Pump Me For 8 Weeks

This is a follow on from yesterday.

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting to a new friend on Skype, and I slowly realised he was pumping me for information.   I’m 99% sure it wasn’t intentional. 😉

After an hour or so, he said “Oh, I wish I’d recorded all this!”

“But you’ve been taking notes, right?”


That was when I had this urge I felt a couple of years ago.   At the time I said I’d probably never do it again as it’s so time consuming, but here we are again.

That urge is to help people directly and personally.

So what I’ve decided to do is to put aside January and February and make myself available for you. You can call me almost any time you like (as long as I’m not asleep) on Skype.

You can then ask me any questions you like about Internet Marketing, Product Creation, Autoresponders – anything that will get you to the point where you create and launch your first product if you haven’t already done so.

I’ll tell you now (believe me or not) YOU can create a brand new product in a couple of days, even in just a few hours, and have the web site up and ready for sales within a week EASILY once you know what you’re doing.

To put this into perspective, a couple of years ago, I did an exercise called “Seven Products In Seven Days”.  I failed as I only got four products created (including web sites, sales pages, autoresponder, etc), but I still saw it as a huge success.  At the end of it I was shattered – but I proved to myself and to everybody else how quickly you can get things done when you really try.

And of course I had four new products, two of which I sold, and gave the others away as list builders.  I’ve since decommissioned or reworked them into other products as bonuses.

You can do this kind of thing too.   Yes you need a few technical skills, but it’s nothing that isn’t learnable by most people.  Like the saying goes “If you can program a VCR, you can do this.”  (Yes, I know VCRs have been replaced by DVRs and that they’re a lot easier to use, but you get my drift.)

The technical stuff is NOT that hard, and you can always outsource it if necessary.

But what IS hard is the marketing bit, the grabbing of people’s attention, the build up of excitement, the ability to get people to do what you ask them to do.  Of course there are ways of dealing with everything, but if you don’t know where to start, you never will.

What I did was I bought my way in.   I paid some experienced marketers to help me through the beginning.  In fact I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in learning since I got started four years ago.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for tens of thousands of dollars, or even the couple of grand one of my friends suggested to me, or even the grand he then backed off to.

You can afford this, I’ve priced it VERY low.

The “catch” (if you can call it that) is I’m only going to take a few people.   Obviously I can’t take on 500 people and talk to each of them whenever they need, but I can take on you and 9 other people without breaking a sweat.

I want to make something clear though.  This is NOT coaching.  This is more like consultancy, where you ask me and I’ll tell you.

Much better really when you stop to think about it.

However, having said that…   If you were to ask me what the first steps you needed to take were, I’d tell you.  And if you then asked me to give you some tasks and instruction to get you going, I’d do that too.   😉

The focus of this consultancy is on product creation, list building, copywriting, how to approach potential JV partners, autoresponders and so on, which is where I have my skill set.  For instance it’s no use asking me about CPA or Forex as I have no experience in those areas.

If you want in, then it’s first come first served.  Remember I’m putting aside two whole months of my time just to speak to you personally.  Yes, I’ll give you tasks if that’s what you need of me, and I can also provide learning or at least point you in the right direction.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve put together a very special bonus.  I’ve made arrangements that the first 10 people will get 12 months access to a brand new and excellent autoresponder service – 10,000 leads per month.  (I’ll be flipping all my mailing lists to this new service in the new year.)

The value of this alone is $180.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I’m also throwing in all my products released so far and up to 28th February 2010.  The value of that bonus is worth more than $300.

In all that’s a REAL $480 worth of bonuses at least, that’s not some figure based on products that aren’t being sold – we’ve all seen that going on, right?

If you want all of this, then the first 10 people can get my personal attention for 8 weeks from January 4 through February 28, 2010 for a mind-bogglingly low price of… [EDIT]

I’ll tell you tomorrow at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST).

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank,
Am picking my Mother from the airport at 2.25 pm tomorrow but I will have my BlackBerry with me.
Looking forward to your email.

