Why Info Products Are Rubbish

I can’t keep this to myself any longer and nor do I want to.

I am VERY excited about this, and you will be too.

What I’m going to show you can change your life – I’m really not kidding when I say that.

This is incredible stuff. Simple, obvious, brilliant.

Before I jump to the chase, I want to give you a bit of background.

I’ve been in pursuit of truly passive income. Yes I know some people have said there’s no such thing, and well, I say that’s nonsense. I have to brand those people as unimaginative and not looking outside the box.

For a while now I’ve been looking at methods that anyone can use, and I’ve been approaching it from a software angle, because that’s what I do. So I’ve been researching methods of putting sites up that bring in a trickle of money consistently.

This ISN’T what I’m going to show you, but it’s good background…

The theory is, you put up enough mini sites and sit back.

You know what? It works.

I have a friend who now has over 3,000 sites that he’s monetised in a number of ways, usually with AdSense (ptui!).

Long before he had those 3,000 sites – when he only had a fraction of what he has now – he was making an average $100 / day combined across all of them. Some sites bought in a few cents a day, and some of the more successful ones bought in a couple of dollars a day, and of course some just didn’t bring in anything at all.

Once he’d put them up, he didn’t have to touch them, they just kept bringing him in an average $100 every day.

As he added more sites, his average daily income grew.

Simple eh?

The problem is, it can take a long time to set up even a single site, and then there’s no guarantee of seeing any income after your effort.

(I have two developers looking at ways of putting up microsites very quickly, and automatically. That’s another story for another time, but I wanted to mention that to set the background for what I’m about to show you.)

How about putting up a site that doesn’t bring in just a trickle, it brings in a river of money instead? A site that might bring in $10 or $30 a day or more?

Now that’s worth looking at it isn’t it? It’s worth spending some time on a site that will bring in some decent cash. You can afford to set the site up carefully by hand rather than use a script to generate it for you, because you know the rewards are going to be high.

So this is for you.

I’ve finally stumbled across something that I could so easily have missed. And the shock of knowing I could have missed this scares me. No joke.

Last weekend I bought a product on a recommendation that I immediately realised after purchase would make me a potentially hefty income stream. I didn’t think so before purchase, in fact I read the sales page and I was quite sceptical.

After all, we’ve all read sales copy with wildly exaggerated claims of income haven’t we?

(Sidenote – In a fury a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post that I never published, because I think it’s a bit over the top. I’ll tone it down a little and release it one day. I was angry after seeing a site promoted that I knew would do well but the product was complete and utter over-priced BS. Sadly, the over-hyped sales copy would make all the sales though.)

So anyway I read the sales copy and I wasn’t convinced, but I knew the guy who told me about it was one of the good guys, an experienced marketer, and I could see he was excited to the point of nervousness about it. (That’s if it’s possible to convey that level of excitement in words…)

And that was what convinced me, and I bought on his recommendation.

The thing is, I’m now as excited as he was when he told me about it…

I am SO glad that I bought, and I’m also SO happy that I can tell you about it. I was tempted to selfishly keep it to myself, and I’m sorry I felt that way – I’m only human – but I realised I didn’t have to.

The reason is, the market is so big, and there are so many products to promote, it won’t matter if there are 10,000 people actively using this method. In fact while I was doing my market research I kept coming across sites that are using this same under-used method, because now I know what to look for and I can see what they’re doing.

Did this dissuade me? Did this put me off in any way?

Of course not. I know I could easily go into competition with these sites, but what’s the point? Another few minutes of research and you can turn up another niche easily, there are thousands of them limited only by your imagination.

And you can do this in multiple countries if you want to. In fact if you live in a non-English speaking developed country like France or Germany, you probably have an advantage of knowing you have ZERO competition. Better than that, if you have foreign language (and English) speaking friends online, you can go into business with them and clean up just by duplicating sites across countries for a double whammy on the same site content and design.

This method is great, incredible, fantastic, insert your own superlative here…

Let me put this another way. If you had a site that regularly bought in $5 a day would you be happy? I would.

How about a site that seasonally bought in 10 or 20 times that amount for a while? Ecstatic? Yep, I would be too.

I can easily see that being possible.

