Info Product Killer Update #5

Continuing with my updates about how good Info Product Killer is, I just made my first sale of a Jumperoo and a commission of £4.79.

Yee-haa! 😉


At today’s exchange rate that’s $7.06.

Okay, now you might say “Well hang on Frank, how much has it cost you to make that seven dollars and six cents?” and that’s a good question.

o It’s cost me about 6 hours of my time to set the first site up. I’m getting faster.
o It’s cost me $79 for the IPK course.
o It’s cost me $17.76 for 2 years registration of the domain.
o My web hosting is a fixed cost I bear for my other sites so it’s effectively free.

Let’s ignore the time it cost me to set the site up and just look at what I’ve had to pay out, so that makes it $96.76. After another 13 sales via that site, I’ll be in profit.

But hang on. I’m also setting up other sites too as I go, in fact I almost have my own tweaked template and a set of PSDs I can use to set up any site, making it all cookie-cutter simple.

I’ve taken out a few .info domains at $1.19 each (99c + 20c) as I believe it doesn’t really make any difference what the extension is if you get everything else right using the IPK OPSEO method.

So my costs for further sites will be extremely low. I already have the course, the domains are only $1.19, and my estimate is it takes me about 2 hours to do everything now I know what to do.

If I let the Jumperoo site take the brunt of the initial cost, then every other site I put up will be immediately in profit when the first sale is made. If the Jumperoo site is anything to go by, that’s after 12 days.

I tell you what, let’s be fair about this. Factoring my time and involvement into the equation, lets say each site is in profit after the 10th sale.

At this point, I don’t know how long it will take to get to the 10th sale but I think a fair guess is 6 weeks? Remember the Jumperoo site didn’t even get onto page 2 of Google UK until last Friday which was 6 days after the site went live, and it only got onto page 1 yesterday.

09-11-2008 – Site live and linked from this blog to get it indexed.
14-11-2008 – Site appeared on page 2 of Google UK.
16-11-2008 – First order but no earnings.
18-11-2008 – Two more orders, but still no earnings.
19-11-2008 – Site now appearing on page 1 of Google UK.
19-11-2008 – First sale and a £4.79 ($7.07) commission.

So if it’s only taken 10 days to get my first earnings, I think 6 weeks is a conservative estimate for any other sites I put up to pay for themselves? I’m expecting to make more commissions this weekend when people really start searching online for Christmas gifts, but I believe it doesn’t reach its peak until about the 8th December, so we have a couple of weeks to go yet.

That means for the rest of the year these sites are making a profit. Even though Christmas will be over, there are still birthdays etc. which will mean income through out the year.

So the more sites I put up will mean more profit. That’s easy enough for anyone to understand isn’t it?

Now I know that sometimes you can put up a site and nothing happens. Yes I have a few of those knocking around. Those are all for info products, and despite the traffic that I get to those sites, for one reason or another they don’t convert. It’s likely because I’m addressing a niche that isn’t keen to buy the info products I may be offering.

But when it comes to physical products, by doing a bit of market research using the methods detailed in Info Product Killer I can see immediately if there’s a buying market or not.

I’ve proven that to my own satisfaction with the Jumperoo site.

All I have to do now is duplicate the initial effort.


Sometimes we can get so bound up in what we’re doing that we miss the obvious.

The obvious in this case is that physical products that get lots of searches are likely to be by people who want to purchase them.

That’s especially true when people look for terms like “cheapest this” or “buy that“.

When those people find your site, you pretty much know what the outcome is going to be.

And if you’ve done your homework and there aren’t that many competing pages, you’ll find yourself getting visits from those buyers. And that’s what’s happened with the Jumperoo site.

Here’s a quick pic of the traffic the site has received over the last couple of days.


My hands are up now. I think that Jumperoo site SUCKS BIG TIME. It was my first attempt and even though it’s rubbish, look what’s happened.

I made my first commission, hopefully with many more to come.

