Subscribers Only Plugin Nickel Sale Back One Day

After having had it pointed out to me that today is a national holiday in both the US and the UK and that many people are away for long weekends, I’ve decided to put the nickel sale for the “Subscribers Only” plugin back by a day to Tuesday 1st June at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).


(Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it was a bank holiday Monday here in the UK.)

I know this is going to upset some people as it always does no matter when I run a nickel sale or do any kind of launch, and I’m sorry, but I’ve decided it makes more sense to put it back to Tuesday when more people will be around.

This will still exclude a lot of my UK readers as it’s a holiday week in the UK (school half term) and a lot of people will be away for the week, but “them’s the breaks”.

Because I don’t have a job and so I’m largely not controlled by the clock and events that affect most people (apart from the school runs), I tend to live in my own little time zone where things like holidays happen when I want them to happen and not when an employer (or even a local school) does.

So I just lose track sometimes of what’s going on, especially when it comes to things like national holidays that aren’t Easter or Christmas.  Ahem.

So, sorry again, enjoy your day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Gareth Hogan

Hi Frank,
Sunday evening, Just got back from a long weekend break and found the emails. I for one would have missed it! Thank you for moving the date, your a star.

It did not even occur to me how useful a bit of software, that did this would be, but now I have had a chance to think about the opportunities, as usual, I do not think I can live without it : )
and no, I do not buy every bit of new software & plug-in that comes along.

Seriously, keep these great ideas coming Frank. I have found that sometimes the only difference between someone else making lots more money than myself, is down to a very tiny difference in the way they do something. They do a critical thing that can earn them 100%, 200%, 300% more than me. But, more often than not, it is not a major difference, rather it turns out to be a small key difference in their sales strategy but at a crucial leverage point.

That’s why I find your stuff so useful Frank, apart from using endless analysis and metrics to improve my results, I have found that when I throw in an extra “something” that gives me an edge, into my sales/marketing mix , there is also always a chance that I will stumble on one of those key leverage points, that I could not of discovered by just using logic.

So, what I am suggesting really, is apart from planning, testing and improving. Sometimes it also helps if you just shake up the cookie jar a little and see what new flavour biscuits fall out.

A nickel sale as well, I Look forward to getting another bit of useful software at a low price.

Good luck with the sale.

Frank Haywood

Hi Gareth, well thank you very much for that, I really do appreciate those comments.

It was Mike Filsaime who said that it’s the cumulative effect of all the little things that really make a difference to your business. He was specifically talking about making it easy for affiliates to promote and not making them jump through hoops, but the principle is the same for most things.

Yes you need to be doing the big stuff like product creation and promotion, but you also need to be doing the little things like this which quietly help you extend your reach.

It’s not a big deal to hide parts of posts and pages – it take just a few moments to do – but it can seriously assist you by getting people to subscribe to your blog(s).

By using the WordPress AutoResponder in conjunction with this plugin, it even makes it easier to build your mailing list and contact them. I also know that there are free plugins out there that will allow you to send out emails to WordPress Subscribers whenever you make a post. Not ideal, but probably good enough for many niche blogs when used in conjunction with this new plugin.

And your point about stumbling on things which make a real difference is true. I’ve found that I’ve “discovered” stuff that works really well for me, and then I’ll find that what I’m actually doing is something I already learned about a long time ago but never put into action for one reason or another. Time and/or attention usually.

That’s one of the reasons I’m now farming out as much stuff as I can as quickly as I can. It will leave me more time to do some of the creative things that make a difference.



Just to ask…have you noticed if it is still working with WordPress 3.o.
Stopped working for me and so have a couple of other paid for plugins – ho hum!

Frank Haywood


Yes it does. I’ve just upgraded one of my blogs to WP 3.0 and the plugin continued to work as it should.

If you’d like to go raise a support ticket at the Plugin Great support desk with your blog FTP and WP login details, the developer (Edesa) will look at it for you and fix it.