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Hi there Frank, glad to see you are feeling better. Summer in the UK
on a Wednesday lol, I must of missed last weeks as I don’t remember it (-:

With regards to having an offer in place for your blog subscribers is a very
good idea. Even if 1% takes you up on the offer is still a good return rate
on getting someone to subscribe.
I’m currently setting up an optin on my current ebook blog, so after reading
this post I shall also incorporate an offer that nobody can refuse.
I have a few projects on the go at the moment, but once those websites are live
I’ll also be adding a blog to my graphics website. Once again I shall implement
an offer for subscribers only etc.
I love all your topics and they are always full of good useful information, which
I try to implement into my business. So thank you for all your hints ‘n tips you
freely supply, very much appreciated.
Take care and stay well.

Jason Anderson



Replace the word “stupid” with “busy”. Or replace the word with “unorganized”, but stupid is kinda harsh Frank. I kinda have to tell you that because if I didn’t, I’d be in the same “stupid” boat as you.

Where you have been SMART is in your consistent blog posts. Now that you have the means to gather up 10-15 subscribers per day….it’s time to work on your offers. The timing is right and it will be well spent.

However, if you focused all your time on creating offers for your list back when there was little traffic….your time would NOT have been best spent. You wouldn’t have been able to create your other products and projects because you would have been focusing on creating offers for a blog with little traffic. Bottom line, I think the timing is right for this.

As a one man band, I know how difficult it is to focus on what’s most important. I muck that up all the time.

This is a timely post for me as it has made me realise that I am making the same mistake as you Frank. Internet marketing is all about having systems in place to maximize your returns.

Without a systematic approach it’s so easy to miss out a crucial step in the internet marketing process, especially if you are busy on many things at once. I am guilty of this myself, and I suspect many others are too.

Small changes, bigger profits is often the case.

Frank Haywood

Hi Terence,

Well, you’ll like the page I’ll be sending everyone to tomorrow then. Some free learning points and a great offer. If you duplicate it for your own subscribers, you’ll make more money, it’s as simple as that.



Hi Frank,

Great post. Since I can’t really send you an email directly 😉 and not sure if it’s required that I create a ticket, I had a question regarding Smart DD v3.0

So the change I’ve made is, from about Thursday or Friday (when I get the chance to finish it all off), those people who join will now get to see my offer, and I’ll be using two of the new features in (the shortly to be released) SmartDD v3 to apply it.”

Not sure if you can disclose the new features yet, but was wondering if the new version of Smart DD will support the distribution of physical CD’s and DVD’s with a third party solution like Kunaki.



Frank Haywood

Hi Pierre,

A ticket addressed to me personally would be fine. It doesn’t usually take 28 days to answer. Yet. 😉

Yes, SmartDD v3 will have Kunaki support built in. I’m going through everything with Paul tonight as we’ve now stopped tweaking v3 (I think), and if everything is okay I’ll do an overview video.

But before then, I’ll probably write something up about the complete new feature set in the run up to release. As well as the new features, there are lots of “under the hood” changes to cater for the next big release, v4. But let’s get v3 out of the way before that.


You and me both Frank! I keep pushing the fine tuning down the To Do List. I think I will have to designate a clean up day.

Hello Frank,

I do not take one with the draughting in the headline. I know that you are manage your business under the pressure of time, because you want to realize every your business ideas.

I know that feeling when the man would like to make everything simultaneously. And in this direction the 24 hours prove to be little sometimes.

I regret to hear that you and your wife were ill in the meantime. I hope that you are better already. Don’t get me wrong Frank, but I feel that you need to outsource some activity and need to think more to your health. I’m 65 now and know that somebody else will not look me after if I don’t take care on myself.

Take care yourself.