Hi Frank

once again, another great product!

I was one of the first to buy it and will soon add it to my blog. Keep up the good work frank.


Mark McWilliams

Go Frank! 😀 (Y)

It’s already uploaded, however I’m having a little trouble with the license file. It’s telling me that it’s corrupt?! (Anyway, I submitted a ticket about it!)

This script is going to be so handy now, and in the future! I’m looking forward to using it, and saving money on some of the ones were you actually need to pay for a service like this.


P.S – Lucky me bought the first copy, seems I headed over to your blog at just the right time. 😛

Dang Mark, you got in ahead of me! I got the 4th copy. Looks like another great product, Frank, I look forward to trying it out this weekend.