End Of Year Bonus

Update: The price is now $27.00.

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My staff have put together a little something for you and the proceeds will go directly into their pockets as their end-of-year bonus.

I didn’t have to do this, but I thought it was a warm gesture at this cold time of year.  🙂

(Well, at least it’s cold in the UK, with sub-zero temperatures down to -8 C and 5 inches of snow outside.  Not much by some peoples standards, but it’s the kind of weather that brings the UK almost to a halt.)

What they’ve done for you is to create a set of 5 sales page templates – which I think always come in handy – in both standard HTML and Page Template Plugin format.  These aren’t Christmas ones, they’re “regular” sales page templates, very clean looking.

Because we’ve also supplied them with the Page Template Plugin, this means you can easily use them to add sales pages to your blogs.

In case you missed the last update, you can now move the sections of your sales page around just by using short code tags.  And today we’ve been talking about how we can also allow you to use this plugin with posts as well as pages, which we’ve been asked about a few times now.

We’re not there yet, but we will be in the new year.  Then you’ll have a standard unified plugin that will allow you to add these special format templates to your posts AND pages.  😉

Any of the sales or squeeze page templates you have will all be updated to work with the new plugin when we release it in the new year.  It’s messy at the moment, but it will all get better.

Here are 60% original size screenshots of the designs.  OneTwoThreeFourFive.

The sale will open Thursday 23rd at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), at just $10.00 for the first 50 sales, rising to $12.50 for the next 50, and then to $27.00 for 100+.    As I said above, all proceeds will be shared amongst the staff as their end of year bonus.

I’ll drop you a line about 3-4 hours beforehand to remind you.


Content Replacement Plugin

There’s one other important thing to tell you.

Because the content replacement plugin we released last week has caused so much confusion as to how it works, and also because of clashes with a couple of plugins/themes, we’ve made a bug fix and a few subtle changes to it.

It’s now more intuitive to use, so you should find it works as you expect it to, not as we orginally created it to work.  😉

It made much more sense for us to do this as we seemed to really miss the mark in terms of usage with this one, and for that I apologise.

You now set a start and (optional) end date for the snippet you want to insert in your blog and paste in the short code.  The snippet will show as long as it meets the date/time rules for the server.

We’ve also made it so that you can now “stack” them so that as one (or more) expires, others become active either immediately or whenever you set your rule.

It’s much better.  Again, I’m sorry for any confusion caused by our initial release.

Sometimes we just get things wrong…

Finally, my apologies as I haven’t been around the last week to reply to blog comments due to minor family illness.  I *think* I’m now all up to date and I’ve emailed the people who left me comments trying to get hold of me.  🙂

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


so how do the people who bought the plugin get the newest version then Frank? -?

Frank Haywood


The plugin is free and always will be. The template designs are what you’ve purchased and we supplied them in both standard HTML and WordPress Page Template Plugin versions.

There are a lot of changes going on and we’re not yet ready to release a final version of the plugin. When we do, we’ll re-code all templates we’ve released so far to work with that version (and successives) of the plugin. You’ll always be able to get the latest version of the plugin from either WordPress.org or PageTemplatePlugin.com – when we’re done. 😉



Hello Frank…

So, You got -8°C in the UK ? Time to come up with a Freeze-page-plugin ? Hmm?
Even though at those mild temps I usually go out in a T-shirt.
Perhaps I should help You on the Freeze-page project, as we’re having a moderate -35°C today. LOL

I’ll look for your goodies tomorrow.


Frank Haywood


Hehe. I knew if I said it was pretty bad and -8 that at least one person would say it was colder where they were. 🙂

-35C? Wow. I reckon if we dipped below -15 the UK would almost stop, and if we hit -20 would stop completely. 🙄


When will the Page Template Plugin be updated to the point where we can add (and sell) our own Templates?

Frank Haywood


I have about 6 different version of the plugin in various prototype forms with different methods used to handle the templates themselves. As you know, what we’re working towards is one standard plugin that we can code templates for both sales and squeeze page formats, plus any other formats we come up with along the way.

What we’re also heading towards is a simplified method where you can just drop your templates into a directory and they just get auto-detected. I’m told that isn’t the case at the moment. I’ve said I thought the best place to put them was /wp-content/templates/ or something like that. We’d ultimately want a file browser within the plugin admin that would allow people to upload a zip which decompressed the templates into that directory.

We’re also looking at a way in which we can make the *page* templates work with posts as well, and we’re 95% sure we can do it, which means even more flexibility for themes too. We were thinking of coding the posts functionality into each new theme we release, but that just doesn’t make any sense.

We think it’s more sensible to code a standard theme, and also supply Page Template Plugin format templates to go with it.

I estimate that there’s at least 15 coding man days before we get to what I would be happy with as a first release, ie it’s going to be mid to late January before we have a standardised universal plugin and template format with most of the above features.

I hope I’m wrong and it happens before then, but my gut says otherwise.



@Frank Haywood:

Sorry Frank, I didn’t mean to chill You LOL

But in regard of the practical effectiveness of temperatures there are other factors involved, a major one being humidity. And that is what ‘makes’ it so cold in the UK. Here in northern Canada we don’t have so much ocean around us and once it’s cold, all the many lakes that we have, are frozen. And with that we have a very low humidity, which makes a -30° more comfortable than a – 10° in the UK. Properly dressed, we rarely feel chilly. We just have to look after protecting exposed skin, because below -40°, -50°C, the air is not chilly, but biting.
So put on some nice warm socks, mitts and the knitted cap, as we used to get as Christmas gifts from our grandma when we were young (something simple, practical and with love woven right into it!), and You should be fit for a wonderful holidays.
…My wish to You !


