Slide Up Ads Plugin Finally Ready

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What can I say?  My sincerest apologies to all those nice and patient people who pre-ordered the plugin with a promise of 10 days to delivery.  It’s now been about an extra 18 days after that, but it’s finally done and is now in use on this blog, which you may have already noticed…

My only excuse is that while we started with a clear idea of what we wanted from the plugin, it just got out of hand like things do sometimes, and we made it bigger, added some more features, and finally spent several days discussing the merits of rules on visits or views before me finally deciding views was better (for now).

(That debate is NOT over yet, and we’ll probably add visits to the rules when we can.  If it makes sense.)

Like I said, the plugin has ended up being much bigger than we intended it to be.

Originally it was going to be a few pre-defined templates with some simple rules on when to display the slide up.

Then the “feature creep” started.  The upshot is we’re very late with release, but to all those people who pre-ordered, you’ve got yourself one of the years bargains.  I’m very confident that we could sell this plugin as it is now for $47 day in day out, so all those people who grabbed it for $10…  Well done.  😉

So what did we add that made it take so long?

  • LOTS of pre-defined templates – 44 variants in all
  • An easy to understand method of  creating your own templates
  • A colour picker for an optional plain background slide-up
  • Autoresponder sign up code parsing and reformatting
  • Comprehensive rules system that governs when and how often the ad shows
  • THREE ways of visitors closing the ad, selectable by you
  • Two different “Content Types” for the ad – autoresponder and link/HTML
  • Finally, a way to reset the ad when you create a new one

I’m sure that once you’ve installed the plugin that you’ll be impressed by our level of thought about the admin panel.  Even so, there’s still a couple of little “niggles” I have with it that we’ll fix in later versions, plus a couple of bigger features I have up my sleeve.  😉

Here’s a screen shot of part of the admin panel:-

Slide Up Ads Settings
And a picture of the drop-down rules:-

Slide Up Ad Rules

The colour picker if you’re using a plain background:-

Slide Up Ads Colour Picker

And the buttons that can be added to the slide up ad:-

Slide Up Ad Buttons

Note in that last image that there’s the usual X (which always appears on the ad), an optional minimise button which will allow the visitors to close the ad for a period you decide, and also an optional power button which will close the ad permanently until you use the “Reset Viewers” check box on the admin panel settings page.

So…  What comes next?

If you pre-ordered, just go back to your personal download page ( you did bookmark it, right?) and you’ll now be able to download the plugin.

If you didn’t pre-order, then for a couple of days you can still get the Slide Up Ads Plugin for WordPress for $17 before I set the regular price.

Thanks again for your patience, and I’m sorry it took far longer than we thought it would.  I hope you think the additional features we added made the wait worth while.  We’ll *try* not to do that again.  😉

If you now want to get the plugin at a discount and before I set the regular price, then for a couple of days you can get it for $17 by using the buy button below.

-Frank Haywood

Offer Closed


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Slide Up Ads Plugin Pre-order

My new Slide Up Ads plugin is now available on pre-order for just $10.

There are 100 copies available at this price.  It was going to be 50, but after chatting with a friend I thought they might sell out a little too quickly.

What’s this all about?

When I introduced a slide up ads script to this blog, I immediately saw an increase in the number of subscribers.  The sign up rate jumped from 1 in 17 visitors to 1 in every 7.

It was actually a 249% increase, and that figure has never changed – I still get 1 in 7 visitors sign up.

I give away a script and a report.  The report has my affiliate links in and I make money from it – in fact I made at least $150 last month directly as a result of that report alone, and that was just two sales of a product I’m an affiliate for.  I haven’t bothered to check for any other money I made from it, but there are continuity items in there too, so I’m earning from those as well.

So not only am I building a mailing list of subscribers, I’m also making money without doing anything other than I would do anyway – it really is passive income.

I’ll just repeat what I said in my email yesterday as I think it really hammers home the situation:-

For every 10 new subscribers you’ve been picking up from visitors to your sites, then suddenly you can push that number up to 25 from the same amount of visitors just by using this plugin.

Considering the industry standard rate that a subscriber to your mailing list can mean up to a dollar a month in income, then you have to ask yourself just what are you losing by not using it?

The plugin is about 10 days from completion and will come with a nice selection of slide up graphics plus the ability to set the slide up delay and the number of times it’s displayed.

Today I’m making available 100 copies on pre-order for just $10.  When they’re gone, I’ll pull the plug until I officially release it (probably $27, maybe $37).

PLEASE remember to bookmark your personal download page after purchase, and PLEASE sign up to the mailing list on that page – it’s a list for customers of that product only and we use it to let you know when we release upgrades.  Your name and email address are pre-filled, all you have to do is click the button, check your email and click the link in there to confirm.

You can be one of the first 100 people to own it (and at only $10) by using the buy link below.

Update: Offer now closed.

-Frank Haywood

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