you TRUTHFULLY and hold nothing back.  If I can see something is a bad idea, I’ll tell you so.

Without a doubt there’s a certain way you should approach your online career, and most people get it wrong.

I will help you get it right – IF you listen to me and follow my advice.

I’ll tell you for free that when I started a few years ago, even though I thought I was pretty smart about it (watching what other marketers did rather than doing what they said), I still got a lot of it wrong.  I now see that at the time it was just dumb luck I survived that first year and that it was all hanging by a thread.

Now every new project I work on, I approach differently.  Every time I read someone else’s sales copy, I know what’s going on.  Every time I see a new product on the market, I know what the angle is.  And I REALLY know how to get the marketing “buzz” going…


Do you think it’s your time?

Would you like to become a player instead of a spectator in the new year?

Then click the link below and join me.

Update: Three spots gone, 7 remaining.


8 Weeks

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood