PLR Software Of Your Own

I passionately believe that the best online business model is selling software.

That’s because the perceived value of software compared to say an ebook is far higher.

Well, after a few false starts, it looks like the new software PLR membership I’ve created for you is just about ready to rock and roll.

The new site has been created to give you a chance to fast track your business in 2010.

The idea is simple.  In order to build a business you need products, and a good way of getting those together is to use private label rights material you can put your name on and call your own.

It cuts down on your creation time and makes it easy to get yourself up and running.  You may even already be doing this with PLR ebooks, and that’s okay…  But there’s a bit of a downside to ebooks.

You’ve probably seen that everybody and his dog are now selling the same ebooks with their own name on.  They’re not even bothering to change the title, which is a basic mistake in itself.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

I know that having your own source of software you can sell is MUCH better.

Software has a far higher perceived value than an ebook, but of course getting hold if it is the problem.  And even when you can get hold of it, you always end up buying it “as-is” with no warranty or support.  I’ve found that in nearly every case I’ve bought PLR software, I’ve had to scrap it simply because the software was never designed to be released as PLR in the first place.

What that’s meant to me is it’s been extremely difficult to take PLR software and call it my own.  It can cost a lot of money to take most PLR software and change even the title of it.  I know that because I’ve been there, and I’m sure lots of other people have too.

So in the end most people go with PLR ebooks simply because there isn’t a decent regular source of PLR software that they can easily adapt and call their own.

Until now.

Opening tomorrow at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) is my new PLR software membership site.

This is a joint venture between myself and a group of developers.

Each product we create is specially put together with its final use as PLR kept firmly in mind.  This means it’s written from the start with the idea of keeping it easy to edit either by the use of a language file, or if its a WordPress plugin, by editing a bit of text in the plugin.

It’s dead simple, and we show you how in the members area.

The product you get each month comes usually as either an untitled WordPress plugin or PHP script, plus a sales page design and sales copy, plus some basic documentation.  All you have to do is think up a product name and edit the bundle to reflect that new name.

Hey presto!  One brand new never-before-seen product, and it’s all yours to pretty much do with as you please.

We’ve even decided to make it effectively unrestricted PLR.  In fact there are just two very reasonable restrictions as to what you can do with the software you get from us.

#1 – You can’t sell or offer PLR to any of them.
#2 – You can’t offer them as part of a mass product membership, paid or otherwise.

The reason is simple – that’s what WE do.

Okay, I think that’s enough for now.  I’ll send you another email tomorrow about the membership site, plus some ideas as to what you can do with your new PLR software, so look out for that.

Then at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) tomorrow, I’ll send you the link where you can join.

Which reminds me…

As one of my subscribers you’re going to get the lowest price available locked in for life, but only if you’re one of the lucky 100 to get in.

What’s more, as I open up new groups within the membership, you’ll have the chance to join those new groups at the locked in price you get tomorrow.

NO-ONE else will get that, and they’ll end up paying double what you will.

It’s just for you IF you get inside in time.  I fully expect the site to be oversubscribed.


More tomorrow, or you can leave a comment if you want to squeeze a little bit more out of me.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood



I can’t wait to see the offerings you have. Software is definitely the way to go for online success, especially when it makes online tasks easier.

Stan Craigie

Hi Frank

This has to be a first. Supported PLR software is unheard of, at least by me. Like yourself I’ve tried some in the past and given up on it. I suspect there’ll be a long queue tomorrow. Looks like I’ll have to stay up late!
I believe you’ve opened up a whole new frontier in IM.


Howard Borges

Hi Frank!

Well, this is about the best opportunity to selling my own software in the near future, especially since I have just as good as “Zero” knowledge of Programming or Developing Software… Have some great ideas, but I will just have to wait and see what you offer…

If its anything like what you have developed until now or better, then you will practically own a Online Monopoly.

Hope to be one of your first “Testers” and if you should simply need an Honest, professional Review from a very normal Internet Marketer, then I´d be more than glad to be a part of it.

Keep up the Great Work and hope to hear from you soon…

Regards from Munich, Germany

Howard Borges

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

As a software developer myself I agree 100%, I’ve written easy to use templates to no avail, yet I write a software program that does the same thing and people go nuts.


Hamant Keval

Hi Frank

Thanks for the email –

Looks like this is going to be a fantastic offer to have another online business set up and profiting from.
I love the idea that the whole process was with the PLR branding made easier from the get go.
The fact that the software will also be supported is a huge plus.
Thanks and looking forward
Take care

Robert Eilers

I am looking forward to the launch of your newest site. This is going to be an awesome opportunity. Only problem is I’ll still be at my j-o-b still. Darn it, can’t wait to not have that anymore.