I hope that if you haven’t made anything with IPK yet, that you’ll soon feel the nice warm feeling I did when I saw that first commission earning in my account, punched the air and shouted “YES!”


-Frank Haywood
P.S. If you haven’t already grabbed it, you can get IPK by going here and then entering promo code FHW777 to get it at $79 instead of $147.

Posted by Frank Haywood


Appreciate your updates
Got my first set up this week,
so you got a 10 day jump on me..

Have several #1 googles
but have steroided it a bit
(all white hat)
So just starting to see traffic

I am pumped about this as have been looking for a method to market
main stream physical products.

Will get my second batch out next week

Pedal to the metal till the 1st of the year…..Now we can yell the Tarzan call


Frank Haywood

Hi Ray,

Yep IPK is great, and as long as people keep reading these updates, I’ll keep posting them. Someone said “inspirational”, so I’ll stick with it.

BTW, nice email you sent out today. 😉



Hi Frank!

Yes, it’s me again…

I’m glad so learn that you still are enthusiastic about the IPK, and I’m sure that many of your fans here at the blog have purchased the IPK.

Now I have a couple of questions for you…

Would you be willing to share the template you made for use with the IPK with the rest of us (free – or for a modest price)?
It’s probably for Dreamweaver?

If you are reluctant I have made a template I think is OK, and if there is any interest I could let your readers have a free link to “my” template.

Also, with all the interest both around the IPK product, and with a lot of your other good ideas, would you consider opening a forum where we – your fans and “disciples” – could exchange ideas and help each other.

Just a thought – but a good one. Me thinks.

Cheers from Sweden and

Frank Haywood

Hi Jan,

Yes, as soon as I’ve tweaked it into a usable state I’ll release the template together with the PSDs I’ve created.

You’re the third person to bring up a forum. I was the first 😉 then I had someone write to me suggesting it, and now you.

I’ve got a hectic few days ahead of me, but it’s something I’m seriously considering doing, so leave it with me.


I’ve noticed that the templates included in the IPK system have every page an .html extenstion. But in your Jumperoo site and the example sites used at IPK, the pages are all .php extensions. Am I missing an important piece of the puzzle? Is there something nobody told me?

Frank Haywood

Hi Susan,

In my case it’s simply a matter of preference. Most web servers will treat .html and .php pages in the same way except you’re able to run php scripts on a .php page.

I initially named them with .php extensions because I thought it likely that at some point I would add some scripting to the page.

Then, very quickly I found that the way the menus all had to be changed manually on every page was quite tiresome. Add a new page and you have to change the menus in every page you’ve created so far. Very time consuming.

So what I did was I created the menus as separate html code and saved them with .php extensions. I then used php includes to call in the menus on every page they needed displaying.

So all I need to do now when I add a new page is edit one or two other menu files and save. All the menus on all the pages are automatically updated.

I think I should explain this in more detail in a separate blog post.


Hi Susan (and Frank)

Frank is right (again…)
When you add a page you have to update the links on every page – one page at a time.

However – use a web editing program like Dreamweaver and make a template as a starting point for your site, and when you add pages all the internal links to all the pages will be updatet automatically.

You can get a free trial version of Dreamweaver at

If you like the program just go to eBay and look for “Dreamweaver 8”.
I expect you can get a genuine copy without paying an arm an a leg.



Hi Frank,

I plan to start work on my IPK Mother Site today but have run into the same problem someone mentioned in a previous post: That my little collection of mini-sites are country specific (to cope with the difference between Amazon UK and Amazon USA affiliate links) but I would like them all to link back to a single Mother Site.

I seem to recall you mentioning that you thought it would be a simple job to create a small script to toggle the Call To Action boxes between USA and UK focused boxes based on the webpage visitors country of origin and said you have tasked one of your developers to create this simple script.

Have you made any progress on the USA/UK toggle script? If so will you be offering it as a free bonus to people like myself who purchased IPK through your affiliate link… or will it be for your own personal use only?

