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SmartDD v3 Features

I know it’s been a long time in coming, but SmartDD v3 is ready to release apart from the docs.

I’ve been using it on a couple of sites, and although I haven’t used every new feature in earnest, everything has been tested to my satisfaction.  Even so, I guess we’ll find a couple of minor bugs here and there which we’ll fix as we go.

New stuff then.

o Kunaki integration with BOTH your web sites AND eBay.  No need to run two scripts, SmartDD will do it all for you.

In case you don’t know what Kunaki is, it’s a global Print On Demand (POD) service for CDs and DVDs.  Customers can buy from you anywhere in the world, and SmartDD will handle the sale and pass the creation and fulfillment onto Kunaki, who then send your customer the CD or DVD.

o Free sign up.  In response to many requests, we’ve added the ability to offer a product on a secure download page in return for a sign up to your mailing list.  The built in example is for Aweber, but you can use it with any self-hosted or service based autoresponder.

o One Time Offers.  Now you can sell a digital item via your web store or eBay, and then upsell via the use of a one time offer (OTO).  An OTO is a method whereby the prospective buyer sees a reduced price for just one time.  If they pass on the offer, then they will only ever get to see it at its full price afterwards.

You can of course use this in conjunction with a free sign up.  😉

o Affiliate scheme.  We’ve added in a simple affiliate scheme in the format of:-

for any percentage commission, 0-100, variable by saleable item.  Even at 100% the admin always gets the first commission to prevent people from buying from themselves by using their personal and business accounts.

So if you created a saleable item at 100% commission, and an OTO item at 50% commission, the admin would get the full amount of the first sale for both items.  Thereafter, the affiliate would get all of the sales for the first item, and the sales of every other item paid directly into their PayPal account.

Affiliate cookies work across all products for an installation of SmartDD.  So if you’ve created a sales page for one item and your affiliate sends traffic to it, then the prospect buys something else from you, your affiliate gets the credit for that purchase too.

You can set by saleable item that only customers can be affiliates (why you’d want to do that I don’t know, but some people do), and you can also restrict individual customers from being affiliates.

o Web store.  Take almost any web template, and turn it into a completely database driven web store.  This was actually in v2, but was never documented.  I’m very sorry about that, believe me.

o Physical goods handling enhanced.

o Create a product and an item through a single screen.  The normal method of setting SmartDD up is to create your products first, and then link them to a saleable item.  If you only have one product though, you can now create the product and the item at the same time.

o Run ALL your sites through one central location.  This has always been possible with SmartDD, but we’ve made it a whole lot better by adding some additional template formats.

o The ability to copy all template types as well as amend and remove.  This makes it faster to take an existing template, copy and edit it.

o Three professionally designed built in template themes, courtesy of  One in red, one in green and one in blue.  The template designs have been added to all the template formats:-

– Catalogue Templates (web store)
– Cart Templates (web store)
– Download Templates
– Order Confirmation Templates (thank you pages)
– Free Sign Up Templates
– Item / One Time Offer Templates

Additionally, the templates are provided separately so that you can use them to create traditional sales pages, or for your web store.

o Friendly URLs.  This aids in SEO of your web store as SmartDD will create search engine friendly URLs for you, based on the category names.  You’ll need to be running your web site via Apache with mod-rewrite enabled in order to use this.  A good old cPanel server will allow you to do this.

o Finally, as usual there have been a lot of “under the hood” and plenty of other small changes all of which combine to make SmartDD the best delivery script on the market.


So when is it being released?

Thursday 16th October 3.00pm GMT.

If you purchased the full version (v2) after 1st March 2008 then you’ll get the upgrade to v3 for free.  Otherwise there will be a 24 hour special for the upgrade at $17.  After that it will be $27 – still an amazing bargain if you’re upgrading from v2.

And of course lets not forget all the people who’ve taken a couple of special offers I’ve made who will get the upgrade for free.  😉

-Frank Haywood

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Private Label Rights For SmartDD LITE

The sale for PLR for SmartDD LITE will be on Thursday at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST).