Toni Shrader

I am a new member of your newsletter and site…you seem to be trustworthy and sincere in wanting to help online business owners.

I am looking forward to see what you have to offer with your software membership. Software is -as you stated-a proven product with real value. Hope you will price this membership site so that a “newbie” like myself with no online income as of yet will be able to take you up on the offer!

Hi Frank, I do sell PLR and resell rights ebooks. Well so far so good,
I don’t sell software much as some PLR or open source software
requires quite a bit to develop (need source code editor and
a compiler to recompile the source code and form the product)
that’s why I am reluctant to PLR software..

Anyway, let’s keep in touch and see if we can have
a future JV together.

Well this sounds like a good thing. I should know because like Frank said PLR software in the main has not been “non programmer” friendly because it never had PLR as its end goal – and requires more effort and money. I am glad you do not want to make named products as most people are like sheep, they leave plr products as they are – 100% done for you is actually not in anyones’ best interest.

hi Frank

sounds like a recipe for success to me. I like you have tried the PLR software re-writing options on several deals and as you say most of them dont exactly do what they say they will on box.

I look forward to learning more.

geoff lord

Frank Haywood

Some great comments here, clearly you get it.

Just one bit of feedback though. Most of the software I’ll be providing will either be standalone PHP scripts with a language file or WordPress plugins. ie, text files that you can edit with a text editor to add your details or change the wording.

No special tools or compilation necessary. 😉


Hi Frank,

I, too, have tried the PLR software. Easy enough to change the packaging, but unless you are a coder(and I’m not), trying to change anything else ‘Wrecks the train!’

I am glad to see that you have come up with out with a working alternative.

I’ll have to miss the launch, as I have a show to do at the same time. But, I’ll have my finger on the trigger to get over there as soon as it’s over.

Thanks for offering this great service!

Jim Berry

Hi Frank,

Sorry, maybe i’ve got the time wrong but it’s now 18:40 GMT and I havent seen any email as yet ?

Best regards


Frank, the idea of profiding PLR software that’s designed to be easily rebrandable is really great.

I’m sure that your PLR products are good.

But I’m really surprised by the one advertised on the sales page.
Feeding hidden cookies from foreign websites to all visitors of your own website is a trick that has been well known for years as “cookie stuffing”, and that’s not “a little bit black-hat”.
That’s so much black-hat that it falls in the malware and illegal activity categories.
You’re sure to have serious problems with your ISP, your registrar, Google, and the owners of the affiliate programs when you’re caught doing that.
That’s basically an attempt to steal affiliate commissions. If the fact that it’s really unethical is not a sufficient reason not to do it, then you should know that it can get you in serious trouble. Charges can include “racketeering” and “violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act”.
Just google a bit on “cookie stuffing”. And see how ebay looks at it:

Frank Haywood


The world can often be looked at in shades of grey rather than black and white. The same is true of this first product.

Cookie stuffing is where an affiliate drops hundreds of cookies on a visitors PC. We can all see how a merchant might get upset about that as they don’t get a backlink to their site, and the prospect that’s been cookied may well have bought anyway.

But writing a review of a product, then quietly dropping the cookie for it in the background… I can’t see any merchant complaining about that. And morally I don’t see a problem with it either. All you’re doing is ensuring that the person who’s just read your review and is off to the merchant to buy will earn you an affiliate commission for the time you’ve taken to write the review. Some people don’t like the idea of that though, and will go to lengths to not click your plain affiliate link, so by cookieing them in the background, you get to ethically earn a commission off the work you’ve done.

IF you choose to adopt the method where you stuff 80 cookies on someone’s machine, then that’s another matter.

But this is all debatable. Supplying an easy to use method of dropping cookies is all you’d be doing – people can still do it manually without the plugin. How people choose to use it is up to them, and people like stuff that’s black hat… And what we want to provide are products that are likely to be purchased.

You know that slogan? “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Same principle.


Hi Frank,
I dont see any links to the software PLR membership. Is the project going ahead or discontinued? Let me know.

Frank Haywood

Hi Sheruz,

Yes the site went live in January. We’re shortly going to close the doors for a while to redesign the site and build a better membership script as it just doesn’t do what we need it to. If you want to get in at $27 before we raise the price, you can do so here:-


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This is very interesting and I can’t wait to try your software PLR membership.I have learned a significant amount of useful information from your post. Thanks!

Private Label

I agree 1,000,000% that you have to make PLR material your own. Otherwise, it will just be like everyone else. Unfortunately, many people are too lazy to change the simplest of things or try to use a content spinner that makes the material totally worthless.