On a seperate issue: What visitor statistics software have you installed on your IPK sites? I am toying with the idea of putting Google Analytics on mine so I can see how many visitors they get and their geographical location but was wondering if you use something more detailed on your own sites.

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm about IPK!


Frank Haywood

Hi Ian,

I haven’t created my mother site yet, and I probably won’t do it until I have about 15 sites up, maybe too late for Christmas this year I think.

We haven’t done anything on the UK/US toggle script yet, and we’ll probably do something along those lines in the new year.

For my stats I use – I use the paid for version, but they also have a free service where you can log 500 items of traffic movement around each site, which is really ideal for these little sites.

I’ve never used Google Analytics so I can’t comment on how good or bad it is compared to StatCounter. If you try both, please let me know.


I tend to get lost in the complexities and endless possibilities of Dreamweaver, but I feel reasonably competent with XSitePro. I’ve modified the IPK sample site for XSitePro and I’m pretty happy with the way it looks. If anyone would like a copy of the .xse file so they can import it to their own XSitePro, I’m happy to share it.

Frank Haywood

Hi Susan,

That’s very kind of you, I know some readers use XSP so I’m sure they’d be pleased to get that from you.

Do you have a link to the file (maybe as a zip) and the next update I do, I’ll include that too.

By the way, I don’t use any of the complicated features of Dreamweaver, I just use it as a creator of simple pages. The reason I like Dreamweaver so much is that “the code is king”. So many (if not all) other html editors that have a design view, let the design view amend the code. Dreamweaver doesn’t do that.

To them “the design is king”, and the problem with this is it generates sloppy (messy) code, and overwrites any changes you may have made by hand, often wrecking the actual design.

A typical instance would be where you’ve placed some php code into a page by hand, gone to design view and the design editor removes or mangles it. Dreamweaver never does that – it’s very clever.



Stan Craigie

This IPK is nothing short of revolutionary! I’m still a bit stunned at the simplicity of it all in that it’s really obvious, now we think about it, that most searches are for physical products. I can’t really remember searching for an info product. Software, yes but that’s really sort of a physical product even though you can download it.
I was a bit surprised that you haven’t done the mother site yet Frank. I felt guilty that after 4 baby sites I started on it. But it just goes to show that this works basically on a single site. So, how good will it be when the whole mesh is up?


I’m glad I found your IPK results here 🙂 I’m loving the program as well.

As a bit of encouragement to people, I started with these sites in late October, and I’m on target to make $1500 in comissions this month.

Don’t over-analyze…just get those sites up! Good luck everyone 🙂

Hi Frank!

When you first told us about the IPK I thought the concept was good, but after I signed up as an IPK member I quickly found that I was wrong.

The consept is not good – it’s brilliant!

Having used the IPK information, read the SEO instruction checklists and watched the many videos time and again I can safely say
that the information you get as a member of IPK is priceless.

Even if you don’t want to sell physical items online the SEO information is so clear and useful that that part alone is worth a lot more than the price for the whole package.

When I had a couple of questions about domain names and the use of hyphens versus underscore in file-names I received an answer the same day.

This is excellent customer service!

Included in the IPK-package is a template, and since I use Dreamweaver as my preferred web editing program I had to tweak the template a little to be able to change the meta-tags on different pages.

I hope some of the IPK fans can use the template I changed, so if you use Dreamweaver you’re welcome to download it.
It’s free (of course), and I have permission from Craig (the IPK guy) to let you use it.

Go to
Click on the letter “m” in the domain name in the top logo.
That will take you directly to the download page.

Thanks again, Frank, for telling us about the IPK program!



Many thanks to Jan for the Dreamweaver template. I plan to try it out for my next minisite.

Regarding the XSitePro template I offered, I think it’s best to withdraw that offer. Google doesn’t seem to like the XSitePro footprint!

When I submitted my first minisite, to Google, made in XSitePro, I got a message akin to ‘Yeah, right, we’ll get to it eventually. Check back in a few days.’

So I did my next site in Dreamweaver. When I submitted to Google, they immediately responded with something more like, ‘Hey, cool! Look at all the pages we’ve found on your site!’

