If You Had A System…

…that allowed you to make say $500 / day, and you could repeat it in different niches… would you sell that system to anyone?

Wouldn’t you be better off hiring 1,000 people at $200 / day and scaling your internet business up? Knowing that you were going to make $300 / day in profit for every niche?

So why sell your system unless it doesn’t work?

Just think about that before you get involved in the next big launch and jump in with both feet…

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood



But Frank, those big marketers just want to give something back to the community. After their own early years struggling when they couldn’t get a break, they know how hard it is.

So they make their new system affordable, because even a beginner with no cash deserves a break.

They’ve been where we are and they know all it takes to launch a six-figure internet income that produces money even while you sleep is….their system.

How could you doubt the good intent of those fine people who are going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars by telling us how to make…hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Hey, I just remembered an advert I saw somewhere for how to make hundreds placing small newspaper ads. They send you some kind of report. It’s supposed to be very easy to do.

Gotta go, I need to find the advert so I can earn enough money for one of the big gun systems.

Let’s rock and roll, baby!

Peter Loughlin@Make Money Bloging

That is something to think about, yes. But sometimes it is expedient to sell off one’s system to other internet marketers to make a quick fortune.

Other sellers, may have a list of loyal subscrbers and want to help them — yes, of course, while making money in the process, but I define that as win-win.

That aside, I agree you still need to make a careful assesment of every launch. The reputation of the seller becomes all important too.

Peter Loughlin

Mark McWilliams

That’s an interesting way of looking at it Frank! While I may miss out on some huge product launches, sometimes it’s probably for the best.

I’ll be out tonight anyway when this new product launches! 😛


Larry @ Commercial Lighting

Couldn’t agree more. I also see parallels to the investment world. Seems like every day some new day trading site comes out and says they generate 100% returns each year. If this was true they wouldn’t have even bothered creating a website.

Mike@Video Resell Rights Package

Thanks Frank for the common sense advice.

I don’t know that I would have purchased the product, but I did watch the pre-launch video and was tempted to give it a serious look if the price was right.

Thanks for saving me from myself 🙂

Okay, time to get ready for all the email messages from too many internet marketers trying to bribe me with their bonuses.

Frank, I love it when an experienced marketer like yourself goes against the masses.


William D Smith

That was very good info and you are right about what you said.

Donna@Speedy Webmaster MRR Services

I tend to agree with your wisdom, Frank… if you or I had a system that generated over a million a year in business, WHY would we want to leak it via an info product??

Sure, it probably works, the guy spends more than most people make in a month just on AdWords so of course he’s gonna get rich… the old adage “The rich get richer…” is fully into play when they then share their ‘secrets’ to wealth.

I’m not saying he doesn’t give the buyer value, but I just am a bit wary of anyone who’s super-rich to share EVERY DETAIL of how they got that way. Maybe some morsels, but not the whole enchilada, because then it would dilute their own income if everyone who bought the process actually initiated it.

That’s what they bank on though, that most people buy a dream, and then let it gather cyberdust *cough* on their computers. So… the marketer continues getting richer because now he’s doing everything he did before PLUS garnering a bloated price from thousands of hopefuls who want to emulate his success.

Me, I’m gonna pass, because I’d rather sink my dollars into air-conditioning and creature comforts… it’s HOT down here in FL! 🙂

Take care – love your honesty!


Dan @Assertiveness Courses

You know as someone who has bought a couple of these launch things before now, I know that I’ve got value from them, but there’s no rush! The world is certainly not going to stop if I don’t buy something right now! In fact it seems to me that the majority of the things that are the next big release must buy now or the price will go up… are just ways of telling you how to make loads of money by setting up “the next big release must buy now or the price will go up” things…

Cheers, Dan

Frank Haywood

No comment, other than I have this big launch coming up…

Seriously though, when I release AdSpurt in a PRE-LAUNCH, it does have the *potential* to make you more money than running AdSense on your site.

At this point I have no figures to support that as I really need a few people with a network of sites to trial it on. Then we’ll compare before and after revenue.

I do have one person that’s interested as he has a very good method for creating niche blogs with real *useful* content rather than spammy PLR re-write content. And I’m sure he and other people will report good results as AdSpurt starts to get used for real.

I’m just waiting for one more thing to be added to it before I release it to anyone else.

Even if it doesn’t perform as well as AdSense (who am I kidding, it will kick AdSense’s butt) it will still be a powerful alternative for little effort. And those people who have been banned from AdSense will then have an alternative to pull in the money.

Bloggers especially will love this.

I’ll go away and be quiet now, and Kudos to those who got this post. 😉



We need to send about 500 to 1,000 emails to our customer base. Real people, no spam.

Would the “nickel script” we purchased from you work as a “server” to get that job done?


Frank Haywood

John: No, it only automatically emails people that have bought from you, and you can only singly re-mail people from the admin panel.

You need an autoresponder or some other kind of broadcast email system. If you have cPanel based hosting with Fantastico, there’s something called PHPlist which *might* do what you want, and it’s free.

Other than that, with a bit of searching you’ll probably find a simple broadcast email system somewhere out there for free or a few dollars.

You need to be very careful when sending out broadcast emails that you’re not breaking any terms of service either with your web host or ISP. This is why many people use a service such as Aweber, although I can’t really recommend them any more since they put their prices up.

I guess there’s a market out there for (yet another) simple email broadcast / autoresponder system as many of those that are released aren’t developed further afterwards, and a well thought out autoresponder that does tracking would be worth its weight in gold. Most autoresponders released don’t have any kind of tracking, or just minimal tracking.

If you have any other questions, would you mind raising them through the help desk?


Valda@ebook covers and minisite designs

Hi Frank. This is one of those questions that has both pros and cons.
If I had a system that made me $500 a day on numerous niche sites, I would find it very hard to sell it. However if it was a system that would only reap financial rewards by having to hire people, I think then I would sell it. If I did sell it, I think I would sell it to say only 500 people and would have to think twice whether to offer resell rights etc. Peopl who bought the system may not want to hire people for some reason or other, and this is where the phrase “you have to spend money to make money” comes in. I would ask myself, if I were to hire people, would I have the time or patience to answer all thier support questions etc.
I would also need to think which was more important, keep the program to myself, or share it out with the IM community, to those who would use it with respect and not devalue it’s potential. I would also perhaps choose a select few to do like a “beta” test before making a final decission on whether to sell or not to sell.
Take care