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Yesterday I said I’d let you know how I knew that Toys R Us were selling the jumperoo (one of my target toys) at the same price as Amazon. I didn’t go trawling through lots of sites to find that out, which is what most people end up doing.

For me it was easy.

One of my developer partners, Paul, has been working on and has almost completed a price comparison routine.

We have it working with Amazon UK, Amazon US, and Affiliate Window (AW).

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t until a few days ago), Affiliate Window have a lot (most?) of the big UK toys gifts and gadgets sites on their books. So if you sign up to Affiliate Window, you get access to most of the main sites that are running affiliate schemes.

Toys R Us use Affiliate Window for their affiliate scheme.

So Paul now has a panel working where you enter your affiliate details with Amazon and AW, and then create a data object called a Comparison. You then search for your keyword (in my case jumperoo) and it goes off and searches the merchants who stock products with jumperoo in them.

It then returns the price of each one, and you can then click the ones you’re interested in to add them to your comparison.


Once you’ve added them to your comparison, they’re clickable and have your affiliate link embedded inside them.

You can then add products from another affiliate source. As I said, we currently have Amazon UK, Amazon US and Affiliate Window working. You can also add merchants who don’t stock the item at all and have them show in your comparison, again with your affiliate link embedded to the merchants home page.


So even if a visitor to your site decided to click through to one of the out of stock merchants, you’re still cookieing them, and if they decide to buy something else while on that site, you get to earn a commission for it.

BTW, in that second image, notice that Amazon have now dropped their price by 50p since yesterday. That’s very slick! I reckon amazon must monitor all competitor prices and drop theirs automatically (based on internal rules in their system) to always be the lowest price, even if only by a few pence.

My guess is their system noticed that Toys R Us had dropped their price to match Amazon, so the Amazon system reduced it by a further 50p to remain at the top on price comparison sites. Wow! I can’t imagine for a moment there would be any human intervention there at all given the huge amounts of products Amazon hold.


So the next step is to generate the code to insert on your site to pull the daily changes to prices.

Paul has templated this so that you can create your own template for the snippet of code to match the rest of your site. Isn’t that REALLY cool?

He’s created a default one to use out of the box, and it currently looks like this:-


It’s all very easy to use.

At the moment it’s an almost fully working version and I wanted Paul to let me do a video showing you how it works but he won’t let me do that until he has everything working correctly. He’s nearly there, and as soon as he’s dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, I’m going to install the comparison code snippet on my jumperoo site and unveil it.

So how important are price comparisons on your IPK site? Or any affiliate site for that matter?

As I said yesterday, I believe they’re absolutely vital.

They earn you trust and they earn you gratitude. You’re saving time and trouble for the person doing the searching for the product, and time is one the thing that most of us don’t have enough of.

So if you can supply useful information on the product, plus a list of locations and prices for people to buy, they’ll trust you and be grateful.

I believe that if someone has had a good experience with one of your IPK sites then they’ll likely be interested in your other sites too. This is where you benefit from having toy suggestions and links to your other sites.

Let’s also not forget the SEO side effect of having changing prices on your site. The search engines will love it, and that little change each day or every few days will register.

Okay, where am I going with this?

In the next day or so when we know it’s all working correctly, I’m going to ask a few people to try the comparison out for themselves as a trial.

Would you like to be one of the triallists?

When it all goes live, the service itself will be a monthly subscription. Your IPK site will more than pay for the subscription so it’s nothing to worry about!

It’s like… er… you need an autoresponder service right? The cost doesn’t matter if it makes you money.

So if your site was making $50 / month and adding price comparisons improved the performance by 50% to $75 / month, and it cost you $5 for the automated comparison, the $5 is irrelevant isn’t it?

Don’t worry, it won’t be $5 per comparison!

You know me. Value for money is what you get.

So if you’re interested in this service (I would be if someone else was offering it to me!) let me know. Leave a comment.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Nathan Briggs

Hey Frank, I’d love to test it for you.

Frank Haywood

Hi Nathan,

You’re on. I have your email address, and as soon as I can I’ll get back to you with the details.


Hi Frank;

Yup – well up for this. I’ve got around 20 sites going and they’re doing ok 🙂

btw – want to say thanks to you as well for sending me an email about Alex jeffreys coaching program. I’ve joined up and have to say he’s certainly delivering on his promise.


Wow! This is great…I’d love to test this for you. Pretty amazing stuff.

Patrick Donovan


Perfect timing. I’m taking the next four days “off” and will be able to find plenty of time to explore the comparison functionality thoroughly and provide feedback to you.

Best Wishes,


I would like to try this as well. I have several sites up and running and this would be a great feature to increase commissions and earning as well as providing a service to my visitors.

Please add me to the trail list.

Yes Frank!

Sounds like another winner!

Please include me!



Darron Hodgkinson

Hi Frank

I’m up for trying this too if you still need more testing. I have both Amazon and AW accounts.

Are you likely to add CJ and Paydotcom?



Roy Tebbenham

Hey Frank ..that’s a cool utility !!

