Bernie Perry

Thanks Frank … good stuff I didn’t know about Webmail.

I had been using Horde for a very good reason … it’s the first one on the left! 🙂 And it’s a stretch to say I “use” it … I generally have all website mail forwarded to my main Outlook account. Looking forward to what you have to say about “multiple email accounts and (how to) keep everything in one neat place”


loving you info thank you.

Gee Frank,
This series is a real eye opener and I can already see how it’s going to change my thinking and practice with email considerably.
Many thanks for your efforts. Very much appreciated!

Hamant Keval

Hi Frank

Great stuff
Learnt a few golden nuggets for sure.

I already knew how to set up email accounts but always used Outlook to add all my incoming and outgoing email through Outlook, but Outlook for the Mac is quite buggy.
What i did not know was the way to log into my email with my domain http://www.Domainname:2095

Thanks again

Hamant Keval

Hi Frank –
On the odd occasion when I used web mail – you know I never used roundcube before – always horde.

Roundcube is 100 times better interface than the other 2

You live and learn 🙂

Thanks Frank

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the share!
Is there a way to change the email password without going through the cPanel?

BRgds, Michael

Thanks, Frank, very helpful!