Just a word to the wise. 🙂

Frank Haywood


I’m just about to make a long post about IPK and my findings after almost a month. I agree this is probably the best step by step system I’ve ever seen.

It’s hard when someone says “trust me, don’t think about it, just do it” as I think we’ve all been stung over time, but this really is an easy to understand and implement system that works.


I totally agree, and things don’t always turn out the way you want them to sometimes. I wanted to spend a lot of time on the IPK sites for Christmas, but other things that I couldn’t ignore tugged me in another direction.

I’m now currently gearing up for the new year though. More on that in blog posts over the next few days.


I’ll make a separate post about the template okay? 🙂


First of all, thanks for the back links!

And those are nice sites you’ve put together. Hopefully now that you’ve put links here on my blog, Google will take them seriously and index all your pages.

It’s strange that XSitePro isn’t liked by Google. I think you might have to do a little experimentation in that area.

I wonder if it’s something to do with XSP is used a lot by marketers who Google knows try to tweak the SERPS, and so they look for certain things such as xsp_styles.css and then don’t treat the site so well?

That’s just thinking out loud, and could be total nonsense.

I deliberately didn’t use a DreamWeaver template (.dwt) to create the jumperoo site, I just took the supplied index page and saved it several times (as a .php) with different prompts for myself on the different pages to remind me what to do and what to put where.

Then I renamed the pages to suit the jumperoo site.

I now have a template of pages I can use on all my other toy sites. I’ll do the same kind of things for the gadget sites I’ll be putting up too.

Yes I’ll share these “templates” shortly. I’ve got something else going on at the moment. 😉


Thanks for the new update, Frank!

Just a quick question…

Please let us know if you REALLY think the 3 Way Links System will help improve the chances of getting a top placement in Google.

Cheers from


p.s. How about making the “Post a Comment” input box wider?

Frank Haywood

Hi Jan,

Post comment box wider and deeper. 😉

Yes, I’m certain that 3WL improves your ranking in Google. I’ve seen that on the sites I’ve used it on, and I know Amin uses it too and will tell you the same thing.

It’s a “not-so-secret” weapon that you can use to give any domain a kick start.

There are a couple of terms you have to abide by – you can only use it on the top level domain, not sub-domains, and your site must have at least 2 pages indexed in Google.

You can then activate it on your site and you start to see results in about 2 weeks. After about 3-4 weeks your site can go way down the rankings for a few days but then it pops right back up again even stronger than ever. So don’t be surprised if that happens.

After 3 months all your back links are in place (between 0-8 added each day) and your ranking becomes rock steady.

It’s well worth it to get everything going. You can then add your own back links by your own efforts or you may not want to bother.

I’ve no idea how long this method will continue to work, but in the meantime it’s great.

My next stop to test something out is an MSN ranking tool which is supposed to do the same kind of thing. MSN is seen as a demographic of family based buyers, so well worth it I think.

When I know for sure that works, I’ll let everybody know about that too.


I just purchased Info Product Killer and I think the course is probably the best I’ve order in two years. However, I’m a complete newbie at HTML, I have zero coding experience. Due to the time sensitive nature of the IPK Christmas Strategy, trying to learn now is futile. I do own XSitePro 2 and can navigate thhat fairly well. If anyone has a custom template or one they’ve found somewhere, that resembles the one from the course I’d appreciate it. If not, I’m going to hire a freelancer to modify the courses template to XSitepro. Thanks.

re: Jerry’s comment
I would think seriously about *not* using XSitePro for these sites.

It’s been quite some time since I submitted my first XSitePro IPK site to Google, and they *still* have not included a single page from it in their index.

Subsequent sites I coded by hand or with Dreamweaver were indexed almost immediately. I think Frank’s remark (“I wonder if it’s something to do with XSP is used a lot by marketers who Google knows try to tweak the SERPS, and so they look for certain things such as xsp_styles.css and then don’t treat the site so well?”) in an earlier response is right on target.