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Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running an unplanned 48 hour sale for a plugin that I use ALL the time for just about everything called the Content Replacement plugin.

Yes it’s one of those you-must-have-this plugins.

There’s a (hopefully interesting) story behind this sale.

A few days ago I made a small mistake (I wasn’t even in a hurry) which caused me to change my plans for what I was doing then.

What happened was I ran a sale for Big Ed and my intention was to sell a limited number of copies as people had been asking how they could do what Big Ed did but they didn’t know about Big Ed at the time.

I like to run these sales as it’s a win-win for us both.

Anyway… My intention was to kick the sale off at my usual 6.00pm GMT, monitor the number of sales and then close it off. I figured the sale wouldn’t last even a couple of hours.

But. I had to go out.

No problem because my Content Replacement plugin would kick the sale off for me by adding in the buy button.

That’s what the Content Replacement button does. You add an HTML / PHP or javascript snippet, set a date and time for it to appear and disappear and that’s it.

The nice thing is you can stack lots of HTML snippets that come in and out to the schedule you set. It’s also a convenient way of adding PHP code to a page, or iframes to contain YouTube videos or whatever.


That’s how I run all my semi-automated sales including the one I messed up the other day for Big Ed and the one I’m running today for this plugin.

It’s easy and convenient.

So what was my mistake that caused me to change my plans?

I set the wrong date for the sale start. D’oh!

When I checked my stats, a load of people turned up after 6.00 to get Big Ed at the sale price and some left a message saying “Where’s the buy button?”

It was turned 7.30 before I sat down at my desk and spotted the button wasn’t live. It took me a few moments to fix the date but that left me with a dilemma.

What about all the people who turned up to buy, couldn’t get their copy, and planned to come back later to take a look? What if by the time they came back the sale was over?

I don’t know about you, but that would *really* tick me off if it happened to me.

I had no choice but to let the sale run for the full 48 hours, well a little longer actually. So I sold a lot more copies than I’d intended but nobody missed out.

I hope.

So if you want to have similar problems… 🙄 today’s your chance to get the Content Replacement plugin at just $10.

The sale will go live at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) today, Saturday 22nd. I’ll drop you an email when it starts.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


The UK is still on Summertime, now i really am confused!

Frank Haywood

Hi Annie,

Oops, I missed this. I got fed up of calling it BST and GMT because of the confusion it caused so I gave up. I now do it by local time and call it GMT. If you want to know what local time is, it’s underneath the picture of me top right of this blog. 🙂


Hi Frank,

Would like to know about plugin’s rights.



Frank Haywood

Hi J,

Developer/client/flipper. 🙂



Thanks for your quick answer.
The only problem is that the offer
is closed.



Frank Haywood

Hi J,

Yeah, sorry about that. My deal now is pretty much all my plugins are developer/client/flipper – I sent an email out about it a few weeks ago. The whole “developer” thing became a little tiresome to me and I just don’t buy into it any more. So pretty much any of my products (with a few exceptions) can be installed on client blogs etc. The exceptions will be bigger products like SmartDD and I’ll state that clearly and up front.

I’ve re-opened the deal for 48 hours so you can still get it if you want. 🙂

I hope that’s okay.

All the best,