Direct Deposits From ClickBank

I’ve just spotted that ClickBank will now do direct deposits into your bank account.


No more cheques. And one less thing to worry about in your internet business – no more LOST cheques.

There are a few provisos, like your account has to have been open for 90 days and you must have received at least 3 paper cheques first, but if you’re in that position the upgrade is easy to do.  All you need is your bank account number and sort code, click a confirming link in an email, and that’s it.

You can read about it here and here.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Geoff Robertson@self improvement

Hey Frank, How are you going? I like the way companies like CB strive to improve their service. This is what will ensure they continue to be a market leader in their niche.


Frank Haywood


I believe CB have a new CEO as of last year and he’s the one that’s been responsible for making all the changes. He intends to make it a multi-billion dollar company, and I think he’ll succeed.

And, I’m fine, thanks for asking. 😉


peter@Peter Answers

Good news but so far I less then $25 on ClickBank so I have a ways to go to worry about this!