Believe it or not we’re still debating the price and how many copies. We know it’s a balancing act. If we get it wrong you may not buy.

Here’s what I know to be true. For every 100 copies sold, only 1 person will actually do anything with their purchase. The rest will let it gather dust on their hard drive. It’s the 1 percent rule – the 1 percent that actually do anything towards improving their business or even getting started online.

So this means you have very little competition.

With just a little bit of effort you can take the code that took us umpteen man weeks to develop, shine it up and have your own brand digital delivery software.

The longest it will take you to do that is a month. If you’re quick and focussed you can probably get it done in 10 days or less with very little effort on your part.

You know what? That’s what always amazes me. With just a little application and patience you can get some amazing things done. But many people don’t bother.

Now I know you might be saying “but you have developers who will do the work for you”.

That’s true. But if I didn’t, this is what I’d do. This is what you can do.

#1 – Go here and get yourself a really nice sales page design done, together with a software box. Cost $87.

#2 – Go to or or – there are others. Take your pick or use them all. Sign up and post your job as requiring a redesign of a script you have. Say it’s a CSS design around a php script and that it’s an easy job and that any competent person could do it in a couple of hours tops.

Offer $100 and wait for the bids.

You’ll get some spam bids almost immediately where they haven’t even read your requirements. Wait at least 3 days (7 is better), to get some real bids. You’ll be able to tell the difference between the spam and the real bids when you see them, trust me.

Accept a bid and pay no more than one third down. Pay the next third when they show you the design, and pay the final third when you have the code in your hands. NEVER give feedback until at least 10 days after you have the code, and NEVER give it before the job is complete no matter how much they plead – tell them it’s company policy when dealing with contractors.

#3 – While all this is going on, rewrite the docs in your own style with your own product name, register a domain, write your sales copy and generally do all the things you’d do when setting up a sales page and product.

#4 – When you have the sales page design and the re-design of the code done, put it all together including a JV sign up page.

#5 – Start writing to potential JV partners and point them to your JV sign up page. Offer them 60% – 75%, and normal affiliates 50%.

Just keep on keeping on. And look around for your next product. I always say it’s not hard, but it’s not completely easy either.

That little bit of effort is what keeps the 99% from moving forward and succeeding, and of course makes it a whole lot easier for us 1-percenters.

And that’s why if you make just that little bit of effort, you’ll quickly rise above everyone else. It really is as simple as that.

If you think you’re the 1 in 100 that can do this, then on Thursday it’s your chance to get the ball rolling.

-Frank Haywood

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Feedback From PLR For SmartDD LITE

There’s been lots of feedback for Private Label Rights for SmartDD LITE. The way I always look it is, for every 1 person that makes a comment, there’s 100 others thinking something similar.

So there have been suggestions in pricing going from $18 (!) all the way up to $197.

The figure that Paul and I had in mind was $297 per licence which I mentioned earlier this year (keep reading, that’s not the price we’re going to use). With a little effort, you could start to see a return on your investment within a month or less depending on how you approach it.

The reason we chose that price was because:-

#1 – It would remove those people who weren’t serious or who “don’t get it”.

#2 – It would increase profitability for those people who *are* serious as they would be loathe to sell at ridiculously low prices.


Knowing that $297 was a little bit of a shock for *some* people, even though it’s a sure fire way of keeping the price and the profits up for those that buy, we decided to listen to what people have said, and so we’ve decided to consider a lower price

And another but…

Rather than keep the licencing fairly loose while selling at $297, if we’re going to sell at the lower price, then we would do what some people have suggested, and put some provisos in the licence to make sure that people don’t shoot themselves and other buyers in the foot.

I would like to point out the natural and inevitable conclusion of a price war between two (or more) sellers.

You BOTH go out of business, and the customer can’t get what they want any more.

Nobody wins. When the dust settles, the final seller is making pennies on their sales, and the market has been trained to expect a very low “going price”.

Been there, done that, never going there again. It’s a fools errand.

