WordPress Sales Page Template Pack 3

Update: The sale for the WordPress Sales Page Templates is now LIVE and is currently $15.00 for the next FOUR copies.

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Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be running a low cost sale for 5 really cool sales page designs in a gorgeous selection of colours.  Good looking sales pages are always incredibly handy to have and I’ve paid a lot of money over the years for both custom and generic sales page designs.

And while it’s true that sales copy is the most important aspect of your page, if you combine it with a good sales page design then it will make the difference between a sale or not.

To make this a more attractive proposition, as well as the regular HTML versions of the pages the sale also includes WordPress Page Template Plugin (PTP) versions of the sales page designs.

What this means is you’ll be able to upload the supplied plugin and then select any of the five designs from a drop-down as the template to use for your new WordPress page.

And THAT means you’ll be able to create sales pages on your WordPress site as if they were regular HTML sales pages.

It’s incredibly useful.  In fact it’s so useful, that all my sites will soon be driven by WordPress.

The reason for this is it’s far easier to create a sales page using the plugin and a template than it is do it the “old fashioned” way with an HTML template.

And of course any time I want to change the design, I just select a different page template and everything changes except for the sales copy.


First a word of warning though, and I know people sometimes don’t take me seriously when I say this.

Until it’s too late…

When the full version of the Unified Page Template Plugin (PTP) is released (we’re very close), then all the template packs we’ve released so far will be set to a standard $27 per design pack or $7 per individual template design.

(We’ll also “retrofit” all the templates you may have purchased, so don’t worry.)

This is your chance to get all five of these designs for just TEN dollars, but only if you’re one of the first 50 to buy.

The sale will start tomorrow Friday 28th 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), with the first 50 copies being at $10.00, the next 25 at $12.50, and 76-100 at $15.00.

After that the template pack will rise to $27.00 until the PTP site is launched.

I do these temporary ultra low prices as a thank you for being a subscriber.  🙂

Here are 60% original size screenshots of the designs. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

-Frank Haywood

For Valda:-

Posted by Frank Haywood


Doggone Frank.

You keep offering great stuff and I’m compelled to buy every one of your offerings. I wish there was a way for me to be set up on something almost like an “auto buy” where as soon as it goes live, I get it – now that would be neat. I think there’s only been one offer that you’ve made in the past six months or so that I didn’t take you up on and that was because I didn’t understand what you were offering (didn’t take time to read about it). Later when I understood it, I was kicking myself because I didn’t just snatch it up.

Looks like this will be another great offer – I’ll either be at the computer myself or have someone in front of it for me at “buy time”.

Thanks again and keep up the great offers.


Frank Haywood

@James Dunn:

Thanks for the vote of confidence. 😉

I’m not sure that everyone would want to auto buy from a product range, but you’ve put the seed of the idea in my head now and I’ll “let it soak” for a bit to see what happens.

Speaking of seeds, one of the reasons I do these specials is to say thank you for being there. The other reason is it seeds the market with a product, and because it’s such a bargain, people are more likely to be enthusiastic about it.

It’s funny, even at these very low prices, I do get some people complain over the tiniest thing (really) and ask for their money back.

I never argue, and on more than one occasion I’ve had people come back to me and ask if they can buy the new version I’ve released which adds some more features at the original price. Depending on how rude they were and how nice they are when asking are usually the deciding factors, but I’m inclined to say no.

These deals I do are great by anybody’s standards and when the 50% affiliate scheme (finally) goes live, the prices will all rise again. (It’s taking a little while to get right and I’ve stumbled a few times, but I think I know just how to do it now – it rocks.)



As always – Over The Top – the pages certainly look like they will attract ‘sales’, as they have a lot of ‘class’! Also, a good ‘choice’ for different ‘needs’…
Thanks for another round of excellent workmanship – so ‘we’ get the benefits . . .