Put me down for testing it out please, I have a few sites of my own to try it on…ideal time as I am completely re-vamping them.

I am sure most people I mentor will be interested in it when the final copy is released.



Ernie Hodge

Hi Frank,

If you still don’t have enough testers throw my name in the mix. I only have three sites up but have another almost ready and ten more product sites on the burner.



Alexis Kenne

Hi Frank,

I’m very much interested. I have not yet buy IPK but i have a review site and i think it can also use for reviews.
Please add me in your list.

Kind Regards!

Hey Frank

This looks great.

WIll this work with other platforms such as wordpress and will you be adding other networks. We have numerous review sites and this tool will be a great addition and increase the user experience.



Geoff Robertson@Self Improvement

Hi Frank,

I am encouraged by your prolific product development. You really do practice what you preach, so to speak.

I would love to help you out with testing but it looks like you have enough helpers for now. With my annual leave approaching I will be getting into IPK real soon.

If you have Jan’s email (comment # 7), would you please pass on to her that his sitemap.html page is screwed up. The big G would have trouble following most links in it and fixing it will help his SEO.

Cheers as always, Geoff

Hi Frank, sounds like a great tool. Am very interested in the service and would love to be on your beta testers. I’m sure it will be up to the standard of your other great scripts 🙂


Hi Frank

I would be most keen to test your Price Comparison script.


James Davies


It is very encouraging to see that you are making headway with IPK! I have worked on my site everyday since signing up and now have almost twenty products listed. I don’t seem to be having as good luck as you with rankings, but every day I do a little tweaking and I am sure it will come. This new trick could be just what I am looking for. I will be happy to work with on testing from the USA as I am dedicated to working on nothing but IPK for the rest of the year!

My best regards to you and Thanks for your continued good information!

Jim Davies – The Web Professor

Stan Craigie

Abosolutely Frank. If you still need testers that is, I agree that it is a vital part of this sort of site.
Please count me in.


I would be VERY interested in being a ‘trialist’ for that PRICE COMPARISON software you are developing. I am getting ready to launch several IPK sites by end of week. Its a great idea!

You have found the missing piece of the puzzle and completed the picture. This is a great leap forward!


Hello Frank,

I’m running IPK with 10+ sites and it’s starting to work. 3 orders after being online for about 2 weeks.

I would be interested in your price comparison script for US sellers.



Hi Frank,
1. my first month with IPK I made around $50.
2. first week December very slow but last night 3 orders,
3. Will the program work for the US market and if so, I’m honored to be a tester…….


How much support do you think your Comparison script will eventually have for us in USA? You mentioned Toys R Us (UK) uses Affiliate Window but in the US, Toys R Us uses LinkShare as does WalMart. Any possibility of supporting LinkShare affiliates? Could you possibly use their (WalMart & ToysRUs) RSS feeds?


I forgot to thank you in my previous comment for recommending IPK. I’ve put up 6 sites since the day before Thanksgiving and by using Adwords I’ve already made some good Xmas spending money from Amazon. I still need to come up with a good hub website. I guess I’ll wind up using the same IPK template as my other sites. I guess I will also join TWL at some point so that I can get better rankings and drop my PPC spending.

Thanks again & Merry Christmas!
Greg R

Hi Frank,

I would certainly be interested in joining your Beta Tester program for this Price Comparison widget if there are still vacancies.


Mark Benjamin

Hi Frank,

Very pleased to see you’re doing so well with your IPK site. I have many plans for using IPK, I feel the potential for it goes way beyond the initial idea.

I have been wanting to do price comparisons for a long time now – I already have a shopping site but implementing a system has been far too labour intensive and expensive. This looks the perfect answer so I would love to try it out, I’ll probably become addicted anyway.

Affiliate Window is the ideal affiliate network to use for this in the UK. As you correctly state, they have most of the big names on their books and a lot of companies are going over to them. They are also one of the most efficient networks.

Keep up your excellent blog and best regards,


derek Chambers

Hi Frank

as you know i have a couple of IPK sites and have made around £30 so nfra in a month

I am very kean and very interested in testing this for you (and have time)



I’m interested in testing

Stuart Clapham

Hi Frank

Hope I’m not too late as I also would like to join your Beta Testing Programme.

In response to another thread, I have built my first IPK site using XsitePro and managed to get linked on the first page in Google within a week (some of your contributors had concerns that maybe Google didn’t like it too much). I did use the Sitemaps feature, so maybe this helped…or maybe I just got lucky!

Thanks for all the great info.



Frank, you are dead on about the seo advantages of price comparison. This looks awesome. I would be interested in trying this out for you. If given the chance I will give it a try and provide any and all feedback you need. Let me know when you get things ready.

derek Chambers

I have used xsitepro for muyy sites and after a month have made around £35 not a fortune but hopefully going to increase

one sample is

They seem to work just as well as sites done in dreamweaver, not yet tried wordpress but might do that next


As long as you’re not talking about a $50 a month subscription, like some *other* feed-based services, I’d be interested in this.

Frank Haywood


That’s an interesting comment. Any examples?


Edit: Thanks for the info!