PLR Code Mine Is LIVE

This is incredibly exciting…  Your new source for PLR software is now LIVE!

Membership numbers are restricted and for just 100 people, as my thank you for being a subscriber, the price is a rock bottom…

Well, you can see for yourself here:-

-Frank Haywood


[EDIT] Now closed at this price.  Sorry folks.  Watch out for when we re-open at $27 for a short time.

If you’ve had a problem registering, check your email as I think I’ve caught everybody now and emailed a personal registration link.  The cause of the problem itself is now fixed.  If you haven’t had a personal email from me and you’ve been to PayPal, don’t panic, you’re in!

If you’re getting redirected back to the sales page after logging in, it seems to be a bug in the membership software we’re using.  You ARE logged in.  Just go back to the previous page and choose one of the protected pages.


Posted by Frank Haywood


Sounds great Frank but after payment got redirected to a 404: Not Found and have received no emails from you 🙁

Frank Haywood


Oh sod it. The joys of new software. I’ve just taken a look and everybody is showing as “incomplete registration”.


Watch this space…

Same thing, of course, but I got my Paypal email receipt and the redirect URL has an ID code that seems valid, too.

Earned those beers, Frank!

Ben P

Frank Haywood

Right! It looks like I’ve fixed it. I’ve emailed everybody manually (18 as I write this) with their activation link, so it should all work okay.

Fingers crossed…

Frank Graham

@Frank Haywood: I did not get anything

Frank Haywood

@Frank Graham:

There’s nothing to get. Just go back to the pages you raised all the support tickets on and read the replies. You *did* bookmark them right?

Hi Frank,
I’m about to sign-up but one thing I think you don’t make clear on the sales page and hope you can clarify so it doesn’t put any doubt on other people like I have now:

You say:
“we intend to grow this membership by adding additional groups of members. Each new group will get a different ‘piece’ of software each month.”

So does that imply that signing-up today we only get into one group with only ONE piece of software?


Frank Haywood

The short answer is “yes” and look at it from a positive slant. We intend to keep each group to a reasonable size so that no-one suffers as a result. If we allowed an unlimited number of members and offered all of them a few items of software each month, people would soon get fed up.

By keeping it small you benefit from only having a relatively few people that will be looking to promote a similar item. The trick is to engage your brain and come up with a unique selling point for YOUR version. You can do it. 😉


Everyone except me 🙁

Didn’t receive the activation link Frank… (email address as per this comment)

Hi Frank,

Got registered just fine, but when I go to log in, it kicks me back to the sales letter.

More joy, eh?



I got the same result as Tom @750pm but once I registered and was sent to the sales page I scrolled to the bottom and clicked the Members link in the footer nav bar and it took me immediately inside the member site already signed in, welcoming me by name.

Great beta, Frank. Now about those pints of bitters…


OK I’ll give it a try, but concern remains that we are signing-up to pay monthly membership for just one software item.

What are the benefits to keep paying monthly apart from updates to bug fixes and maybe a new feature once in a while?

Sorry if I sound negative, but these are natural questions to ask IMHO that sales letter does not answer for me – and I am buyng right now anyway to give benefit of the doubt based on your previous reputation 🙂

Frank Haywood


Sorry, let’s clarify. You get a new item of software EVERY month. 😉

That’s what your $20 subscription is for.


I signed up and didn’t get an email either. I also got forwarded to the sales page.

Like Tom, when I try to login I get sent back to the main page. I did not receive an activation link, and looking at the comments above it looks like I should have.


Andrew Prussack

Just as Tom said, logging in kicks me back to the sales letter also. Is this an overall issue for everyone or only select members? Any update on this Frank?


Mark W. Bell

So for the first month we pay $20 and we are granted access to the YPN wordpress plugin only is that correct? tks

Hey, Frank,

I got in and was looking around the site. Not much there but it is in beta. Downloaded the first product but I do not see any installation materials or set up info. Wondering how we can sell this without telling people how to use it? Also, the graphics on the sales letter seem to be jpg graphics and I am not sure how to edit those to remove your text. The PSD grahics do not include headers and footers!

