Those Crazy Spammers

Spam has been on the increase the last week or so, so it’s bound to stop completely in the next month as the spammers get closed down.

Yes, I’ve noticed this cyclic trend which last about 4 months.  Increasing amounts of spam and then nothing as someone out there looking after our interests closes the spammers down yet again.

The spammers shrug and move on.  It’s part of their job.

Now there’s one type of spam mail that always makes me smile, and that’s the kind with the unusual sender names.  It could just be one person doing it, but I guess it’s a program that several spammers have.

You must have received them "Dangling J Hoosegow", "Atrocious P Fieldmouse" and so on?

Well today I received a PayPal spoof mail from someone who’s sent me $93.50 with a clickable "View the details of this transaction online".  I get one of those every couple of days.

But what made this one unusual and also made me laugh was that instead of it being sent from PayPal or even the name of the peson mentioned in the email, it was from "Check K. Pederasty". 

Obviously, whoever had sent it has no idea what a pederast is or they wouldn’t have used that particular word as a last name…

Posted by Frank Haywood