I’d also like to do a bit of explanation here too.

It seems that some people don’t understand the sometimes subtle difference betweeen Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights when applied to digital products.

Rights Meanings

Resale Rights (RR) typically allows you to resell the product, but not confer the rights to resell onto your customers. So you can sell, but they can’t.

Master Resale Rights (MRR) typically allows you to resell and pass on the rights to resell to your customers and so on.

Private Label Rights (PLR) typically allows you to resell the product, rebrand it, call it your own, but doesn’t allow you to sell PLR yourself. Sometimes you *do* have the rights to resell with PLR.

White Label Rights (WLR). Quite rare, but I thought I’d include this. Typically, licencing of the product is held by the product owner and the reseller is granted a set number of times they can resell to their own clients while rebranding the product so that it looks like their own.

This usually applies to service type of products (but not always) such as an autoresponder service you can sell to your client as if it were your own. To the client it looks like it *is* your product as it’s often hosted on your domain.


In order, MRR will see the price of a product plummet to a dollar within a week (the bottom feeders as someone mentioned), RR will usually see the product keep its price, although you are sometimes allowed to give the product away which can be useful as a list builder in giveaways etc. Because new customers can’t compete with you by reselling, the price doesn’t come down.

PLR normally sees the product hold its price unless the right to sell PLR is given in which case like MRR it quickly plummets to a dollar.

WLR products will always hold their price as it’s controlled by the product creator.

So those people that bought Resale Rights for SmartDD LITE at a snip way back in April should have made their money back many times over because of their customers inability to resell and compete with them. (If you didn’t, what do you think you’re doing wrong?)

This offer is now for PLR, which as you can see above is quite different.

Taking on board what people have said, here are my provisos with PLR for SmartDD LITE which differ from normal PLR.

#1 – You must rebrand.
#2 – You must not use my name (or Paul’s) or mention SmartDD or SmartDD LITE.

That’s it. That will hold the price for you and weed out the bottom feeders.

To rebrand, you can fairly easily use a text search and replace, and do a rename in all the PHP files, and in the docs. You might have to edit a few screen shots, or do a few yourself. Additionally you could tweak the CSS files to change the colours and layout.

Alternatively, you can get someone on ScriptLance to do a more professional job for you including a complete redesign of the appearance probably for less than $100. Which to my way of thinking is a lot less hassle.

A few other thoughts.

I know some people will say to themselves “Well what’s the value of a product like this given the market – isn’t it over saturated?”

My answer – Nope the market isn’t over saturated. The market is HUGE and growing bigger every day, and I don’t have the resources to cover it all. If you really think it’s over saturated, do a bit of promotion for SmartDD and see what happens. 😉

Here’s an example.

The other day while on Tim Knox’s blog, I saw a post by Tim answering a subscriber question which showed perfectly how a lot of people still don’t know anything about digital delivery and how it works.

Just because *you* may know all about digital delivery (or any other subject) doesn’t mean that everyone else does. We all make the mistake of thinking something is common knowledge just because we know it and the people we hang out with know it too. That’s not true.

And we all undervalue the information in our heads when in reality it’s a gold mine if handled properly.

Anyway, back on track and let’s get this ramble finished.

Your comments made me stop and think about pricing. I sort of expected that.

I had a chat with Paul and we don’t want to give PLR away. But by the same token we don’t want to make it so expensive that no-one buys.

Going back to the value we believe SmartDD LITE is worth, Paul and I expected total revenue from the sale to be about $3,000 – that was our target – $297 x 10.

We’ve come to a compromise. We’ve made some concessions. You’ve read the two provisos we’ve added above.

We’re going to run a “nickel” sale for PLR. We’re going to start the sale at a much lower price and we’ve also halved our revenue target.

But, the incremental price isn’t going to be a nickel. We’re going to make it higher than that.

We’ve decided to sell 20 copies instead of 10, thereby reducing the cost of each copy.

As usual, first in gets the best price, but the final price on the 20th copy still won’t be outrageous by any means. We’ll run the sale until all copies are gone or 48 hours have passed, whichever comes first.

