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Update: The sale for the Magic Link Alert plugin for WordPress is now live at just $17.00.

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Quite simply, it allows you to customise links on your pages to display an alert rather than go directly to the link.

o Unlimited Link Alerts can be created
o Multiple Link Alerts on a page or post
o Customised calls to action with every page and post
o Include text and HTML
o Add your own “box” graphic
o Set unlimited background and border colours
o Optionally set a background image
o Integrated opt in form – just paste your code
o Opt in form can use name and/or email
o Short Code Driven
o Developer licence during this sale only

Here are some alert example screen shots. You can pretty much design your own from scratch using this plugin.



An optin alert.



A simple

The beauty of this plugin – and what I particularly like about it – is that it sits there doing nothing until your visitor clicks one of your activation links.

When they do, then the alert is displayed to them.

THEY’RE the ones that actively trigger it.  😉

This alert could be to convey some important information about your site or services, an optin form for more information on the topic, or a special offer.

For example, a reader clicks a link to find out more information about a topic they’ve just been reading about and they get an optin form to complete before they can get to the page.

The nice thing about this is, at this point you know they’re good candidates for your product or services and so are extremely likely to fill in the form and join your list.

A sort of “squeeze” presented right inside a link.

Or, you could present them with a special offer and an invitation to find out more.

Or, give them some informative “Learn More” content to make instructions or training easier to follow.

The plugin admin is pretty much self-explanatory and very easy to use. Here are some annotated screen shots of the admin panel.


Here’s Alert #2 in more detail.









-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Patrick BARDET

Hi Frank,
Does the plugin also work when the user hovers the link or only (at the moment) when the user clicks the link ?

Frank Haywood

Hi Patrick,

I’m sorry about the delay in responding, I’ve not been getting some emails since I moved hosts, I *think* there might be some filtering somewhere so I’ll have to take a closer look.

Yes, it’s a click only but I think I know where you’re coming from with a tooltips kind of thought? I’ll have a think about that.


David Morrison (Toronto)

Frank, what a great tool to supplement in-line ads and end-of-post call to action ads/banners. This gets readers right where they’re interested – and gives them the opportunity to take action exactly when they’re prepared and ready to do so… after all, they just clicked a link right?

Excellent work, genuinely psychologically engineered optin – “sales push” – tool for serious marketers.

(Personal note: hi, a heart attack kept me out of the loop for the past year, it’s great to be back, and seeing your products. Wish you the best.)


Frank Haywood

Hi David,

Nice to hear from you and sorry about the lateness of the reply, I’m not sure what’s going on with my email at the moment. 🙄

I totally agree. Sales psychology, and the use of relevant “pushes” and “pulls” in the right direction are something I’ve always found interesting, down to the colours used and the design of the site. I like to think that simple (but not too simple) is better.


(Sorry to hear about your health, as I’ve become older, it’s something that’s become more pertinent to me as not everything works the way it used to. 😉 I’ve been trying to avoid a heart attack by the use of positive thinking, de-stressing by not worrying about things I can’t control, and a slight change of diet and exercise! If you want to drop me a line, please do so on mailin @ frankhaywood . com. 🙂 )

Hi Frank,

Just purchased but wasn’t redirected to the download page nor any link shown for download. Please kindly check and advise. Many thanks. (Transaction ID: 1LC39396752409048)

Best regards,

Frank Haywood

Hi John,

Sorry about the delay, computers eh? 🙄

I’ve just re-sent your order email to both of your Gmail addresses that I know about, hopefully one of them will get there.


Hi Frank

Is the stickie ads screenshot supposed to be shown with
this plugin or is it just a mistake?


Frank Haywood

Hi Walter,

Thank you and fixed! The admin panel looks similar for both plugins, and I uploaded several screen shots and must have selected the wrong one. 🙄