Frank Haywood

@Vern Brown:

Thank’s Vern. We’re making things better a chip at a time. But it does all take time, and of course deciding which bit we do next makes a difference too. 😉


Rob P. Cruisin

G’day Frank,

Sold me when I saw number 27. One day I will sort these time zones out in my head when you say tomorrow Friday it is well and truly Friday here it is like living in the future sometimes and you are waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.
I think I am getting like Olaf over keen to see this unified plugin for all these Sales Page Templates. I’m sure his comment is there where Frank, when Frank?
So please no more talk about PTP just bring it on.
I think I just want to show of that I can have a new sales page everyday for a month. 😎

Righto of to get into it and wonder why you are always running late.


Rob P. Cruisin 😎

Frank Haywood

@Rob P. Cruisin:

Yeah, I like #30 myself. Very calming and business like. But they’re all good in different situations.

Timezones – that’s why I try to say things like “Friday (tomorrow)”, but I can see why it’s like living in the future, hehe. Imagine we had instant teleportation anywhere on the planet – you could have 36 hours of birthday if you liked, or always be in the sunlight. 😉

As for the Page Template Plugin (PTP), I put development back a week because I wanted some work done on the Clone and Backup plugin. I have the latest version which I’m about to test now, and I’ve also asked for a standalone version of the plugin which I’ll get today with any luck.

The standalone version is supposed to work with non-WordPress sites if we can do it (and why not?). I’ll say no more than that, but you’ll get it for free when it’s done – anyone else purchasing when it all goes live will get offered it as an upsell. 😉

It’s all a bit of a juggling game crossed with a balancing act as there are only so many hours in a week. And part of what I have to do is decide where each developer places their focus.

Right after Clone and Backup is updated and the site goes live with the affiliate scheme in place (this weekend with any luck), then work will start on the PTP until it’s done.

My graphics guru is also keen to see this plugin complete as at the moment he has to take the current version of the plugin and modify it to make it work with the new batch of templates. He can’t wait for the unified version as it will make his life a while lot easier.


Hm, I just thought. I’ll place the feature request list on the Page Template Plugin site over the weekend and send an email out with a link to it, so you’ll know what’s coming.


Moi Frank,

so nice to see, some new sals page templates, i think a wait for 8PM and will take it, even it looks like that ther is only the colors chancing,

and why we can not have the templates as some update, when we have buy the version 1-2 ?

but i can say only, here is the shop who you can buy the best stuff. 😉


Frank Haywood


Thank you for your kind words. You *will* get all your templates updated for free when we release the free and unified version of the plugin.



I was just thinking, since you were speaking of seeds, that I would try to plant one for an upcoming sales page. How about one based on the “43 Split Tests”? You know, with the Belcher “magic buy button”, the Robin’s egg blue background, etc.

Hi there Frank, just purchased this along with all of your other WP products. Frank I’m just reading the read me text file with regards to installing the sales page plugin that comes with the templates. The read me text file states:-
“To use the plugin, just FTP the plugin folder /pg-salespage-templates-03/ to your
plugins directory on your WordPress installation on your web server.”
I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t see a plugin folder in this template pack or the previous sales page template pack.

On another note, I also purchased the sales page templates 02, and am positive I purchased the first version. Is the first version the Christmas Sales Page Templates?

Take care

Frank Haywood


I’ve just added an image at the bottom of the post (above) that shows the two folders and the readme. If you’ve read the readme, then you should also be able to see the two folders?


I use WinRAR, but I just opened it in 7Zip and it looks the same, so would you like to try 7Zip to see if you can then see the HTML and template folders? If you’re still having problems, raise a support ticket at http://support.plugingreat.com/ 🙂

Yes, the first pack was the Christmas templates released at the beginning of December.


Shirley Anne White


I was wondering… Is it possible to get the psd images for these templates? I have a couple of your template packages and must say I do like them rather well. Not just for blogs, but rather for general use as well.

The reason I am asking is for the fact that they are really quite nice and having the psd images would allow us to change the colors and ultimately have a collection of your templates. Able to resize them properly as well…

On the other side of this, I would be willing to pay more for the psd images. Maybe you could even offer two different packages for each of your templates. One package for the regular templates and another that has the psd images included in the package.

