SmartDD V3 – looking like October 23rd

Renowned for putting dates back, I’ve done it again.

We’ve decided to go ahead and add this one last feature.  I’m positive you’ll say I did the right thing when you see what it is.

Paul said that Monday 20th was a bit of a tall order as we’ll have to do new screen shots to show the new feature, and I conceded he was right and decided that’s what we’ll do.  He’ll be finishing the coding tomorrow (Sunday) which will give us time to test and document.

As an aside, I’m almost sorry I went with JVM1 now to manage all my products through a central location as I now feel SmartDD in conjunction with JROX JAM would have achieved the same thing, only better.  (Maybe it’s not too late to change my mind, I’ll have to think long and hard about that one though…)

Anyway, partly as a result of moving SmartDD v3, I’ve also decided to put the release date of AdSpurt back until the 6th November to give me and my new JV Manager time to contact some more partners before launch.

If you went for the CB Ad Rotator deal on AdSpurt, don’t worry, you’ll get it in a couple of days or so.  How does Tuesday sound?  🙂

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood



Hey Frank,

I’m really looking forward to the release of SmartDD v3. I hope all the delays and waiting are worth it.

I HIGHLY suggest that you switch to SmartDD and JROX JAM to show us an alternative to using JVM1 because that would give us another documented way to use SmartDD.

I’m really looking forward to the new features in SmartDD, especially the one that allows us to give away a product to build a list. That is the first step in building a business, building a list and everything we do in marketing should go towards making our list bigger.

Looking Forward To The New Release With Baited Breath!

Charles Burleigh

Hi Frank

The suspense is killing me now, roll on Thursday :O)

Would it be a bit too ambitious to hope that the new feature is subscription payments/membership feature!!!

I think maybe that would be asking a bit much though!

Cheers Frank

You’re a dark one, Frank.

Always hinting at goodies to come! Keeping us on tenterhooks with tales of new facilities and tempting us with promises of cool extras.

It’s almost enough to make me whip out my credit card without even reading your sales page on Thursday!

Oh wait, I don’t normally read your sales pages anyway, I just click on the buy button…..