Looking forward to getting this whole business started and booming!


Donna Maher

Hey Frank,

I signed up, got registered and promptly got returned to the salesletter. If it wasn’t you (someone I trust implicitly) I’d have returned post haste to Paypal and gotten an immediate refund. But it IS you, and I know that something weird must have happened to the script… so along with the others, we’ll wait for you to get it fixed.

Anyway, it’s probably nearing your bedtime there, so I will *patiently* wait for you to get this dilemma remedied and allow me to log in and get my first PLR Code Mine product sometime tomorrow I’m guessing, since you need your beauty sleep!!

Bugger! I’ll say it for ya! All the best-laid plans of mice & men…. stuff happens!

Hugs & good cheer coming your direction,


Stan Craigie

To clarify Vince’s question even further, we sign up for a group at $20 a month for one piece of software and continue to pay $20 a month. Does that mean that, that group gets one piece of software each month and is the group defined by the type of software it gets? For instance the first offering is a WP plugin so, does this initial group always get WP plugins?


Frank Haywood

@Stan Craigie:

Some of the products will be plugins, some will be standalone scripts, and occasionally there *may* be a desktop app. Lots of web developers, only a few desktop coders, but we’re looking to fix that.

Which groups you decide to go for and which apps you get is pot luck. I’ve already had two people say to me that they’ll join every group I open.

If you’re making more than the $20 investment or it’s aiding you in list building through which you can then make more than the $20, it’s worth it.


Hi Frank

signed up last night still not received anything, emailed support but heard nothing.


I’m having the same issue of being routed back to the sales page after logging in. It’s always fun working the bugs out of a new site.



HI Frank,

Happy to support you and join the PLRCodemine site.

Bought the product and got confimation from Paypal, but haven’t recieved any follow up link, that gets me into the site itself so that I can download the software etc.



Frank Haywood

To everybody else having problems with accessing the site.

Okay here’s what to do after registration. Go to:-

and if you’re logged out, then log in using the box on the top right. You may be redirected back to the sales page after login. Just go back to the URL above and you should now find yourself logged in, but you’ll now be able to access:-

and download the first months product.

I’m sorry about that – it’s nearly driven us mad and we think it’s because we used WordPress to stick the sales page to the front of the blog and Wish List Member can’t handle it. That’s a guess. When the 100 slots are filled, we’ll take the site offline for 24 hours while we rejig everything to see if it can’t be fixed.



Hi Frank,

Add to your “to do” list: Instructions on how to configure & install the software. I’m wanting to test it out myself before trying to sell it, but don’t know where to start… and there is no instructions provided whatsoever. That really needs to be available to members who want to offer it.

Jim E

Frank Haywood

@Jim E:

Hi Jim,

We’ve left out the installation instructions because it’s a WordPress plugin and I don’t think a customer of yours would buy it without knowing what a WordPress plugin is and how to install one. I don’t know… I’ll think about that one. 😉

If you check the download page, you’ll see there’s also some instructions on how to rebrand and use it.


Steve Wheeler

Sorry Frank, I’m afraid you’ve lost me as a follower. I’ve trusted your judgement so far, and I think SmartDD is a great bit of software and I’ll continue to use it, but $240 a year seems a bit steep for what is being offered.

I was with you right up until I hit the PayPal button and saw it was a MONTHLY subscription. Sorry, not happy with that.

Frank Haywood

@Steve Wheeler:

$20 for a brand new item of PLR every month. So that’s TWELVE brand new never before seen products for $240 a year, including support and bug fixes…

Sorry Steve, I think you must have rocks in your head to turn that down. When we officially launch it, the price will be $27 for a short time, then $37, then finally $47, and even that’s cheap for what we’re offering. I’ve bought PLR for single products for $197 sold “as seen” with no bug fixes and no support.

