Focus 4 The Future UK Marketing Seminar

Audio available: [audio:2006-09-05_focus_4_the_future_uk_marketing_seminar.mp3] 
This last weekend I attended a three day seminar at Aston University in Birmingham, organised by Robert Puddy of Focus 4 The Future.
Here’s a photo of me with Robert, I’m the little guy on the right:-
Knowing that some of these seminars can have hundreds or even thousands of attendees, I was really pleased to find that this was a cosy and very friendly affair with about 40 people attending.
Well, I had a wonderful time.  I met some lovely people.  I learned things that just hadn’t occurred to me, and had my understanding of other things confirmed by the speakers.
And apart from the sessions with speakers, even more valuable to me and my business was the chance to network with a great set of like minded people, all using different parts of the many facets of online marketing.  I promised several people I’d get in touch after a couple of days, and I will.
I needed the couple of days back here just to let my mind unscramble itself after such an intense weekend.  I took Monday off, then spent today sorting out all the things that came up while I was away.  Tomorrow I’ll begin a series of posts about the whole thing, including a few photographs of me with various people.
But before I do, I’d like to point out that three speakers couldn’t make it.
Craig Perrine had passport problems which he couldn’t resolve in time to get here.  These things happen, and although it was disappointing I’m sure I’ll get to see Craig at another event some time in the future.
Michel Fortin and Sylvie Charrier had to cancel shortly before the event.  Michel and Sylvie recently got married and unfortunately Sylvie has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has had to go in for immediate surgery.
My heart goes out to them, my mother was recently similarly diagnosed through a routine check.  Fortunately it was caught early enough and only needed a minor operation and some radiotherapy, but also means she has to take an anti-cancer drug for the next five years.
My mother has been told she’s in the clear, although they will monitor every few weeks so the family is all thankful for that.  Even so, it was an anxious and miserable time for us all, and I well understand how Michel and Sylvie must be feeling right now.
I wish Sylvie and Michel all the very best and that things work out well for them.

Posted by Frank Haywood