Something to think about…

Kindest Regards…

Shirley Anne White

Frank Haywood

@Shirley Anne White:

Yes okay I’ll have a think about this.

You might be interested to know that I’ve also released a couple of template packs as part of PLAhh.com, and because they’re PLR, I also include all the PSDs etc. On the 1st of each month I release a plugin plus a 5 pack of templates, both with PLR .

At the moment, you may find that a better deal, as it’s still only $27 / month including the first month.

When I get some time (too much to do at the moment) I’ll be putting the first months payment up to $47 and then $27 each month after that. I’m only doing that to discourage people for joining for a single month. I’d rather have a good core of committed members than offer a $1 trial or anything like that.


Rob P. Cruisin

G’day Frank,

Someone was listening to me some where.
I now have a new desktop wallpaper which is a map of the world with all the different time zones and the ability to put different Cities on it.
Thanks to Giveaway of the day. Very good timing this one. 🙂
Should make it easier for me now to keep track of times and happenings.
It sure beats going to world clock and trying to work it out.

Now I have the current series of of templates they look even better on screen than the shots you supplied yes number 30 is a nice one, they are all good.
Kudos to the team for this set.


Rob P. Cruisin 😎

Frank Haywood

@Rob P. Cruisin:

Ah yeah, I forgot you were looking at 60% screenshots. 😉


Vince Andrews

Hi, Frank

Thought that i was going to miss this one, as i took ill yesterday afternoon and had to go into hospital. O.K. now and got back about 20 minutes ago.

Did not manage to get it for Ten Bucks, but made it for the $12.50 so that is good.

As always you give great stuff that is much needed, if we are to stay at the top of the game.

Thanks for another good offer and stay healthy.


Frank Haywood

@Vince Andrews:

Well I hope you’re okay now Vince. It’s never very nice to have to go to hospital, especially when it’s unplanned…

I think most people take their health for granted, but it’s only when you hear of someone being ill that it puts things into perspective, and you realise that the money or relationship problem you have is nothing compared to a health problem.

My eldest lad has a blood condition he inherited from his mom (who is perfectly fine), which means his spleen works overtime to break down his red blood cells. As a result, he looks jaundiced most of the time and suffers abdominal pain from his spleen which has enlarged to the point that it’s exposed below his rib cage. (A blow could rupture it and kill him.)

We’re home tutoring him at the moment because the school keeps sending him home, even on the days he’s fine, and we’re now just waiting for a date for the op to have his spleen removed. It should change his life once it’s gone.

When you compare the constant pain and regular tiredness etc that he has to live with, to a simple money or relationship problem, then the latter are easy to deal with aren’t they?

I hope your problem isn’t too serious and that everything is okay for you. 🙂


HI Frank, sorry I forgot to ask this question in my previous post reply.

I’ve not had much spare time lately to test out all the MST and sales page templates etc as I have an unwell dog, an unwell mother and my father recently passed away.
So what I wanted to ask was, all your sales page template packs for WP, will the work ikn conjuction with any of the MST WP themes?
I may as well also ask if all your WP plugins work on all of the MST’s and WP sales page templates or do they work only on certain versions of the themes? For example if a plugin came out when MST002 was released, will that plugin work with MST005 and with the latest/current set of WP sales page templates?

Take care
Warm regards

Frank Haywood


I’m really sorry to hear that. It doesn’t sound like you’ve been having a great time of it at all, and I hope things get better for you soon.

As for the page templates, yes they will, but you can’t yet have all plugins activated at the same time as there’s a clash.

It will all get better though when the Unified Page Template Plugin is complete and released. I can’t wait. 😉

When it’s out it will mean you can install all your templates on all your sites and just select them from a drop down. They will work with any page, and there will be no clashes as it will all be done via a single plugin.

BTW, we’ve also investigated using the templates with Posts too, and we’ve found we can do that but there’s slight glitch with the Post method. For now we want to get the Pages working properly.