Magic Sticky Ads Plugin

Update: The sale for the Magic Sticky Ads plugin for WordPress is now live at just $17.00.

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Demo Site Here


The name comes from the style in which it presents your ads, they look just like the constantly changing stickies I seem to have peppered all over the wall next to my desk.



Set a custom image and the font styles.



Set your message and URL when clicked.



Add, remove and edit your ads.



Set the global options for ad display.



Override the global settings on individual posts and pages.



Set the cookie duration or disable during setup and test.



Here’s a quick bulleted list of the features.

o Developer licence (client / flipper).
o Create unlimited different sticky ads.
o 18 colourful sticky designs or upload your own images
o 6 different hand writing fonts for authentic looking stickies.
o Easy to use and self-explanatory interface.
o Global sticky display settings by home, pages, posts and category.
o Override on individual posts and pages.
o Add any text using the WYSIWYG editor.
o Set an optional URL for when ad clicked.
o Definable cookie length to control ad display.
o Optional CSS customisation for complete control.

You really can create cheerful, eye-grabbing ads with this plugin and I have a feeling it’s going to become one of my personal favourites.  🙂

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank,

really nice tool – is it also responsive or mobile friendly?


Frank Haywood

Hi Armin,

The test site looks beautiful on my phone. 🙂

And that reminds me, I forgot to put up the demo link so I’ll do that now.



Is this for pu only or can we use it on client sites?


Frank Haywood

Hi Dale,

Oops, I think I mentioned it in the email but forgot to post on here – I’ll update in a moment. It’s a client / flipper licence which is what I think most people want now. 🙂


Hi Frank,

wow, I’m excited, looks also beautiful on my phone. 🙂


Hi Frank

May I ask if there’s a time delay option with the plugin or do the stickies pop up at a default
time setting that can’t be changed?



Frank Haywood

Hi Walter,

There isn’t a time delay, but I like the idea and I should have thought of it myself. I’ll see what I can do. 😉


Hello Frank

Thanks for your reply.

If purchased today and you get around to amending the suggestions, will we get an updated version later?


Frank Haywood

Hi Walter,

Yes, I don’t *think* they’ll be big deals to integrate those changes.




Nice tool!

What is license?

Please advice me.

thank you,

Frank Haywood

Hi Matt,

It’s a client / flipper licence meaning you can install it on client sites and also on sites you intend to “flip” for profit. 🙂


Derek Taylor

Thanks Frank! This is a great tool that I’ve been waiting for. I have something similar that I’ve used in years past but it doesn’t have all of the features this one does so I didn’t use it much. I’m looking forward to using this and have lots of ideas on using it.

Derek Taylor

I forgot to ask if this plugin is part of the PluginGreat membership? I don’t see it in the list of files when I log in. Thanks!

Frank Haywood

Hi Derek,

You know what? I thought I’d added it to the members area first, but it looks like I forogt to update the protected content for members (again). Sorry about that, now fixed. 🙂


This thingie looks perfectly suited to do the job.
(1) Can we position the placement of the sticky-note across the length of the page?
(2) Can we make this appear after a certain set time the page is opened?
(3) I see that the sticky-note disappears even if we click anywhere outside it / anywhere on the page for that matter. Can we ensure that it disappears only when we click on the ‘cross’ on the sticky?
(4) Usage rights?
Let me know pl!

Frank Haywood

Hi Acer,

#1 – This version places the sticky note centrally on the page.

#2 – Not yet, but I like the idea of being able to do that. 😉

#3 – I’ll take a look at that as it shouldn’t be hard to do.

#4 – Client / flipper as that’s what we all like. 🙂


Peter Dennery

It looks like I still can’t get automatic delivery of my purchases. I just purchased the sticky-ads plugin yesterday. This is as far as I got: “”
I’d appreciate it if you could email the plugin or send the download link.

By the way, I hope your new year is a good one.

Pete Dennery

Frank Haywood

Hi Peter,

I wonder if we’ll ever find out what the problem is? I’ve just re-sent your order email – hopefully it will get through okay.

I hope you have a good year too – I spent the break thinking about the way forward, and I have some solid plans for this year. 😉


Peter Dennery

I’m sorry to report that I haven’t received anything but your reply to my blog post.

Perhaps 2015 will be the year we find the solution to the problem.


Frank Haywood

Hi Pete,

Raise a support ticket – I’m the one currently answering them (again) – and I’ll paste the link in there.


Kathleen Gresham


Don’t we get this as part of PluginGreat membership?



Frank Haywood

Hi Kathleen,

Yes. 🙂

You’ll find the plugin in the members area – I added it to the correct directory and then forgot to link it to the relevant membership. 🙄

I’ll hopefully have another couple of plugins uploaded for members only in the next 72 hours as well as a fix for the Support Desk plugin that I broke just before release.


Kathleen Gresham

Thanks, Frank!

Partner purchased it only to find you cannot seem to choose to have it only on a specific page (which no mention you cannot do that)

It seems it can only be on home or every page and disappointed wanted to be able to have a page specific message specific to that page! So not really what we were looking for unless you plan to do this please Frank?

Frank Haywood

Hi Jenny,

You *can* do that. 🙂

Create an ad for the specific page you want to display it on. Then go to that page and you’ll see you can select the ad from the new drop-down which appears under the right hand block.