Info Product Killer Update #4


My Jumperoo site just hit page 1 of Google UK, 10 days after launching it. I can also see it’s on page 3 of Google US.

It’s also doing okay for my secondary keywords too.

My Amazon UK affiliate account has just been approved, and I now have 3 orders showing.


I’ve now reset my stats for the site as I expect to see an increase in traffic other than people visiting from this blog, and I want to see where it’s coming from. So far it’s been a trickle from Yahoo and Google.

I know that when my site gets to slot 1 (and it will in time thanks to the linking strategy I’ve adopted), that I’ll get a huge amount of traffic to it. When I start to see that increased traffic, I’ll tinker with the site and improve it, adding more content and stronger calls to action.

I think I read a while back that something like 65% of the traffic goes to whoever’s in slot 1, with the remaining traffic being distributed over the remainder of page 1, and very little going to page 2, maybe 2%.

I believe that even without the link strategy, the site will do quite well anyway, as I’ve seen it slowly rising up the ranks, and I’ve hardly touched it since I launched it 10 days ago.

Have I already said this? IPK works! 🙂

-Frank Haywood

P.S. If you haven’t already grabbed it, you can get IPK by going here and then entering promo code FHW777 to get it at $79 instead of $147.

Posted by Frank Haywood


That’s funny. I just looked through the top 7 pages and I dont see your site anywhere. Did you change the URL?

Frank Haywood

Hi Dave,

I guess it might make a difference as to where in the world you are, but from where I am I can see I’m now on page 1 in position 8 on Google UK as I write this.

And my wife and I are now gearing up to launch a series of other products on their own sites. She really sees and understands how this is going to work and she *made* me take out 8 .info domains yesterday. 😉



Stan Craigie


Having now spent a week or so with IPK I’ve gotta say they’ve covered all the bases. As, I think it was JAn said in an earlier post comment, the SEO information alone is worth more than the price of the package. I’ve yet to see any results or position in Google but then I think you’re probably more visible on the net than I am. I’m working on it though! Great to see you’ve made a sale, I’ll come back and let you know when my first one turns up. The instruction that comes with IPK, the videos etc. is superb. One complaint, there’s so much to take in, takes more than one viewing but it’s more than worth it.


Stan Craigie


meant to ask you about .info domains. I recall reading somewhere that some opinion was that .info domains weren’t as effective as .com. What’s your take on it?


Frank Haywood

Hi Stan,

I don’t think there’s anything in that rumour, but let’s see. I’m just about to launch some .info domains, and I’m confident that as long as I stick to the OPSEO check list they’ll do just fine.

The guy who told me about this has also been releasing .info domains, and the example site he put together is on a .info domain and is currently bouncing on and off page 1, and at the moment seems to have disappeared from Google altogether.

I’ve seen this before, and it’s completely normal while Google decides where to put the page (the Google dance). I’m fairly confident he’ll have it back on page 1 again before long when Google settles down.