Info Product Killer Review

I hope I can convey well enough the feeling of well, satisfaction I think is the word, about my dealings with IPK and how successful I believed it would be.

More detail further down, but in less than a calendar month, the one crappy site I put up which took me about 6 hours to do has earned £34.76 ($50.66). I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t hit £50 ($73.00) in the next few days.

The reason? Read on.

Everything about IPK and everything I knew about marketing, SEO etc. said it was a go-er. It all made perfect sense and it was all completely logical. The thing is, I already knew all of this stuff – there’s nothing really NEW-new in it, but all put together it’s devastating.

I could have come up with this system, and so could many other people too, but Craig was the one to make it all work and bring the method to market.

And a devastatingly successful method it is too. I’ll get to my experiences in a minute.

I knew time was of the essence for people to catch the Christmas rush, but I also knew that IPK was a good product to buy any time of the year.

Of course there’s always that little bit of uncertainty isn’t there?

But I could see it should all work, and so I promoted it and it went down really well with people, as I thought it would. The truth is in the pudding though, and I know as well as anyone that although things can look good on paper and in theory, it’s only when you test it out can you say for sure that it works as it should.

IPK delivers big time.

My test site and product – Jumperoo – has just got to the #1 slot on Google UK for my target keyword “jumperoo”.

This happened I believe just 2 days ago, based on my affiliate sales which have just taken a jump. I’ve seen a slight increase in traffic, but I believe the quality of that traffic is much better inasmuch as it isn’t people reading this blog and then looking for my Jumperoo site. 😉

Getting to the #1 slot has meant more sales, there’s no denying that, but there’s also a bonus side effect that I hadn’t really considered.

People have been going to the jumperoo site, clicking through to Amazon, and then buying other stuff either as well as or instead of the jumperoo.

This is where IPK really comes into its own.

It works out that 13% of the total commissions I’ve made so far this month have been from goods other than the jumperoo. Yesterday there were other sales which haven’t yet been dispatched.

If you have a network of sites, then all of them together will bring you in a healthy commission from people buying other things. Forget the product specific sites themselves, you’ll earn money from other stuff…

In fact the confirmed commissions of the other items have actually paid for the site for the first year…

Let’s take a look at the figures, and a reminder of the time lines.

09-11-2008 – Site live and linked from this blog to get it indexed.
14-11-2008 – Site appeared on page 2 of Google UK.
16-11-2008 – First order but no earnings.
18-11-2008 – Two more orders, but still no earnings.
19-11-2008 – Site now appearing on page 1 of Google UK.
19-11-2008 – First sale and a £4.79 ($7.07) commission.
03-12-2008 – Site now at position 1 on Google UK.
05-12-2008 – Total earnings from the site £34.76 ($50.66).

I made £12.84 ($18.75) yesterday for 3 jumperoos, now a total of 7 sold and a total commission of £30.22 ($44.12) in jumperoos and £4.54 ($6.63) in other goods making £34.76 ($50.66) total.

In addition to the confirmed commissions there are also 16 other items ordered, with 3 from yesterday.

I’m not sure if these are part of the total commissions as there are goods in the ordered report that are also in the sales / commissions report, and there are also goods that are unique to both. I’m really not sure, but I suspect that there are at least 3 more jumperoos plus a couple of CDs and some Nintendo Wii gear to be turned into commissions yet.

We’ll see.

That’s why I think the site will hit the £50 ($73) mark by the 9th December – 1 calendar month after it went live.

I see that as a tremendous success for just ONE site don’t you?

Here’s the thing.

YES, I know it might be a case of “Christmas is a coming”, but I don’t believe for a moment that this is Christmas traffic I’m seeing. ie I don’t believe this traffic is anything special.

The product isn’t really a toy – it’s not something that children would bug their parents about (because they’re babies) – and it’s also something that’s only good for babies for a period of about 12 months.

So the traffic I believe this is getting is from parents who want to buy their babies something nice that will keep them occupied so they can do other things. I don’t believe these are seasonal purchases at all, this is completely typical traffic for this product, or in fact for any product.


This now leads me to believe that almost any IPK type of site if put up correctly – “by the book” – and with a proper linking strategy will benefit from a #1 position on Google.

I’m putting a “wet finger in the air” now. My guess is that most sites will earn the owner £50 ($73) / month on average. It’s too early to say for sure, and I know Craig has given us some numbers that say he earned about £50,000 last Christmas from 12 sites, but let’s be a bit conservative here as I think we’re looking at all year round now.

So let’s take a shot in the dark and say each site can earn £50 ($73) each month. Some will earn a lot more, some will earn a lot less, and if you haven’t done your research correctly (which is a learning point in itself) some won’t earn anything at all.

But a good average figure would be the £50 ($73) I’ve mentioned, when you get it all right.

If you then say a working month in a JOB is 22 business days…

And then you build 22 IPK sites…

You have the equivalent of a salary of a £50 ($73) a day job. I know a LOT of people would be extremely happy to get that and stay at home.

These IPK sites take about 2 hours to build once you do a few. Let’s say an additional hours worth of research to pick the product and register a domain which means that each site takes 3 hours.

If you build one site a week in your spare time starting now, then by May 2009 you’ll have £50 ($73) a day average coming in. That may mean you don’t have to work any more. Or it may mean your lifestyle improves.

But why stop there?

Why not build 30 sites and get paid for “weekend” days too? 😉

Why not build 2 a week?

Why not build 1 a day?

Really and truly folks, I do see IPK as a fairly wonderful system. It makes me doubt the value of some of the stuff I’ve been doing with my time. No I’m not saying IPK absolutely is an Info Product Killer, but to my mind it stands head and shoulders above what I’ve been doing in terms of time to results.

