Ninety Thousand Dollars Per Month – I Want This!

If you’re anything like me and you’re on lots and LOTS of mailing lists, then tomorrow you’ll be getting a flood of emails from people all promoting the same thing.

Me included, but then I’m an exception to the rule as I don’t jump on every launch bandwagon. I’m quite selective.

Last year there was a launch for a learning program which I looked at but decided I didn’t need right then and didn’t have time for as my attention was on other things.


I’m a little bit cynical. I normally like to wait a bit and see how things pan out.

Well it seems things really worked out for this programme, and I’ve heard nothing but good about it. People have earned tens of thousands through following it step by step. In fact I’ve been checking up with a few people I know and the reaction is typically “Sign up man! This is the best!”

In case you don’t know me that well, I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars in learning and I continue to do so.

The good thing is, this is NOT going to cost you or me thousands of dollars.

In fact given some of the launches I’ve seen, learning of this quality is usually for hundreds of dollars a month to stay with the programme. This is nowhere near it, and makes some of the supposed “low cost” learning programmes look expensive in comparison.

Apart from all the learning materials, they even throw in cPanel hosting as part of the deal, which would probably cost you $7-$10 / month. And then there’s the software and other tools they include too. It’s just silly and is making me feel very excited at the thought of it. Talk about over delivering.

So what is it I’m getting so worked up about?

Can’t tell you.


It all happens tomorrow (Tuesday 28th July), and as soon as I’m allowed to tell you, then I will.

Just to let you know, I’m in a bit of a privileged position and I’ve already paid for my first months membership, but I’m still not allowed access yet myself!

I can wait until tomorrow. Barely.

To sweeten the deal for you, I’ll be including some very nice bonuses if you decide to follow me on this one, including 90 days free access to my very own price comparison service currently running at $30 / month. And also a free copy of any of my other products – you choose.

More tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

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Sean Durrant

Hi Frank

I have been reading through your blog and couldn’t find a follow up to this.

Did you post one?

Send me the link if you did or if not what was the outcome?