Misleading Amazon Product Reviews

I don’t quite know how I ever missed this.  Amazon are lumping together product reviews for completely different products.  This renders the Amazon product reviews TOTALLY USELESS.

I noticed this while looking for a replacement monitor/TV for one of my sons and ended up here:-


Some of the reviews were saying one thing and others were saying the exact opposite. I couldn’t understand how the quality of the product could be so bad and so good at the same time.

THEN I noticed that there’s a link underneath the heading of each review that says it’s actually for a different product. In all the time I’ve used Amazon, I’ve never spotted that before, and someone had replied to a poor review of a 32″ screen with a comment saying something along the lines of “it’s only £79 for a 16 inch what do you expect?”

Total confusion is inevitable if everyone is talking about different products…

For the actual screen I was looking at there are TWO real reviews of the LED19913HDR not 53.

Shame on you Amazon.

-Frank Haywood

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Art Leslie

Now that’s really interesting. I haven’t seen that here on the U.S.,
dot com, side of Amazon and I usually read all the ones on the
products that I promote.

However, will be sure to remember that as I proofread in the future.

Thanks for the heads-up!