Slide Up Ads Plugin

Update: The sale for Slide Up Ads is now LIVE.

There are THREE options for purchase

Option 1: Purchase for $27.00 INCLUDING a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

Buy now

Option 2: Join the membership and get this plugin + the developer licence, and a pile of other plugins too. Only $20/month and at least 2 new products are added each month. This a really great deal and much better than buying individual plugins as I release them.

Option 3: Join the membership and get Private Label Rights (PLR) to this plugin (April release). You get to rebrand it and call it your own. For the next 48 hours I've temporarily reduced the price to just $20/month. This is the perfect time to join as May's plugin gets added on or around the 7th, so you'll get two plugins for your first month's membership.

My licencing restrictions for are VERY relaxed and you can even give the plugins away as list builders if you wish to.

Many people are members of both AND too and so enjoy the benefits of both memberships.

You can do the same thing and join both memberships and so get a nice little pile of very cool plugins, plus get access to new products as I release them, plus start building your own collection of products you can rebrand and sell (or give away) as your own.


Here on my blog you’ve almost certainly noticed the Slide Up ad at the bottom of the screen and maybe even used it to become a subscriber – it’s a fixture here and there’s a very good reason for that.

Here are some examples from the supplied PSDs. You can easily amend the background colours by use of a slider to give the hue you require, and you can change the icons/graphics by adding any one of the thousands of free icons available or your own images.




You may be VERY surprised to know that when I first introduced it, then my subscriber sign-up rate increased by 249% in the first week.

By doing absolutely nothing extra to my blog other than installing this little tool, then since then I’ve dramatically increased the number of subscribers.

Here’s the feature set.

  • 79 pre-defined templates for the slide-ups
  • All Photoshop PSDs are supplied for all templates
  • Also included are no-text PNGs for use with any graphics editor
  • An easy to understand method of creating your own templates
  • An optional colour picker if you want a plain background slide-up
  • Autoresponder sign up code parsing and reformatting
  • Comprehensive rules system that governs when and how often the ad shows
  • THREE ways of visitors closing the ad, selectable by you
  • Two different “Content Types” for the ad – autoresponder and link/HTML
  • Finally, a way to reset the ad when you create a new one

I have proven beyond any measure of a doubt that putting a slide-up ad on my blog increased my mailing list sign-ups by 249% in the first week of use. I know that sounds incredible, but it’s something that just can’t be ignored.

My stats for the 12 months leading up to the installation of the script were for approximately every 17 visitors, someone subscribed. I get a lot of repeat visitors who are already subscribed, so I’ve been okay with that figure of 17-1 and I thought it was pretty good for a blog.

But it turns out I was WRONG. Big time wrong.

By using a slide-up I immediately pushed that number up to nearly 6-1.

After a week of use I found I was getting a new subscriber for every 6 or 7 visitors – that’s just under 2.5 times more subscribers for the SAME amount of visitors.

You have GOT to take notice of results like those, and it’s been one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. (That was when I then had my own bigger, better, Slide Up Ads plugin created.)

If you see the same kind of results as I did (and why not?) then for every 10 new subscribers you’ve been picking up from visitors to your sites, then suddenly you can push that number up to 25 from the same amount of visitors just by using this plugin.

Considering the industry standard rate that a subscriber to your mailing list can mean up to a dollar a month in income, then you have to ask yourself just what are you losing by not using it?

The special for the Slide Up Ads plugin will close without notice and is just $10…

The nearest competing product to it sells for $47, so this is a real bargain.

It’s worth a lot more to you than that though when you put it to good use.

Here’s a screen shot of part of the admin panel:-

Slide Up Ads Settings
And a picture of the drop-down rules:-

Slide Up Ad Rules

The colour picker if you’re using a plain background:-

Slide Up Ads Colour Picker

And the buttons that can be added to the slide up ad:-

Slide Up Ad Buttons

Note in that last image that there’s the usual X (which always appears on the ad), an optional minimise button which will allow the visitors to close the ad for a period you decide, and also an optional power button which will close the ad permanently until you use the “Reset Viewers” check box on the admin panel settings page.

That’s a plenty big plugin spec. 😉


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Edward Jerome

Hi Frank!

I just purchased this PG Slide Up Ads Plugin. I think this Plugin will work great for the 5 people that will visit my sites on their Desktop or Laptop computers.

But I am always thinking about all my iPhone and iPad visitors, since Mobile Browsing is becoming so much more popular these days. (Especially if they are using the Dolphin Mobile Browser. LOL)

If you could figure out a way to make this PG Slide Up Ads Plugin more “Responsive” and then re-release it, I would purchase it once again. 🙂

In fact, I would purchase all your older Plugins once again, if you made them all more “Responsive” and re-released them again.

Who knows, maybe you could invent an entirely new niche and become the Leading Provider of “Responsive” Plugins. LOL

Make it a great day!

Frank Haywood

Hi Edward,

Okay, I get it. 😉

I’ll see what can be done to make them responsive, some will be easier than others. But unless there are major revisions to any plugins (a lot of work), you’ll get the update included as part of your original purchase. In other words, all minor revisions, 1.x.x are included and it’s only when we go to 2.x.x that you’ll need to buy the new version. 🙂


Geoff Gastric Band

Hi Frank
I already have your original version on my Blogs, do I need to buy this new version or is this just a revamp with a few more images to use ?

Frank Haywood

Hi Geoff,

It’s worth going to your personal download page and getting this latest zip simply because it contains the new licencing, and I also have a feeling that you might not have the additional templates I added after release.


Geoff Lord

Hi Frank

Thanks for the update. however, where do I find “My” download page ? I have purchased most of your plug ins but don’t know where to find a page to get “My” purchase updated versions.

Frank Haywood

Hi Geoff,

I’ve just re-sent your order email to both of your current email addresses that I know of. The one to Yahoo might get filtered on their network, but hopefully your other email address should work fine. 🙂


Geoff Lord

Thanks Frank. received the link. As usual your service is greatly appreciated.