So what’s this all about?

The idea is that info products are crap and we’re all wasting our time with them.

Woah! That tramples all over my business model! But let’s keep going…

The premise is that every day people are online and looking for physical products to buy. They’re looking for gifts like toys, games, TVs, Blueray players etc. They’re looking for information on the products, and they’re doing searches to find it.

It can often be difficult for them to find what they’re looking for, as there are lots of sites that look promising but don’t come up with what they want.

That’s where you come in.

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission from several large sites of around 5% of the total sale price. All you have to do is pull the traffic to your site, then send it out to the site selling the goods using your affiliate link, and you earn your commission.

There are a LOT of untapped niches, and new ones appear every day as new products are released.

You know what? Some of the products searched for have tens of thousands of searches every month. That’s tens of thousands of BUYERS looking to buy physical products you can earn commission on.

And there’re hardly any affiliates promoting as they’re all too busy chasing sales of info products (and treading on each others toes competing with each other) as the commission payments are higher.

Yes, I’m acutely aware that my own affiliates will read this and start to get ideas…

Think about it though. There are tens of thousands of searches, and little competition from affiliates for many of these products. On the face of it, an affiliate given a choice will go for promoting an info product to earn 50% as that’s a better payout than 5% on a physical product.

But thousands of affiliates think the same and are all in competition with each other for the same relatively meager search traffic. And just a short mental hop away, a few affiliates are raking it in promoting products that are getting HUGE amounts of search, and they have little competition in doing so.

Very few people in the Internet Marketing niche are going to tell you this. Certainly the gurus wouldn’t want you getting any ideas about it and so the same old, same old story is being told to you…

Okay, sorry this has been so long, but that’s the background set.

I’ve been very carefully setting up my first site promoting a physical product. I’ve had to fit in the construction time around other things I have going on, but my estimate is it’s taken me around 6-8 hours to put together.

It’s taken me so long because I’ve been painstakingly following the instructions to make sure my On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – called OPSEO – has been done correctly, following a check list to make sure I’ve got it right. I’ll probably tweak it a little more later, but the important thing to me was to get the site up.

My guess is I can do the research and put these sites up in about 2 hours once I get going, so I could easily do 1 a day, maybe even 2 with the time I have free currently.

I just want to make a point here. If you get your site OPSEO right on a product that has little affiliate competition, you don’t need any back links – well maybe just one to get it indexed. If you do it all carefully and correctly, you’ll get your site on page 1 of Google right alongside some of the biggest sites online.

And your site will clearly be all about the product that’s being searched for and so will get the clicks.

So here’s my first site of many to come:-


I know that posting that link here will cause it to be indexed. I have no idea how long it will take to get on page 1, but I might help it along with a few carefully chosen back links.

I earn 5% commission on every sale of that product which is being sold at GBP Β£80.00 (USD $125.00), so that’s Β£4 ($6.25) per sale.

The keyword jumperoo is getting 22,000 searches a month from potential buyers.

There are only 323,000 pages in competition – anything under 500,000 is nothing – so it’s easy to dominate.

DO YOU THINK that I will make some money from that site?

CAN YOU SEE why I’m so excited?

DO YOU UNDERSTAND why I’m telling you this?

Using this method has the ability to change your life. I feel the pain of so many people who write to me asking for advice on how to make money online and who are failing. There’s been no easy path until now. This is it.

I think that’s all I have to say about this for now, other than give you a link to the site, and a discount code that Craig (the guy who’s raking it in using this method) has given me just for you. Yes, I got hold of him and asked if there was anything he could do to make it an easier purchase and he agreed to do so.

Craig knows it will change lives, and that’s why he’s released this information and that’s why he’s happy to give some love back. I can’t describe how happy it makes me to know that he feels the same way that I do, and that telling you this will be the turning point for you online.

The product is called Info Product Killer. Don’t be put off by the title or the sales copy. This is the real thing. And there’s a 60-day guarantee, but my guess is there won’t be any refunds.

First the coupon code which knocks a fair chunk of money off the price. Paste it into the box just above the order button and click “Verify” to see the discounted price I’ve got for you.


and here’s the link:-

Info Product Killer

Get your research done following the instructions you’ll be given (takes a few minutes) and get your first site set up.