Frank Haywood


Of course! I’ve always understood that it’s humidity is why we have such horrible sweaty summers once the temperature gets above 25C, but I never gave it a thought why it felt so damn cold was for the same reason.

But the real reason the UK comes grinding to a halt is because we’ve become accustomed to having mild winters (with a few exceptions) for the last 30-odd years. On those exceptional occasions like now when we have a “proper” winter that I remember as a nipper, we’re just not geared to handle it.

We get a sudden out of the blue flurry of snow and all the schools are closed the next day, the roads slow down to about 5 miles an hour and the weather is all that anyone talks about. 🙄

It’s not quite mandatory hat weather during the day as it only seems to get down to -3, but overnight it does get quite cold by our standards. Our poor milkman turned up a couple of weeks ago with a chullo (I think that’s right) on his head to collect his payment during the day, and I asked him how he was getting on as I knew he was out at 1.00am to deliver the milk.

“Ooh terrible. I never wear hats, but I’ve had no choice, I don’t care how much micky-taking I get, this thing is nice and warm.” 😉

I have a nice thick coat that zips up to the chin, a strong pair of boots, and a pair of thinsulate gloves (which are brilliant), so I’m well covered when I go out.

You have a good Christmas break too. I have a couple of hours to do tomorrow and I’ll probably work an hour Monday, but other than that I’m pretty much done now, and I’m really looking forward to a wind-down. 🙂




One more thing…
I just noticed… how do commenters get their picture on their posts?
I would also like to be so nice and personal (and not just on your blog).
So how’s it been done?


Frank Haywood


That’s an easy one. Gravatars. I’d told myself I wasn’t going to bother, but did it in the end. 😉

You just sign up wth the email address you use to leave comments on blogs, and upload a picture you want to use. Then when you leave a comment, your email gets looked up in the Gravatar database, and the picture is retrieved and displays automatically.

If you use different email addresses and have several Gravatar accounts, I guess you could use different pictures on different sites. 🙂


My wife said I needed to update my photo yesterday as that one’s a couple of years old now, so I guess I’ll change it soon.



Thanks Frank for the info…

Got my gravatar set up and hope to see me in the mirror now.

Does this works now automatically, for others posting on my MST blogs too?
Or will that require a plugin?

Regarding updating your own imaginary… well from time to time we all get older, right?
Your wife will know these secrets the best.

Enjoy your thinsulates – definitely better than grandma’s knits, I agree.
And be careful drinking frozen milk !

Have a blessed time…


Hello Frank,

first i must say greet templates plugin and for the html version, but i have also to say that they are not compatible to the sqeeze page template plugin what you have also sell,
because when you us all two plugins than will disapear the options for the sqeeze page plugin, and also they dont work very well with some other plugins, like the sexy bookmarks, they show only some dots of the sexy bookmarks, but i have send some parts too your support about this problem, and i will hope they can fix it, because i have never see so good parts this year on the internet market,

best regards from Finnlad

p.s hey dont be wory about you small minus what you have in UK, when you want big snow and very cold, then you must come here to us, we have good 1.5m snow and allmost -30 up to – 40 😉

Frank Haywood


Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, we’ll have a fix for that by the end of the month when we release a unified plugin that will work with all template types. We’ll probably update all the templates we’ve released so far.

A friend of mine has had to visit Finland in the past and I remember him saying to me that it can be “grim” during the Winter months! I don’t envy you your weather at all.

It’s relatively warm here at the moment, with more snow predicted for the end of the week as I write this, although it doesn’t look like it will last.



Hello Frank,
have a nice year 2011,

so i have solve now near all problems with the support, but there is still one problem open, because when you use the sqeeze page template and the page template (end-of-year-bonus)
it will not work very fine,
because when you use the sqeeze page template and page template plugin, it will not show anymore the filds of the optin parts, so that you can put your optin code inside the page, it will only show all filds of the page template plugin, and this is very bad :,-( , i will hope hope that your support can fix it,

but i must ask why you not put the page templates intrigat in the attribut fild who i can also coise the template, like one colum and this,
and when we can see it on ouer download page when the parts will be update, so that we can load the new versions,

best regards


Frank Haywood


Yep, the unified plugin will resolve all those issues for you.



and when we can catch the plugin???


Rob P. Cruisin

G’day Frank,

Was just going back through your posts and saw that this package was not selling as well as others. Scratching my head (ouch another splinter) I did buy this package and out of all the ones done in the series so far this is the standout package.
In regards to the unified plugin for the series bring it on I am sure I would not be alone in saying this is what all that have purchased these packages would really appreciate.

What a variety of pages to use in one plugin WoW, WoW and just in case WoW.


Rob Paris Cruisin

Frank Haywood

@Rob P. Cruisin:

Yeah this one has been a real slow burner. I’m never completely sure why it happens when it does, but in this case I guess it was the close proximity to Christmas.

The thing is, when we finally get the unified plugin done and rework and release all the page templates we’ve done, I’m sure there’ll be another flurry of sales of these. Sales pages are always useful to have, and ones that work with WordPress even more so. 😉