Welcome To 2011

I hope you’ve had a good break away from it all and that you’re back relaxed and refreshed and ready for whatever goodies the new year will bring.

I have a few bits and pieces I’d like to share with you.  I hope you’ll find them at least interesting.

Brand New Affiliate Scheme

Or, how you can earn a full time income…

At last!

Almost ready is the long awaited affiliate scheme for all my products.  I’ve had a lot of people bugging me about this, and I’ve thought long and hard over the best way of doing it.

I’ve been an affiliate for many different products, and almost without exception the affiliate schemes have been pretty bad.

What I didn’t want to do was set up a series of scrappy messy little schemes all working independently of one another.  Doing that would just make it hard for you to earn the maximum amount of commissions.

It all had to go through one route.

I also didn’t want to have to make affiliate payments manually as past experience has taught me it can be a nightmare to keep on top of it all.

So the pre-requisites of the new scheme were set based on those two VERY important rules.

Luckily, I think I’ve got the ideal solution.

When it’s all up and running next Monday you’ll be able to send traffic to any of my products and earn commission for any sales made on any of them.

In theory, you should also be able to send trafic directly to my personal blog or the blog pages of any of the other free product sites such as PageTemplatePlugin.com and you’ll still earn commissions from sales on other sites.

I’ve not tested this last bit yet, but I can’t think of any reason why it won’t work.  We’ll see…

This gives you have the potential of earning money from multiple sales just by sending traffic to one location of your choice using your affiliate link.

As we release more products, you’ll earn more commissions because the products will just get automatically added into the scheme.

Starting with a couple of products next Monday 10th January, and adding more as we go, you’ll be able to sign up and choose where to send your traffic.

So if there’s a particular product that you like more than others, you can promote that one product, and continue to earn from any other products that your prospects buy.

I see this as being very cool for you and I also believe it’s possible that you could even earn a full time living just by promoting my stuff.

I know that might sound a little far-fetched, but there’s good reasons for me making that statement.  The most obvious one to you might be the constantly growing library of useful tools, and as for the others I’ll cover them on the affiliates page when I open the scheme next week.

Look at it like this.

200 buying prospects at a spend of $50/month at 50% comission will get you $5,000/month.  That $50/month figure is from my own personal testing.

From what many people tell me, $5,000/month seems to be the target figure for most.

When I have some of my downright sneaky affiliate tools online, and a little bit of guidance from me as to how you can best use them, I think that you’ll be able to easily achieve that and more.

Learning Products

As well as the useful tools I mentioned above, I’m also introducing some learning products this year.

Some of them will be short 3 and 4 month courses which means you’ll be automatically earning commissions on those too.

Over the last 5 years of business online, I’ve learned a LOT about running a profitable online business, and it’s time to share.

Again, some of it will be freebie stuff, and some will be paid for.  Send traffic to the freebie stuff and earn when your prospects upgrade to the paid.


I’ve been ill since about the 16th December with not one but TWO bugs and with the second being the worst of the two.  So from the 16th up to Christmas Day I went from being ill to turning the corner on that to then becoming ill again with a bad cold I caught off my daughter.

I’ve coughed so hard this last week that I haven’t been able to get a full nights sleep, and I woke up last Wednesday unable to speak.

Aren’t I lucky?  😉

I think I’m now properly on the mend as long as no other opportunistic bugs get their grip on me.


If you haven’t already grabbed them, there are just NINE copies remaining at $12.50 of the sales page templates I released just before the Christmas break.

When those last few copies are gone, I’ll set the price to $17.00 until we put them onto the affiliate scheme.  At that time, what we’ll probably do is set each individual template at a reasonable $7.00 apiece with the bundles of five at $25.00.  Or something like that.  TBC.

But for now you can still get the bundle of five at $12.50 which is the lowest price you’ll ever see them.

They come in both HTML and WP Page Template Plugin format, and you can get them from here:-


-Frank Haywood?

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hope you are in fact on the mend and feeling better….
The Affiliate program is wonderful news………will be watching my email…

Frank Haywood


The way I see it, the better I can make the affiliate scheme for you, then the more likely you are to make money and be happy. The happier you are, the more incentive it will give you to promote and so the happier I become. 🙂


steve jared

Hi- I bought the sales page templates with two other plugins. Only the script manager could be activated on Host Gator. The other two could not be activated due to lack of a valid header. Your Vendiva support hasn’t responded since I submitted a ticket on the 28th of Dec.

Frank Haywood

@steve jared:

You won’t get any WP support at that support desk.

On your personal download page is the correct support desk for that product:-


But my guess is you’ve treated the zip as a plugin – it isn’t – and that’s why you’re getting the header errors. Inside the zip is the WP plugin, the HTML versions of the templates and the readme.

Unzip it, read the readme and then upload the plugin folder by FTP and you’ll find it works just fine. 🙂


Looking forward to the affiliate sign-up. I have a lot of your little gems and think they would sell well.

Hi Frank

Compliments for the season and a great year ahead

Looking forward to news on the affiliate programme