Don’t waste any time.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


This looks very interesting, Frank and I am intrigued by the concept.

Is it a script?
How difficult to install and run? Can newbies handle this?
Is there a problem with the trademark on the product you are promoting?
Does the Craig tell you what products to look for?

I’m watching for your progress on this intriguing strategy.

And yes, I would be happy with a site (or 2 or 20) that brought in $5 per day…particularly in this economy.

Thanks for this post.

Hi Frank!

I cannot remember the last time you were so enthusiastic about anything, so I expect you really believe in the product, and it will be interesting to see how your new sites will do!

Hopefully you’ll let us know if your sites and commissions will live up to your hopes!

Since I believe what you write in your blogposts I have ordered the InfoProductKiller, and as soon as I get the download link(s) I’ll start reading.

OK, I’ll go away now to get the product, and I will probably make a lot of money before Christmas.
Or not.

We’ll see.

Thanks for the “heads up”, Frank!



I’m downloading this as I type my comments.

Let’s see just how good it is. I have every software tool and web design package known to man (well, it feels that way) so since I have several hours free I’ll set up my first site and see what happens.

I have a few nice sites that can get stuff indexed almost immediately so the site should be visible to the search engines tomorrow at the latest. I’ll know pretty quickly how effective this is.

I think you’re right, Frank, we can all be so busy chasing $30 that we forget 53,456 other people are trying to do the same. The IM world generates a lot of money for sure, but it absolutely shrinks to nothing compared to the physical product world.

Ok, I think my download is just about done. Time to make a start!


Valda@ecover and minisite designs

Hi there Frank, thanks for sharing this with us.
For about 9 months now I have been looking for something similar to this as I just do not do well at selling information products.

I realise that there is huge potential with affiliate earnings especially over the Christmas period, I purchased a Wii Fit domain for the UK market, but it is sitting doing nothing. So this kind of thing would probably work for me. Unfortunately it’s a wee bit out of my reach at the moment. I’ll have to see next year if I can jump at this opportunity. Pity though, could’ve done with a bit extra pocket money for Christmas (-:

Once again thanks for the thumbs up for this as it will benefit loads of people who want to vere away from info products for a while.
Take care

Stan Craigie

Very interesting Frank. There’s no denying the logic as I’m sure most people are searching for physical products. I like the irony, that he puts down info products in favour of physical and here he is selling… an info product!


IPK sounds interesting, but I have a problem.
I’m 67, on fixed pension, and don’t have $107 to spare.

Hi Frank,
Just a quick question, and, as this is short it will probably be automatically deleted as spam anyway:-( but on the offchance you do read it… Is there any particular Domain Registration Service you would recommend to your readers who want to register dozens of domains to use with this Info Product Killer as I can see Domain Registration costs becoming a big problem if I start creating dozens of sites (at least until I start getting commission payments coming in from the product sales to cover them).


Edson Buchanan

Hi Frank

Being a regular reader of your blog, I would like to give you a big thanks for showing us another way to create a passive income that will make money day in and day out.

One of the biggest ways I see people fail is they are afraid to take a chance!

Well, There is no chance here, If Frank says its worth a shot, I’m In.


Tim Woodard

Hi Frank,

This looks like something I would be interested in as well. I’m quite impressed. I’ve been into IM for so long that I forgot about real world products! LOL

Just a quick word on SEO regarding http://www.jumperoo.co.uk/ … Please, don’t take this wrong way. I’m just offering some free advice that you won’t get anywhere else. I didn’t notice any character encoding meta tag in the head of your page. I decided to check the page at http://validator.w3.org/ and sure enough, the character encoding meta tag is missing. The page does validate and the missing meta tag only causes a warning. However, I would suggest adding a meta tag for your pages character encoding. Without knowing how the page is encoded (looks like iso-8859-1 or utf-8), the following is only an example:

All you need to do is insert the proper character set (charset=iso-8859-1 or charset=UTF-8).

