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Slide Out Tabs

Update: The sale for one of my personal favourites, the Slide Out Tabs plugin is now live at just $17.00 but is just about to rise to $27.

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About 18 months ago I released an absolutely brilliant (ahem) plugin called Slide Out Tabs.

To date there still isn’t a plugin or script that comes even close to what it can do, and we created it following a customer request.


Slide Out Tabs

What they asked for was a plugin which added a set of 3 slim tabs to the right and left of the page which when hovered over would slide out onto the page but stay in place when the page was scrolled up and down.

We were also asked if the Slide Out Tabs could contain any HTML so that videos, optin forms, images etc could be added to the page.

Yes okay, BUT…

Me being me, I took it even further than that.  😉

Multiple Slide Out Tabs


Instead of limiting it to only three tabs left and right, I had it built so that you could use as many tabs as you could fit on the page, and place them exactly where you wanted them.

Then we hooked up the whole thing to the WP widgetised areas system too.

Think sidebars!

What that means is when you create a new slide out tab, then the plugin ALSO creates a brand new widgetised area for you on the fly!  WOW!

Then all you have to do is drop ANY widget into the widgetised area and it will appear in your new slide out tab.

This means you can insert HTML via a text widget, a menu, a sign up box, in fact ANYTHING you have a widget for, you can now insert into the slide-out.

I hope you can see how powerful that makes this plugin.

In theory at least, you could use a theme without a sidebar on the home page and instead use slide-out tabs.

Now while that’s very cool, it gets even BETTER than that!

We also included the WordPress Conditional Tags system.

Conditional tags are built right into the WordPress core but they’re usually only used by developers. The Slide Out tabs plugin enables you to use those conditional tags without knowing the inner workings of WordPress or even any PHP at all.

If you can look them up and copy and paste, you’re away.  😉

What it means to you is you can now use this built in WordPress rules system to specify that a tab will only show on the home page, or only on pages or posts or even on particular pages and posts.

And because you have full control over the position and size of the tabs and slide out areas, you can stack tabs in the same position on a page, but show different tabs depending on where the visitor is reading your blog.

I think that’s one of the COOLEST things ever.  😉

For 24 hours in this Flash sale, you can pick it up at just $10, starting today at 7.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST). After that the price will rise to $17 for another 24 hours and then finally to $27 after that.

Worth every penny.

During this sale, the plugin also comes with a full developer (client/flipper) licence, allowing you to install on clients blogs and also on blogs you intend to flip.

This is DEFINITELY one you don’t want to miss.  There isn’t a plugin or script that comes anywhere near to the capabilities of the Slide Out Tabs plugin.

-Frank Haywood

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