How To Turn PLR Into Cash

I’d like to share something with you today that I spent thousands learning. Literally.

I joined a mentoring programme that cost me $6,000 to learn this.

Well… okay I learned a lot of other stuff too, but this really stuck with me as I had one of those “aha!” moments when I was introduced to the concept.

Here it is. It’s in two easy to digest learning chunks.



#1 – A project to create and launch a new product should last no longer than 30 days.

#2 – Only work on ONE project at a time, and focus ALL your effort on that one project. No distractions.

That’s it. If you stick to that, then you’ll start to see revenue after 30 days.

For most people, doing just those two things will give them more success than they’ve ever had.

Do you think this would apply to you too?

It certainly did for me. In fact this was a turning point for me when I learned those two things.

Of course there’s more than just those two things to learn here, and I think it’s better if I illustrate what I mean by them. Let’s see how things can very rapidly go wrong if you don’t follow those two simple ideas.

Imagine you had 2 great project ideas, and you decided to start work on them both at the same time.

Day 1 – You spend a couple of enthusiastic hours on the first project, and then find you run out of steam. It happens to everybody.

So you take an hours break (or two) and then decide to do some work on the second one.

Off you start, just as enthusiastically, and then find you quickly run out of steam on that one too.

So you take another break and decide to leave any further work until tomorrow.

Day 2 – Lots of distractions today (we all get them) and you take a look at both projects for 30 minutes, but don’t really get anything done.

Day 3 – You spend some time thinking about the two projects, but can’t decide what to do with them.

A few days pass…

Day 8 – You decide to pull your finger out and get some work done on those two projects.

You sit down, look at the first project, read through what you’ve already done and decide you don’t like it. So you start again from the beginning. It takes you 30 minutes just to get into the right frame of mind, and before you know it, two hours have gone by and you’ve hardly done anything new at all.

You now feel a bit fed up, and look at the second project. You decide not to make any changes as it just wastes time, you’ll go with what you already have. It takes you another 30 minutes or so to get into the “zone” for this second project, and you decide to take a break.

You get back an hour later and realise you’re not feeling too enthusiastic about it all right now, and you’ll look at it tomorrow or the next day.

Day 14 – In a burst of productivity you manage to get in a good solid five hours of work on the first project.

You feel really pleased with yourself and decide to order some web graphics for the sales page.

You decide to have a go at working on the second project, but it takes you an hour to get to grips with it all again as you can’t remember much of what you were thinking when you first came up with the idea and now you’re beginning to lose faith in the product idea altogether.

You promise to spend some serious time tomorrow looking at it.

Day 17 – You look at the second project for an hour and then do another hours work on it. You’re not really any further forward, but you feel you’ve “done a bit”.

You’re getting a bit fed up with this idea now.

Day 21 – OMG! You’ve had a GREAT idea. This will be a *killer* product. You can’t stop thinking about it, and sit down and write loads of notes while it’s still fresh in your mind.


While thinking about the product, you realise it’s really TWO products, so you write notes that separate the two ideas out. This is great stuff, and you’ve been missing this enthusiasm in the other two projects, which you now realise weren’t so great after all.

Day 22 – You’ve got everything down, but you’re not sure what to do next and where to go. You decide to think about it some more and leave any further work a couple of days.

Day 26 – You look at the two new projects. Nothing happens and no new work gets done.

Day 27 – The graphics you purchased for the first project come back from the designer. You’d forgotten about those.

You like them so much you decide that you don’t want to waste them, and that the first project wasn’t so bad as you thought it was. You do some work on it and realise it’s actually quite a good idea and you’ve had some new thoughts about it.

You do a couple of hours work and then spend 3 hours making a 5 minute video for the sales page.

Day 30 – Having gotten bored and come to a full stop again, you start to look at the third project again. Nothing. So you look at the second project. A few ideas come to mind and you do a little work on it before stopping.


And that’s how it goes. You’ve taken 30 days and you have zero income for your efforts.

The reasons are (I hope) clear.

#1 – You didn’t set yourself a clear time frame for a project.

#2 – You were working on multiple projects at the same time and you were unfocussed.

Now I’m sure you’d agree with me that 30 days is plenty of time to put something together and create a product. If you’re not sure about that, then I can tell you absolutely that it is.

I did an exercise nearly 12 months ago that I called “7 Products In 7 Days”. I failed to achieve my target of 7 products, but guess what? I created THREE in 7 days.

And as someone pointed out afterwards, I didn’t just create the 3 products, I also did the sales copy and put the web sites together too in that time.

If I’d left the sales copy and web sites out, then I could have achieved the orginal target easily.

That’s what can happen when you have FOCUS, and only work on one project at a time.

Now here’s something I have to point out to you. I didn’t do those 3 products from scratch. I used PLR (Private Label Rights) material for 2 of them, and the other one was work I already had sitting on my hard drive that I decided was a product in its own right, so I released it.

Two of those products I gave away, and have been very popular as list builders, the other I sold for $5, and I’m still getting sales nearly a year later. In fact the whole exercise was very fruitful for me.

And I only scratched the surface.