I’m actually working on a SEO manual so, enough for now. But, here’s a thought for you: So many times in the recent past I’ve read “Meta tags are dead.” Don’t believe it. While meta tags are no longer as important as they once were, they do aid search engines in categorizing your pages as well as aiding browsers to read / rendor your pages. I still use all of my old meta tags and will continue to do so until a search engine and a browser are invented that have E.S.P.

Now that I’ve “preached” SEO, I have to do some work on my site’s main page. I have a bit of PHP code on it that causes a validation error due to the way browsers render PHP code as HTML.

Happy marketing,
Tim Woodard

I really like the look of this Frank and I can understand your excitement about it.

Everyone else is banging their heads up against a brick wall competing with thousands of others selling info products, but ignore selling physical products because the commissions are much lower.

But in-demand physical items have a huge and hungry market which is exactly what one needs to make money. If you can divert just a small percentage of that hungry market to your website you will make money.

And the best part is that it is a rinse and repeat system that really does run on autopilot.


Hi Frank,
Sounds interesting!
Two little questions,
First, can you go around using other people trademarks as web site names?
Secondly, I see in your example, you have used a .co.uk domain name rather than using a .com and you are using amazon.uk. Surely the biggest market would be the US.If an American follows your link to Amazon.uk and then goes to Amazon.US, do you still get a commission? (I know that Ebay now offer a geographical widget on some of their links that directs your lead to their own country’s Ebay auction, but you still get the commission). That’s a point why not offer Ebay links at the same time?

Rain Henderson

This is pretty much the exact same concept mentioned in ‘Niche Marketing on Crack’. In there it does say never to use .co.uk domains, always .com.

Thanks for sharing Frank, just found your blog today.

Chris Glasspool

Hi Frank,

Great post and I love your enthusiasm it really came through your post and grabbed me.
I am going to do a little more research and will then grab the package tomorrow.

It would also be great if you can clear up the tradmark issue as I would be looking at what domains I could buy. I dont think its anissue as you are technically selling the companies product and not your own.

I think I will target the UK market (only cause I am from the UK). I see people are already talking about the US being a bigger market but I think they forget that the UK still has a massive market on Amazon thats well worth tapping in to.

Thanks again mate.


Frank Haywood


Jumperoo is probably trademarked, but what the hell do Fisher Price care as long as it means more publicity and sales for them?

Yes Craig tells you how to do the market research. It’s a very well thought out package and you can clearly see he doesn’t even try to hide his niches. I keep finding his sites out there which tells me this is definitely something that works or he wouldn’t have put up so many sites.


I don’t swear very often or very hard, but this is a f***ing brilliant product. I needed to add that “sentence enhancer” just to emphasise how good I think this is. Sorry.

*That’s* why I’m so excited about it. My only concern is I wish I’d found this in August. Christmas is getting mighty close now, and I reckon we have another 10 days or so to get our sites up in order to catch the rush. We’ll have to see if we can get them on the first page of Google in time.

If not, then I’m not worried in the slightest, because I know as soon as they do hit, then they’ll start earning money. Yes, I would like it to be ASAP, but even if it takes a few weeks then I can live with that.

The principles work all the year round, they just get more profitable at Christmas.

I’ve just checked and my Jumperoo site hasn’t been indexed yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time.


I know how you feel! I buy and try lots of different things, and many of them aren’t worth it. For the $80 this costs with my discount code, it’s a complete no-brainer. My focus now will be putting up a site a day, and I’ve already registered the one I’m doing tomorrow.


I’ll write to you separately, as I have a deal I’d like to do with you.


Yep, I know. There’s no denying it’s an info product, but I guess that can’t be helped!

Now you’ve had a chance to have a look at it, what do you think?


I sympathise. It’s actually $80 with the discount code. You also need some web skills to go with it – if you don’t have those, then address that first and start putting money aside. This is worth every penny.


I do get spam on this blog, and I never just delete it. I always mark it as spam so Akismet can catch it on other blogs and auto-delete it.

I define spam as a brand new visitor who idiotically leaves a post like “Interesting post, I’ll check this out.” or “Great post! I totally agree.” hoping to take advantage of Keyword Luv and a free back link.

The alarm bells ring when I see them, and they instantly get marked as spam. So anyone who does that on my blog actually causes more damage to themselves than they would have done by doing nothing!

