The IMPACT Of The Challenge…

I have a short 4 minute video I think is well worth watching, and will give you a chuckle too.  🙂

What’s it all about?

Last Saturday I was invited by my eldest son Jack to go to a graduation ceremony.

The Challenge Network

Over the summer he’s been taking part in something called The Challenge which (taken from their web site) is:-

“…an intense four part programme for 16 and 17 year olds delivered as part of the government’s National Citizen Service (NCS). The programme is comprised of physical and team challenges and social action projects.”

Hard work, weekends given up, and he loved it. (Met his new girlfriend too.)

The ceremony was to hand out certificates signed by David Cameron our current Prime Minister (he wasn’t there) so it’s something that was well worth doing. It will look good on his CV (resume) as while most people his age were hanging around street corners, he was getting some life experience and helping as part of a community project driven by his team.

Good stuff, and I’m pleased and yes a little bit proud of what he’s done.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, a local entrepreneur called Bob Battye (the kids love him) gave a short and very entertaining speech, and I filmed it. Bob has been part of The Challenge this year and has met all of them before and so had built up a good rapport with them.

Bob’s speech used the acronym IMPACT to map out some very good advice that works for all of us, not just the young men and women involved.

When he got to A, I’d already guessed it would stand for Action. (Yeah I’m a smarty pants.)

He illustrated the rewards that taking action gives you beautifully and I don’t mind saying I’m going to use this myself at some point.  🙂

If I hadn’t been filming the moment, I’d have been the first one on the stage. As it was I was left to sit urging Jack to get up and go, across the room where he sat with his group.

Wondering what I’m on about?

Watch the 4 minute video.  😉

If you have teenagers of 15 or 16 in the UK then maybe suggest it to them for next summer?

And… Listen to what Bob says about T – Trust. He’s spot on.

-Frank Haywood

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Hey Frank.

Yes I better take action after that. In the end the lads nearly banged heads together. That would have been a calamity. But Bob Battye knows how to get a reaction.

And as you say a proud day for Jack and you Frank. It would be great if many more young lads would do challenge like activities in the UK and outside it.

Good luck, Mort.