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Update: The Snip-It productivity and convenience plugin is now available at just $17.00.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm GMT) I’m kicking off a 24 hour sale at $7 for those who are paying attention.  😉

After this first 24 hours is over, the regular sale at $10 will start for a couple of days like I often do.

I *like* to test and experiment and that’s why I’m doing it this way. If it works out and people like it, I’ll always do it like this.

The plugin itself is a pure productivity plugin, no big bells and whistles, it just gets the job done.

The request for this plugin was from Scott (he contacted me after yesterday’s email) for a plugin that would allow him to access snippets of content across all his posts and pages so that when he needed to add it, he could just click-click-done.

This is how we’ve interpreted that request.

There’s actually two ways of using this plugin. The way we intended or there’s a little “kludge” method you can use.

Method 1 – On the admin page, you add your snippets (text or HTML) and give each one a short descriptive name. Once you’re done, you’ll see a new button in your TinyMCE editor. Click it and a dialogue box will open up where you can select and insert your snippet from a drop-down.

Method 2 – Add a single large block of text or HTML with all your snippets inside. In the editor, click the button, select the single drop-down and see all your snippets. Scroll and swipe the snippet you want and copy. Cancel then paste the snippet onto your page where you want it.

I *think* either of those two methods should just about suit everybody and the way they want to work.

Now there’s no need to have text files all over the place as you can keep everything online accessible wherever you are.

Pretty cool I think.

The sale starts today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and will be just $7 for 24 hours, then rising to $10. A bargain at either price but I know how much people like to get the very best deals.

-Frank Haywood

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Jeanette Cates

Frank – why do you sell something then stop? Just about the time I’m using it regularly and want to tell people about it – it’s gone. Makes any referral sales nearly impossible.

Just trying to understand the thinking behind it.

Frank Haywood

Hi Jeanette,

Guilty as charged. But. I have my assistant working in the background adding all the plugins to – some of them are there and on sale at the moment. I have to go through what she’s done and set up the affiliate page and away we go.

This will very likely still be the place where I run specials for you, but right afterwards the product will go on PluginGreat. All the products there are linked together in the same scheme so if someone buys two or more products you’ll be credited with it.

Nearly there, just bear with me a little longer. When the affiliate part is ready I’ll send out several emails about it and away we go. 🙂

All the best,


Joseph Taska

can we see what the snip-it looks like on a sample page when they come out on the post

Frank Haywood

Hi Joseph,

I *think* I covered that in the video? Whatever content is on your post as a result of adding it via Snip-It will be there when you publish.

Or have I misunderstood your question?


Hi Frank – could this be used the same way on WordPress Multisite? I’m in the process of setting up what eventually will be a huge website, with lots of WP blogs in sub-folders. This would save a tremendous amount of time if it works the same way in multisite. What do you think – would snip-it show up on all the sub-folder blogs from the main dashboard post editor? I’m thinking “yes” because all activated plugins in WP multisite are supposed to apply to all the sub-blogs. Your thoughts?


Frank Haywood

Hi Maury,

I really don’t know. I don’t use multisite and so I don’t bother to check that aspect of it out. I actually don’t know much about multisite or what it’s supposed to give you that’s better than sites on different IP addresses all over the world, which is how I do it. As a result I’m a bit in the dark about it all and I’ve yet to find a good explanation of it.

I *guess* it *could* work on multisite but I don’t know is the answer. 😉


Can you export or import the snippets from one site to the next? Say I always want to use the url can that be set to come up in everyone of my sites? Kinda like pg-getplugins where I can set the list.

Frank Haywood

Hi Pol,

That’s a brilliant idea thank you. My guess is we can do that fairly easily, something like this in a text file:-

Name :: Code
Name :: Code
Name :: Code

where Name is the name of the snippet, :: is the separator and Code is the snippet itself.

That *should* be fairly easy to generate and read so then you’d be able to go to the panel where they’re all listed in a textarea and do a copy, and then paste into the same box on your new site.

Make sense? If so, then I’ll see about getting that done. 🙂


Frank Haywood

Hi Pol,

Done. v1.1 is ready and allows you to export and import your snippet database from site to site with just a copy and paste. 🙂

Go back to your download page and get the new version.


I am going there now. Thanks!

Joseph Taska

Hi Frank

You show publish in the video but you don’t continue and go to the post itself so we can see how the snip-it shows up on the actual page or post… go a little futher and show us the snip-it on the actual post or page.

Frank Haywood

Hi Jospeh,

Believe it or not, that was attempt #3 at a video. The first two times I *did* show the page on the front of the blog (or tried to) but lost my internet connection both times and I had to start again. By the third time I decided not to show the front of the blog and to just get the video done. 🙄

Here’s the page if you want to see for yourself:-