A non-spammer is someone who actually adds to the original post in some way and / or leaves several sentences or paragraphs. They’re easy to spot. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I digress.

I usually use NameCheap to register my domains as I love their interface and they don’t spam me. πŸ™‚

However, I’ve just noticed that GoDaddy (who I would never dream of using because of their “shoot first and ask questions later” policy) are doing .info domains for 99 cents for the first year. So I think I’ll do some market research and go register 10 .info domains tomorrow.

Once they start paying I’ll transfer them to NameCheap.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, you have no idea how much I appreciate that. I know that with the techniques you already know and teach about eBay traffic, you’ll get to grips with this no problem.

(Anybody wondering about that comment, follow the link on Edson’s name. That’s another product I was well impressed with, and which deals with marketing physical products on eBay. Dynamite.)

Your comment about failure without giving it a go is spot on. I call that syndrome How To Fail Without Trying. πŸ˜‰


There’s no two ways about it. Marketing in the info product world can be a headache trying to get a slice of an ever decreasing pie. Have you seen how many info products there are now? There seem to be more and more of the same every day, and I know some of the very big names are beginning to sweat.

It’s not the end by a long shot, but I don’t think people are seeing the returns they used to by continuing to use the tried and trusted methods they’ve always gone for. There’s a subtle change afoot and I’ll be writing about this shortly and how to deal with the market change.

But physical items are always going to sell.

All we’re doing as marketers using the IPK method is identifying the flow of cash, standing in the stream and filling our pockets.

Hmm, I like that analogy.


#1 – I’ve seen loads of people doing it, (do a search for Nintendo or Wii and move a few pages in) and if you think about it, all you’re really doing is promoting their products and giving them even more publicity.

If any company tells you to take your site down, don’t argue just apologise and do it, and tell them you love their product and were doing it as an avid fan. The chances are you’ll never be in that situation as the company would be shooting itself in the foot.

However don’t go around registering domains with Google or Microsoft in them as they have a trigger happy group of lawyers all trying to prove their worth. πŸ˜‰

#2 – I don’t know about that for certain and if anybody else does please let us know as it would be nice to know that your aff link worked across multiple sites. I believe it doesn’t.

And yes, the US market will be phenomenal with 6 times as many people as there are in the UK.

However I see the fact of Amazon having different sites in different languages as a distinct advantage to us as I’ve already mentioned.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Sometimes I’m a bit slow on the uptake and I miss stuff. I put it down to my age, I’ll be 50 next year. Blimey. Mind you I’ve always been like that so maybe it isn’t my age after all. πŸ˜‰

I’ve asked two of my developers to look at auto translating pages using calls to Google and Yahoo translation services for something else they’re working on. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could implement this into the sites we put up? Can you imagine the RAW POWER of a site in say 6 different languages?

Yes it would need a bit of code to substitute the aff links, but that would be easy. I’ll look into that.

But, I don’t think I would want to use eBay links on the same site. Part of the other product I’m working on I mentioned above will do that using eBay RSS feeds. I need to have a think about it, as it’s a distinct possibility.

Have I just said too much?


Well hello there and welcome.

I just took another look at Niche Marketing On Crack to refresh my memory, and IPK is different in a number of ways. For instance NMOC is all about info products, and it doesn’t have an easy method (I thought) of identifying what is going to sell well.

With IPK, you’re shown how you can find and identify a hot product in about 10 minutes or so. In fact it’s a case of:-

#1 – Find your hot product and main keyword.
#2 – Do Amazon sell it?
#3 – Is there a suitable country specific or general domain free for the keyword?
#4 – Build the site using the template and OPSEO check list and off you go to the next one.

Okay there’s a lot more to the entire product than that, but I’m sure you get my drift.

You don’t have to analyse the affiliate program as if you use Amazon as suggested, you already know it’s 5% commission and how it works.

The big difference with physical products is LOTS of buyers ALL the time.

You would also NOT want to use a WP blog. Strange I know, but once you see how it works, you’ll realise you need to use a simple mini-site based on the supplied template.

The reason you might want to use country specific domains is if you’re earning from a country specific Amazon (or other affiliate schemes) as these are physical products that have to be delivered. Info products can of course be delivered digitally and so it would make sense to register a .com domain.

