Videos Vs Written Docs

I know videos are all the rage now, but do we have to have videos for everything?

Yes, I’m having a bit of a moan.

Personally I much prefer written docs over videos as I can skim them, look up bits I don’t understand, and generally jump about the way my mind works rather than the slow linear fashion that video forces on you.

With a video, you either watch it all at for me what is always a mind-numbingly slow pace, or try to skim past all the dull bits where the speaker says “now in this box, enter your password.” D’uh.

Then you find the video hangs and will only play if you go back to the beginning…

So I’m in a hurry, I’m trying to get a site up and running for a friend, and he wants a bit of software installing and configuring, (and I’m not even sure that this script is a good idea anyway). And I find the docs are all videos. Aggh!

Don’t get me wrong, videos are good when accompanying written docs, because sometimes it’s far quicker to show people what to do than have them read a book. But not all the time for everything.

Okay moan over. Back to work on one of the hottest days we’ve had this year.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Stan craigie

Wow Frank, Deja Vu!

I was having the same moan earlier today for all the same reasons. Videos sales letters were a novelty, initially. It’s worn thin. I get videos from top marketers that are 10 – 17 minutes long and you have to watch the lot if you want to find out the real message. I now delete them without even finding out how long they are. I wonder if they’ve noticed a decline in respone, they must have. We can’t be the only ones who can’t stand it! Maybe I should tell some of them!
And I sell videos! But then mine are educational and have some value!



This is another area where lazy marketers are going to hurt themselves.

Slapping a video up on web page might be relatively easy – hey, it’s easier than typing 2,091 words – but it doesn’t always meet your customer’s needs.

The problem is that so many people are looking for ways to do less work – before they’ve found the way to meet the needs of their customers.

Meet the needs of your customers *first* and then find a way to do it more efficiently. It’s the only way to keep your customers and do less work.

Unfortunately there is so much hype about video and how well it converts that it’s easy to fall into the trap.

Every new technique should be considered carefully and *anything* that makes your life easier should pass this acid test:

Does it make your customer’s life easier?

One size fits all clothing generally doesn’t fit. It’s the same with one size fits all marketing techniques.

Has anyone ever considered that video may not work too well for someone who is deaf?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, just sometimes, a thousand words are worth one (moving) picture.

I post up rarely, bot now I’m inclined to make a comment on the inundation of IM by seeing video here, video there, video everywhere.
Let a mistake not fall, I know that the video, applied sensibly, may further the selling of a product. But nowadays every marketer, his auntie, his neighbour, and the neighbour’s dog also tires us with audio/video. As for myself, if I’m a buyer, it very much annoys.

I’m sorry, don’t intended to attack those of you who make useful and quality audio/video and use them sensibly and with a measure. What I’m saying here this is my opinion only, I see the situation in this way.

But, I’m tired of seeing continuity programs that provide content of little real value, the upsells upon upsells that sell content of little value, and emails from gurus who tell me “just got off the phone with [insert other guru name here] and he has a special deal”…

Does not attract me but repels the long overhyped video/audio, my patience is not simply to wait its end out when the essence would turn out if it is in altogether. I like the 5-8 minutes short, vital videos, like tutorials. It makes sense, but to sit through a hour and watch how the guru polishes himself, is not for it. Not to mention the slow adsl, I have to wait 2 minutes to watch 1 minute content (beeing without direct cable connection). Argghhh!

If you are working with off-line brick and mortar businesses, it is refreshing to look someone in the eye and do business with them, and working with them to really help them with their business. Thank God I don’t have to lie through my teeth and tell them I got a special deal because I just got off the phone with [insert guru name here].

No wonder the IM community and industry is starting to have serious credibility issues.

All the best,


adam libman

Hi frank!…adam libman here… I just want to applaud you! I looked up your name and google has you as an authority site. You probably know that, but I think that’s worth mentioning to your listernership. congrats! That is a huge deal. You have 8 links on my google page. You must of gotten some great links to your site.

Chelle@Relationship Counseling

I couldn’t agree more with you on these videos…I like to learn things fast and skim an article for the “good part” – waiting 5 minutes for someone to finish introducing themselves or go at a snail’s pace gets to me! I know some people learn better that way, but i’m not one of those people!

I totally agree with all of you! There are so many “watch my video” emails in my inbox that I had to set up a short ‘rant’ about it on my blog.

Of course it’s NOT a video rant… lol. Just click my website link to read it – no worries – it’s SHORT.

Keep up the great blog Frank, and my prayers are with your mom and hoping you feel much better soon.

Luv & hugs,
Donna – wayyy across the Atlantic



“(Question: Am I becoming a bit of a marketing tactics cynic or am I right?)”

Yes, to both!

I read your rant and agree with you, but how funny would it have been had you actually done that as a video??

Like any technique, including the now (in)famous “Bad News….” technique from Frank Kern, once it gets into the hands of those who don’t think, it gets out of hand fast and spoils what might otherwise have been useful.

It’s a bit like everyone piling into an escape boat – it is likely to sink and pull everyone with it!

Donna Maher


You are so smart… and you’re right – that rant should’ve been a video, that would’ve made it tons funnier.

Frank Kern has such a loyal following now that most of us are like lemmings where he’s concerned… just wish his products weren’t so high-priced. I really don’t want to hock a grandchild or mortgage the house to buy something. 😉

I still contend that if those guys would stop tacking on the commission for their buddies to the prices of their products, they’d be a lot more reachable to the general populace who are NOT 6-figure income people (myself included, though I dream of it one day).

And Frank Haywood… I’m really glad you’re feeling better & the family, too. It sux to be sick. E-me or call me soon, ok? We’ve got lots of unfinished plans to discuss one day very soon. :-))