Corner Peel Ads

Corner Peel Ads Plugin for WordPress

Personal Use Rights - $27

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Private Label Rights - $47

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Both come with PDF documentation 10 templates in PhotoShop PSD and also blank JPEG formats.

The PLR version also comes with a sales page, screen grabs, and documentation in Open Office format.

The choice is yours.

For me, one of the big points of this plugin is that unlike other page curl scripts, it uses javascript instead of Flash. This means the browser load is very light, and that’s a good thing.  🙂

There’s a short video showing exactly how the plugin works, and the documentation describes how to edit the existing templates and how to create your own.

I’m quite relaxed when it comes to PLR licencing, and so there’s no minimum price you have to sell the plugin at, in fact you can even give it away as a list builder if you wish.

You can also use it in giveaway events to list build too – that’s something you don’t often see with products of this type.

Just make sure you take the time out to rebrand it to get maximum return on your efforts – 20 minutes should do it. 🙂

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Nice, Frank! so… can this be shown specific to a particular post / page or is it only for sitewide use?

Lots of potential applications if its page specific, and i’d grab the PLR…

Frank Haywood

Hi Scott,

No sorry, it’s site wide only at the moment. It does need some work on it though to add the feature you’ve mentioned. 🙂


I see you answered so fast I missed it, I’m sorry 😉

Well, hmm- and it can’t be disabled for pages or posts either I assume, so I’ll have to pass on this one – thanks though, and keep those creative juices flowing, Frank…