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Today (Wednesday 21st) at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m kicking off a 48 hour sale for my niche WordPress Autoresponder plugin at a never before seen price of just $10.

There is also an *optional* extra purchase ($7) of another plugin that works quite well with it, read on to find out more.

It’s ideal for when you put up niche blogs and you want to QUICKLY place an optin form…

…but don’t want all the hassle of setting it up with your autoresponder service.

I believe it’s the only one of its kind, certainly the only one I’m aware of that does sequenced autoresponder *and* broadcast emails too amongst other things.

WordPress AutoResponder Sequences


AutoResponder Key Features

  • Sign up form shortcode and widget, OR an HTML form
  • Timed, sequenced autoresponder messages
  • Broadcast messages
  • Email %variables% for name, unsubscribe link, etc
  • Email log – resend individual messages
  • Import/export subscribers via CSV
  • Manually add and remove subscribers
  • Client/flipper (developer) licence included

It’s quite a big plugin in terms of functionality and it’s very cool to be able to quickly add a sign up form to your niche blogs.

WordPress AutoResponder Menu

The reason I had it developed is (as usual) to meet my own requirements. I needed a quick and simple to use autoresponder that I could install on my own niche blogs and also on my clients’ sites too.

My reasoning is that it’s a bit of a hassle to set up and gather subscribers with any of my niche blogs as I always felt it a bit of a pain to go through the whole process with one of my autoresponder services. It takes too long and it’s overkill.

I also didn’t want to use a service with any clients’ sites as I felt it was just unsuitable for such puposes. And I didn’t want to tie their sites into any services I was paying to run my own business.

So I had the WordPress AutoResponder plugin (WPAR) built.

You install and activate it and within 2 minutes you can add a sign up form to your blog via a simple short code tag or you can use a widget in a widgetised area (sidebar).

WordPress Autoresponder Widget

Optionally you can create your own form if you want extra control over the appearance.

And then right away you have the ability to gather subscribers.  🙂

They also automatically become WordPress subscribers on sign up, and vice-versa, which is more useful than you might think.

WordPress AutoResponder Broadcast

It’s gone through quite a lot of changes since I first released it to a small number of people and it’s now at v1.4.6.

You can view the regular sales page for the WordPress AutoResponder here, but don’t buy from that page, buy from here instead when the sale is live.

While this sale is active, the price of the WordPress AutoResponder plugin is a staggering $10 discounted down from the normal price of $47.


Subscribers Only Plugin

As an OPTIONAL additional purchase, you can also get the Subscribers Only plugin. This is a tool to lock content on your site so that only logged in subscribers can see it.

Subscribers Only

The idea behind this is you create a useful post or page, but then withhold a crucial piece of key information using the plugin. In order for the reader to view this key information, they have to become a WP subscriber.

Subscribers Only

It’s surprisingly effective.  😉

Happily, courtesy of the WordPress AutoResponder plugin, when they become a WordPress subscriber they also become a member of your mailing list and begin to get timed autoresponder messages in the sequence you’ve set up.

This additional plugin is a further $7.

In other words your purchase choices today and for the next 48 hours(ish) are the WordPress AutoResponder for just $10, or both plugins for $17.

And that’s it.

Get BOTH plugins today for $17 or pay nearly 3 times that when it’s over.

-Frank Haywood

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