If you’ve never used PLR to create a product, then I have to ask you a simple question.

Why not?

Let’s go a bit further and kick it up a gear. How would you like to learn how to make a few thousand in less than 30 days?

If you’ve never done anything like this before, then I can tell you now that it’s like alchemy.

You take base material and turn it into gold.

IF you have the right formula to follow…

Well I can point you in the right direction.

I can show you where you can discover the path to being able to replicate this method and create one or more new products each and every month. AND THEN be able to immediately turn those new products into money.

It really IS a kind of magic.

And I know someone who is performing this alchemy on a regular basis.

A guy by the name of Richelo Killian (pronounced Reesh-uh-loo) is now selling this magic for what I believe is a steal. Remember I paid $6,000 to learn this stuff about 18 months ago, which was money WELL spent for the hundred thousand dollars or so I’ve earned since then just using these methods.

Now I KNOW some people are going to say “it’s too expensive”. And ironically, THOSE people are the very ones who need this method the most.

Well, for the inevitable few who would say they can’t afford it, Richelo actually gives you his 16 step method on his web site for FREE.

He doesn’t give you the *detail* for free mind you, but if you already have an idea of what you need to do, you can go get the same step by step method he uses just by visiting his web site.

If you then want to take it further, you can purchase his entire 12 session course on how to do it.

Come on…

If you knew how to take a PLR product that you had full rights to amend and call your own and then turn it into cash in a few days, wouldn’t you do it?

Wouldn’t you be doing it already?

You owe it to yourself to spend the few minutes it will take you to ponder what Richelo has to offer. Especially if you’ve had the same kind of problems that so many other people seem to have in getting started online.

Before you go take a look, there’s one last thing I want to point out to you, as I think Richelo could and should actually sell this one bonus item on its own.

He calls the value priceless, but I think I could actually put a price on the worth of this one bonus as worth at least hundreds of dollars a month. I think he’s crazy even offering this as part of the package – it really is a case of over delivering.

Every two weeks, he holds a live Q&A call where you can ask him ANYTHING related to either PLR OR Internet Marketing in general. The call time is from 2 to 4 hours, and if needs be, he runs it even longer.

I REALLY hope you can see the huge value in that.

Listening to questions from like minded people as yourself, and hearing the answers back is worth a small fortune. While you may have questions of your own you can ask, I’ve personally found it invaluable to hear what might be troubling other people, and what the solution is.

It really is a KILLER bonus. And it’s not the only one.

I strongly urge you to go look at the offer, I really don’t think I could provide much better if I did it myself, and like I said, you OWE it to yourself to check it out.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Geoff Robertson@self improvement

Wow, you put a lot of time into this post Frank. There are some great hints on that site, just on the sales page, as you already said. It sounds like a lot of work, but then for $3k income in a week, it is worth it.


Olivier @ brainwave meditation

I guess you mean 30 full days. I still have a day job and I do not see how to finish such big projects in under 30 days.
But I agree on the essence: keep yourself on track.

Frank Haywood


It’s not that hard you know. Yes you have to put some effort in, but if you keep yourself to a tight deadline it’s amazing what you can do.

Somebody said to me that any task will expand to fit the time you give it. I totally agree.

So the best thing to do is give yourself a few hours to complete a task instead of a few days. Imagine that someone is going to give you a real hard time if you don’t complete.

You know what? It focusses you wonderfully and you get the job done.


In my “7 Products” exercise, I completed the first one (including the sales page and autoresponder set up) in a day.

The core message here in everything I’ve written is… “don’t pick large projects”.

To begin with, pick something small that you can complete quickly.

A regular on here and one of my students (Jonathan Paston), knows exactly how to rewrite a product and put the sales page copy together and he does it every weekend.

He just picks projects he knows he can complete quickly and then goes for it. Yes, he has a day job too.

You CAN do it. It really is a mindset thing.


Mathew Mathias

Another great post Frank, I’ve been with you now since your 7 products in 7 days.

At the moment I have at least six projects in various stages of completion, I must now focus on one and try and get it to market within the 30 days. at present it’s taking me 6 months and because of this I’m loosing out on thousands.

I have gained so much information in the last 12 months and have even used your ebook template for my last project. Keep it up Frank.

Frank Haywood


Thanks for that. Can I make a suggestion? Choose the smallest of your projects and make it “good enough”.

It doesn’t have to be a killer product. The whole point of doing it would be for you to learn all the steps you need to take to get it out there.

Even if the product is a flop, the learning you’ll gain will be invaluable for your next one.

Persistence is your friend. 😉


Mark McWilliams

GREAT post Frank! 😀

I have to admit that I am guilty of trying to do too many things at the one time! I can’t seem to stop myself, just like checking my email every bloomin 5 minutes! (Talk about wasting my time or what?!)

The worst thing is that I KNOW I’m doing it, yet I can’t stop myself?! Maybe I need to come up with some kind of plan, that will hopefully help stop this and turn me a little more productive.

It’s not easy when you have loads of ideas and you can’t even go and make them work, as you start mixing and matching! Grr… LOL


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