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This Is Just Beautiful

Following on from my post on Saturday about someone unsubscribing because they missed an email (which is a deliciously ironic case of cutting his nose off to spite his face), I also received yet another unsubscribe.


Here’s the reason he gave.

“I think charging a fee to read a blog post is outrageous.”

Now there’s a guy who isn’t using his brain, and also being completely hypocritical to boot.

The mailing list he’s on is for my digital delivery product, SmartDD.

Therefore by association, he must be a provider of either software or ebooks, or information of some kind. So he’s a vendor of information, he sells info products.

But, he thinks it’s outrageous that someone else should want to charge for information.

I just checked the size of the blog post I made about my techniques in rising to page 1 in the search engines that I’m now charging for. It’s 18,308 characters and comes to 3,387 words.

I’ve paid $47 for reports that were a third of the size of that, and nowhere near as valuable.

Prediction: He will never make any substantial money online.

Why? In his core, he believes information holds no value. If he has no respect for information, then he’ll never appreciate its true worth.

I hesitate to write this, but… what a loser.

If he doesn’t appreciate it, then that feeling will come across to his customers. He’ll be the guy who believes the lowest price always wins.

Consequently, he’ll never make any money, and never be independent.

But that’s okay.   Only 2% of people ever do apparently.  98% would rather complain, make excuses and do nothing.

-Frank Haywood

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