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Hi Frank,
You already do affiliate link cloaking and now you had a great response to your ebook templates. How about producing an ebook template that enabled affiliate link rebranding, that was cloaked? There are so many people pushing EXE.file ebook compilers, that are probably virus safe, but now the general perception is do not download an exe.file onto your computer, just in case. Rebrandable PDF’s would be a superior product because they are cross platform and there must be thousands of viral ebook pushers that could use a quick template method to change over their books to PDF format. Apart from that, people that have bought EXE Ebook compilers would not be to happy to learn that some of the most expensive ones on the market, give away half the price they charge to affiliates for giving “unbiased” reccomendations on their websites.
Just an Idea.
3 o’clock, I must stop drinking so much coffee.
all the best