Frank Haywood

@John Sykes:

I’m looking forward to talking with you, and I already know what I want to talk about first. 😉


Hey Frank,
I think this is exactly what I need to get focused on just one or two of my ideas, instead of trying to think of all 100 at the same time 🙂

please take me!

Frank Haywood


Been there, done that. When you put your mind to it there’s no end to the possibilities.

The problem is, there are too many, and as you’ve found you want to do them all. I’m currently trying to calm down the friend I mentioned in this blog post and get him focussed on just the one project which I know will earn him a regular income. But I’ve also let in a second project where a few trials and tests can take place to see if its viable.

Focus on one project and seeing it through to completion is absolutely the key. When it’s done *then* you can allow yourself to move onto the next one.


Hi Frank

Love the hook and getting people chomping at the bit ( LOL ) now your wondering WHY take me ?? — Hummm let me think — Ok ( Bulb lights up ) I have been researching setting up a biz online for quite a while now — but have hit a few stumbling blocks and conflicting info from all over — BUT all your info has been straight from the hip no B S and this has helped me progress — so how would you like the experience of taking a newbie on and moulding him into a Frank Junior ?? and watch him grow then see him help others grow by passing on the experience — ( ok crawling bit over LOL ) now the interesting bit — I consider myself a quick learner — i have a site already that is semi dormant that i can use — hosted and running — all it needs is the right products and were off — then you can use me as a guinea pig for this project and use my testimonials to boost yourself up there — so pretty please pick me – Rick in the U K

look forward to the e-mail at 3pm ( G M T ) will pull it as soon as i can as in meeting at that time

Frank Haywood


I’d be delighted. Your enthusiasm is great, and you’ll need plenty of that to get you up and running quickly. Hold that in your core as you’ll need it in the dark times when you think nothing is happening and everybody hates you. 😉

Everybody goes through that period, and not everybody makes it out the other side. Something like 60%+ of newbies give up within 6 months. (I think, I’d have to look up the figures.)

But the rewards are great, and anybody that makes it will tell you the freedom you get is breathtaking and liberating and something you’ll never give up.


I bought the help desk software after following a link Harvey Segal site and installed link cloaker. Both installed flawlessly. I’m sort in a funk and appreciate your style. Looking forward to joining you for 8 week or 8 years

Frank Haywood

@Ron Mahon:

I’ve just taken a look at your site. I’m *sure* we’ll get on just fine.


Hi Frank,

Well I have been following you for at least two years so far and you have introduced me to many new ventures and endless possibilities… Once again you are putting yourself above those competitors of yours who push their products and services like ‘used car salesmen’.

I am very interested in this “brand new and excellent autoresponder service – 10,000 leads per month.”! Can you elaborate on this any further? List building is an area I haven’t touched YET! but am now starting the ground work to build my lists and this sounds like a great start… but don’t really want to wait until next year!!…any chance of an early release?

Will not be reading your email when it arrives, as it will be 2am ish! but certainly will look out for it the next day….

Keep up the great work.

Frank Haywood


I just have to put things right here with the autoreponder as it may have come across incorrectly – my wife thinks it has, and I agree. You don’t get 10,000 leads with the autoresponder service. You can store up to 10,000 leads in the system is what I mean. You still have to gather them yourself.

For instance, Aweber allow 500 leads for $20 per month, and is the service I curently use. Well I’ve now found one that has just as good deliverability (this is EVERYTHING in an autoresponder service) but allows you to store 10,000 leads for $15 per month. And coming soon with that service is the ability to segment leads in a meaningful way. For instance say you send a mailing out and 20% of your subscribers open it or click through. You can then send a second email out to the 80% that didn’t open it or click through. Very useful.

If some service tells you that they’ll supply you with 10,000 email addresses per month, RUN! They’re a spam outfit and you’ll end up in deep doo-dah when you’re caught by the authorities. Just don’t ever be tempted.

The service I’m now recommending to everybody can be found here.