Finally, there are a heck of a lot of videos in IPK that show you just what you need to do and why. It really is excellent and I wish I’d had this knowledge 2 years ago…




Hi Frank,
Since my last post earlier, I have done a bit of research using Amazon’s bestseller list, built a website, run it through seo software, registered it with Google verification, sitemaps, robot txt, etc.
and with a bit of luck, have a backlink from this website πŸ™‚
You have the ability to inspire people!
All the best
P.S. if anyone wants the translation code, all you do is alter the line to your own webpage, but get your own flags! I am running out of bandwidth

Stan Craigie


It was just the irony that caught me, my sense of humour I guess. I wasn’t knocking it and yep, I bought it. My kind of business. If I’d written a spec for an internet business I doubt anything could have come closer. So, with a bit of luck and effort we should all have a good Christmas and a better New Year.


PS. Thanks for letting us in on it.

Mark@Low Cost Domain Names

Hi Frank,

I have this product and am in the process of putting some sites together. The concept is simple and is explained in such a way that it would be difficult not to make money with this system.

Most people don’t consider physical products because the commission is much lower than on info products, however the exposure is far greater. I am an affiliate for many companies selling physical products and you really are missing out if you don’t get involved. This system can be used with any company.

Amazon UK and Amazon US are separate entities. I would use the appropriate one for your country to start with, mainly for ease of payment. You can always expand later. Note that the commission from Amazon starts at 5% and increases to 7.5% according to number of sales and there’s no reason you can’t reach the higher levels using this system.

All the best,


Frank Haywood


Thanks for that. I had a quick read through NMOC mentioned above and the same question came up about trademarks. Andrew reckoned he’d never had a problem using similar domain names to the products he was promoting, and I know it’s common practice in the info product industry.

Craig says the same thing about physical products, and although I probably wouldn’t go as far as using the company name in a domain name, I know Craig has. He says he’s done it and I think he mentions (or I found) a domain with “Nintendo DS Lite Pink” in it. That’s not only the use of trademark, it’s also the use of the company name too!

It’s not something I’m overly worried about, and like I said above, if you get a letter from the company, just apologise a lot and say you’re a big fan of the product. Any threats will be backed down from.

I reckon it’s all very unlikely though.


Nice job! I’ve just taken a look at your site, and yes please I’d like your translation script. What it needs is a tweak to stop the Google iframe so that it all appears to be on your site rather than running from Google. πŸ˜‰

If I can get that sorted I’ll re-distribute it if that’s okay with you? Or I could just ask Paul to knock something up.

I’ve already made a couple of changes to the standard template that make it easier to manage, and I think I’ll have to do a video about that showing everybody what needs to be done.


Yeah I knew you weren’t knocking it, and yep it is ironic. πŸ˜‰

I think you’re right about it being a fantastic internet business model. The only thing I’d add is to not put your eggs all in one basket.

Getting affiliate commissions from any company is nice, but if they change the rules (as they do sometimes) and you find your income stream cut off, you need to be ready to flip your site over to a different income stream immediately.

So while using Amazon is a good idea as they keep plenty of stock (or at least have access to it), you also need to be looking at alternative affiliate schemes for the same products. I think it’s probably worth us all jointly investigating this and letting everyone else know where to sign up to various companies’ affiliate schemes.

It’s on my to do list. πŸ˜‰


It’s beautiful isn’t it? I don’t know how to describe it any better than that, and I get a warm feeling when I think about it.

Yep, the commission payments can be much lower, but there are a lot more of them, and they’re easier to get. I think Craig has said he’s put up sites and made good money from products that only pay 25p (40c) per sale. Because no-one else would consider such a low commission payout he owns that product niche.

I agree on sticking to your own country to begin with. The approach I’ve taken is to register the .co.uk and also a .info for the same domain name. I’ll develop the .co.uk first and then go for .info and the US afterwards.

My guess is the Australian (.com.au) and Canadian (.ca) versions of Amazon are untouched by this method and give an easy “in” to anyone wishing to dominate them.

I didn’t know the Amazon scale went all the way up to 7.5%. That’s amazing and something well worth targetting. Thanks for sharing that info.