(Here’s an aside. In the middle of the year I had one of my students tell me she didn’t want to make info products any more, she wanted to be a super affiliate instead. A super affiliate for info products is what she meant. I believe IPK will suit her better.)

I know this is already a long blog post, but there’s a little more to read through. I hope I still have your attention.

The IPK creator, Craig, has downplayed the importance of putting price comparisons on your IPK sites, insisting that Amazon accounts for 80% of his income – and I believe that completely. (Amazon is very good at converting visitors to buyers and putting extra things in their shopping baskets.)

However, I know that the price comparisons are vitally important for instantly grabbing the GRATITUDE and TRUST of people visiting your site.

You get their gratitude because you’ve just taken all the hard work out of their searching for the best price.

You get their trust because apart from all the info about the product, you’ve given them a list of places they can buy from which is checkable by them, and they can then easily choose either the best price or go for the best delivery deal.

They’re then more likely to go for the Amazon link if that’s the best deal (which is what we want). If it isn’t Amazon then they’ll be choosing one of your affiliate links instead of continuing to search for it themselves. At the very least, they’ll be clicking YOUR links out of curiousity.

After all, what you don’t want is for them to go looking all on their own without clicking your link.

For instance, I happen to know that while Amazon are selling the jumperoo for the best price of £63.60 ($93.71), Toys R Us are also selling it at exactly the same price.

So a visitor to my site could go check out Toys R Us on their own, not trusting me to be giving them the best information on price, then find it’s the same and so buy from there instead, and I lose my commission…

Now in case you’re wondering, I didn’t go check Toys R Us or any other site to see if they stock the jumperoo. Yes you could do it every day or so if you have a few sites, but it would soon become tiresome.

And then there’s the problem of replacing and swapping around all the prices to show those that are in stock and the best price first, followed by the out of stock ones afterwards.

If you don’t have that all up to date, and then people click through expecting to get a special offer price you’ve advertised and the target site have ended the offer, that visitor isn’t coming back because they don’t trust your site any more.

Your information and prices have to be completely up to date.

So how did I find out that Toys R Us are also selling the jumperoo at the same price as Amazon?


I’ll tell you tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. If you haven’t already grabbed it, you can get IPK by going here and then entering promo code FHW777 to get it at $79 instead of $147.

Posted by Frank Haywood


little dianne

First let me thank Frank for turning me on to IPK. This looks be the first time I will have made any real money on the net. Because it’s so close to christmas I quickly put up 5 sites with optimized domain names (with no backlinks and no opseo yet) and rolled them with low bid Adwords. Today I cancelled my adwords because after 1 week 4 of the 5 are on the first page of Google’s organic search. And I look for sales to follow soon.



I put up a couple of sites a couple of weeks after you got started. I just checked my results and I’ve got 31 sales in total, from the 2 sites. The interesting thing is that *most* of those sales, 26 in fact, were not for items that I was promoting.

As you rightly say, you’ll make money with this even if people don’t buy the item your site promotes. How true that is.

This is, without doubt, the easiest and fastest working system I’ve ever bought and tried. I’ve already set up some more sites which should start kicking in soon and with each site I’m getting better at all the SEO aspects.

I’m going to be taking some ‘time off’ over Christmas so I expect to be creating another 10 or 20 sites while the kids watch the Wizard of Oz and all the other stuff on tv. I have a feeling that your estimate of £50 a month per site might be on the safe side, but whatever the average works out, a portfolio of 20 or 30 sites will produce a significant income for anyone willing to do the small amount of work necessary.

Once those sites are linked together and the natural SEO aging process takes place, results should be even better. I don’t even have position 1 for any keyword yet, my best is position 3. I’ve read somewhere that position 1 gets something like 3 times the traffic of position 3, so as my sites move up the ranks so will sales.

If I’m getting this kind of sale volume now, it should explode by the time I’m finished.

IPK was worth every penny I paid for it and I’m glad you recommended it. I hope nobody else who visits your blog goes anywhere near it – let’s keep it between us!


Frank Haywood


Once you put the OPSEO in place you’ll see even better performance of your sites. It’s worth taking the time out to go through each of them and do it.

Yes it can be a bit of a headache to make sure everything is just right, but it really pays off. And once it’s done, you don’t really ever have to look at the site again.

I think that’s what I really like about IPK. Put the sites up and forget about them.

Okay, there’s an exception. After Christmas you don’t really want any mention of Christmas on your sites until late September or October. So flip them to general content, and flip them back again later in the year. That’s it.


I totally agree with your comment about this being the fastest working system. As soon as I saw it, and then went through the content I knew it was a winner.

Everything about it made perfect sense – I already knew just about all of it, but I’d never put it all together in just that way. And even better is it’s easy for anyone to understand.

I know how you feel, but I don’t think competition is an issue. If you stop to think about all the products that must be out there that aren’t being promoted, and then think about all the new products that are coming out all the time, we’re never going to be stuck for niches!


Bought the Info Product Killer course last week and have just finished my first site. Whilst I love the concept of IPK, I have a couple of concerns that I hope you can help with?

1. This method relies on building large quanities of mini sites, but how on earth do you manage them all effectively? Let says I build a new site each day for the next year, that adds up to 365 sites I have to manage. How on earth would I be able to manage 365 sites??? Building regular backlinks to one site is hard enough, never mind 365.

2. What are your experiences with the Google Sandbox and ranking with new domains? Some of the products Im thinking of promoting are only popular for say 12 months or so, before a new model comes out and replaces it – if some of my sites are Sandboxed, then it means Im missing out on a large chunk of potential sales for that period.