If you’re interested in this, stay tuned. I may throw in a couple of other nice little freebies that will make you a very happy bunny, so let’s wait and see what happens.

-Frank Haywood
P.S. I know I said I’d run it on the 16th, but I’ve had a nasty end of Summer cold that’s knocked me for six and I haven’t been able to trust my brain while I’ve been taking Ibuprofen. While it makes me feel better, it always wrecks my ability to think clearly, so I don’t like to take any chances…

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I’ve been considering for a while now about releasing Private Label Rights (PLR) for SmartDD LITE. I had a chat with Paul Freedman (the developer) about it and he’s agreed.

His provisos are that we only sell 10 PLR licences and that they’re $300 each.

Just so that you understand the value of this offer, the code for sale has regularly earned us $2,000 / month in profit with some months peaking at $4,000.

I’ve got some additional provisos to the two I agreed with Paul:-

#1 – You can’t use the name SmartDD, and you can’t associate either me or Paul with the product. To all intents and purposes it’s as if you created it from scratch. This will mean you have to remove all instances of the name SmartDD and our names from the code and documentation.

#2 – You can create as many derivatives of it as you like, and develop the code into larger applications. You must tell us what these are as you create and launch each one. We just want to keep an eye on what’s being done with the licences for your protection and to protect the value of the code.

#3 – You can sell Resale Rights (RR) or Master Resale Rights (MRR) to your newly named derivatives, but not Private Label Rights (PLR). Again this is to maintain the value of your purchase.

You can use the code as if you’d had it developed yourself, and we recommend you get yourself a developer from Scriptlance or Elance or similar to change the appearance. We don’t think it would cost you more than $50-$100 to do this, as the appearance is all held in style sheets. Change the style sheets and you’ll completely change the appearance of your software.

You’ll also get the raw Open Office text document to use as a base for your own PDF docs, and again you’ll have to remove all references to SmartDD / LITE and our names.

Okay that’s it. I’ll set up a page early next week where you can purchase PLR for SmartDD LITE and then let you know where it is here on this blog. The first 10 people to buy get a copy, everyone else will have their money refunded.

-Frank Haywood

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Resale Rights for SmartDD Lite for Under Two Dollars

I’ll be releasing SmartDD Lite in a few days time. This is effectively version 1 of SmartDD with a couple of tweaks.

When the site officially goes live, I’ll be selling it at $7 for personal use.

I’ll also be selling resale rights to it, somewhere between $17 and $27. We’re still talking about the final price for resale rights, but I think it will be settled at $27.

But before I do that, I’d like to offer you the chance to get resale rights at under 2 dollars by offering SmartDD Lite in a nickel sale.

I’ll be starting the price at $1.07, and raising it by 5 cents with every sale. So the first 18 buyers will get SmartDD Lite for under two dollars.

The resale rights version is a special version that you can embed with your affiliate link to the full version of SmartDD. The personal version doesn’t have this embedded link.

Until we released SmartDD v2, I was selling copies of v1 every day of the week for $67-$97 – that’s what you’re buying when you get SmartDD Lite v1.

Once you have the resale rights version of SmartDD Lite, you can sell or give it away with your affiliate link embedded inside it. Every person you sell or give it to that then installs it, will have your affiliate link for SmartDD v2 at the bottom of every page.

I’ll announce details of where you can find the nickel sale on Tuesday at 1.00pm GMT (8.00am EST) here on this blog in a password protected post.

I’m also considering selling a few copies of Private Label Rights to SmartDD Lite.  This would be for no less than $300.

With Private Label Rights this means you’ll be able to completely re-skin it, give it a different name and call it your own. You could easily find someone on ScriptLance, Elance or Craig’s List to do this for you for less than a couple of hundred dollars.

If you’re interested in purchasing PLR for SmartDD Lite, then go to my support desk at:-

and raise a ticket under the “personal message” department.

I’ll keep a note of your details, and let you know when I intend to do this.

-Frank Haywood

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