Geoff Robertson@Self Improvement

Hi Frank,

What an obviously great product with some equally great reviews, feedback and votes of confidence.

As far as I know Amazon does not have a .com.au version yet. I am in Australia and I usually browse the main US site so that is the place I would start with.

You have an uncanny knack of finding truly awesome products. I am keen to hear how it the jumper site goes for you.



Hi Frank,
Help yourself to the script, be great if you can tweak it. I know you are very diplomatic, and do not want to upset me and the website I have done is crap! but it won’t be once it is finished.

I took your earlier advice to heart and instead of worrying about perfection before I put something up, I try to get it up and running as soon as possible. I will now spend my spare minutes analysing and improving. It may only have a slim chance of bringing in revenue at the moment but that is more chance than if I was still thinking and planning, and Christmas is getting nearer!

You know every year there is that toy that every child wants but they are always sold out or under stocked? Any idea what this years Christmas toy to die for is? Is there a trade website somewhere that advises toyshops and retailers what this years best sellers will be?

best wishes

This idea is not new… put it is under utilized…

you are correct in saying eBooks suck… every one and their mother is trying to sell the latest and greatest ebook for a few cents… this is why in-part eBay banished ebooks as digital downloads. I still sell ebooks on eBay as multi- media products as thought by John Thornhil, it’s more work but long term is will be better…

Not to get off of the subject at hand… it is hard for marketers who are offered 50-100% commissions to see that they are going to “earn” more buy selling real products for 5-30% commissions… because of less competition…

From day one, starting back in 1995 I have sold real products and services as part oft he mix of my online business..

I have always earned more from these activities then I have ever earned from IM stuff…

so all I can say is whisper…don’t tell anyone… let it be our secret… I dont want to share….

one small tip… even bigger rewards can be had by creating an online store.. by using PopShops or by creating a store and drop shipping products…

I am just starting to get involved in the latter…

best part of drop shipping products, you collect the money and dont have to wait for a commission check. dont side is you are responsible for customer support and order the products…

I’d do the same level of research…


This is a very good business model. Down side is you have to deal with customer support and real live people. We don’t do that anymore! That’s why they invented the internet! Sheesh!

I can’t tell you how tired I am of people trying to pawn off their dirty little ebooks on me. Do people actually buy them? As soon as I see an “Info” site, with its loooong sales pitch my eyes glaze over. Maybe I’m just too much a product of my generation (read:mild ADD), but I am with you on how Info products aren’t worth anything anymore.

Frank Haywood


Oops. I looked at the international page on Amazon.co.uk and I think I must have read Austria as Australia.

IPK *is* good though isn’t it?

I’ve set in motion a few other little tweaks to make the jumperoo.co.uk site rank even better, and as soon as I know for sure they’re working I’ll blog about it so we all get the benfeit.


Thanks for that.

There’s a UK Toy Retailers site with the top 10 dream toys that I can’t post the link to as one of my plugins (or it may be this theme) removes the entire comment and I’m not sure why yet. If you do a Google for it, you’ll find it. At some point I’ll blog about it and you’ll see it then.


I think you might be missing the point. πŸ˜‰

Creating a consistent network of PRODUCT SPECIFIC sites will mean they appear on page 1 of the search engines for the most searched key words. These are highly targetted sites put up with a little effort. These product specific sites will often outrank sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. and bring you traffic and clicks and so commissions.

Running a generic store is nice, but in terms of getting to page 1 on Google for a specific search term such as “rainforest jumperoo” is slim because you’ll be competing against sites like Amazon and eBay etc.

IPK teaches you how to put together sites that will get to page 1, and ultimately position 1.


Correct me if I’m wrong but you haven’t bothered to read the post or understand what this is about at all, you’ve just made an assumption based on the title. Then you’ve made a comment based on that assumption in the hopes that it will get you a link back to your site from a PR3 blog.

I’ve removed your links and left your post intact until you can prove otherwise.

Normally I’d just mark your post as spam in Akismet, but as you seemed to make a little bit of effort in your comment (not just a 1-line “me too” comment), I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you time to correct things.

After the weekend if you don’t get back I’ll mark your comment as spam.


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