I *really* think you ought to check out how much it would cost you to have a script developed, plus the site design, plus factor in the cost of how much it would cost you to have bugs fixed. It’s a lot more than $20 or even $500…



Got my first product up and running in less than a day so this is certainly a time saver. In the future, though, I think it would be great to have some of the JPG graphics without any text on them. This way they can be customized easier even if you dont have Photoshop. Since the JPG graphics are not layed anyway, having them with no text on them just makes sense.

How about some sage advice on driving traffic for our new products?

Frank Haywood


I’m on it. Watch out for plain JPEG versions to be added to the page later today. And in future I’ll make sure the text is removed from the JPEGs.

Traffic. I’ve got that covered too. I’ll make a post in the members area shortly, followed by a video or two. And… I have something else in the pipeline that will help you with traffic and list building.


Hi Frank,

Another cracking idea from you! I’m in & I’ve got a site up and and running.If you want to see what it looks like go to

I’m thinking I may have missed a trick in my haste to get my site up, though. I should probably have used a domain name to cover all future products and then listed this product in a sub-directory which is what, in hindsight, I think you were suggesting in your video entitled Editing Header and Footer Text in Photoshop.

Hey-ho, back to the drawing board.


Frank Haywood


I think you’re missing part of the header background graphic?

Taking out a domain for your product is always a good idea, and I would never recommend placing it in a sub-directory on another domain, although I know lots of people will want to do that. When you think about it, $9.69 for a domain from NameCheap isn’t going to break the bank is it? 😉

My challenge to you is to re-write the sales copy and if it’s a product that really appeals to you (some will more than others), also get a new site design done. You will then completely differentiate your product from any others.

And if you can write a short report to give away as a bonus or as an enticement to get a sign up to your mailing list, then so much the better.

It’s the little things you can add to the PLR you get that will make all the difference.


Frank Graham

I have emailed support 3 times. No reply. Still waiting. Thanks Frank

Frank Haywood

@Frank Graham:

I’ve answered BOTH your support tickets – go check. 😉


I’m reposting this, still waiting for a response on the script not being able to load a cookie on any but the first 30 or so pages/posts on a blog. My blog has over 1000 posts on it, and there is no way to cookie any current page. All that shows up in the “pages” option are the first 30 or so posts to the blog.

Is there a tweak that can be done to the script? If it is a limitation of the script, then it is a flawed product and just plain will not work on an established blog. Please let me know. I don’t understand the long delays in getting simple answers like this from you. I’m sure there is a reason, but at least let me know you are checking this out.

Jim Erskine

Frank Haywood

@Jim E:

Raise a support ticket and the developers will sort it out for you – that’s what they’re there for. 🙂



Thanks for the response. I did submit a ticket for this bug and the developer has responded to say that there will be a revised version of the script available later today.

Please take the following as constructive criticism… I do like this script and am looking forward to future releases, but I have to ask this.

I know that you admittedly rushed this version of the site to make it “live”, but I need to ask: Will future monthly products have been tested by “beta” testers before we see them — or will WE be the “testers”?

I ask this because it follows that if the products you are providing here have not been thoroughly tested, they are likely prone to bugs as this one was, and it will thus be very hard for folks to turn around and bring them to market. I sure wouldn’t want to deal with the tech support that would be involved in offering a buggy script to my customers. At the very least, I would wait a month or more until all the bugs had (hopefully) been uncovered and fixed before doing anything with the script.

So the question is: Will future releases be pre-tested, or is it caveat emptor?

Jim Erskine

Frank Haywood

@Jim E:

We *did* test thoroughly on a large blog with plenty of posts, and everything was okay. Then at the last minute we changed the appearance of the admin bit of the plugin to make it easier and more logical to use. We tested it again, and all looked well on the small test blog we used, not realising that the limitisation code we put in to speed execution (30 posts) had been left in place.

Egg on our face. Lesson learned. We hope it won’t happen again. Sorry.

You can now get the latest version of the plugin with the fix in place in the members area:-