CB Ad Rotator Bonus Offer

Okay, here’s the deal on CB Ad Rotator

In 3 weeks time I’ll be releasing my own AdSense killer called AdSpurt.

It will allow you to create hover ads on the fly (double underlined links) and also regular links to products that you are promoting.

This method is much more effective than AdSense for all sorts of reasons, but my favourite reason is that people are immune to AdSense ads now as they’re in most people’s “blind spots”.

AdSpurt has full click tracking, Flash charts with statistics, and it works with ClickBank AND PayDotCom out of the tin (you can search both databases) and in fact you can create ads for ANY third party affiliate scheme.  The built in search is actually better than ClickBank’s own search method, and we’ve generally gone to town on the entire system.

So that will be happening on the 23rd October (my birthday), and we’re planning on releasing it at $47 and then increasing the price shortly afterwards as word spreads.

My special bonus offer on CB Ad Rotator is…

If you buy CB Ad Rotator using my affiliate link (below), then I’ll GIVE you AdSpurt for free when I release it on my birthday.

So effectively you’ll be getting TWO AdSense replacement systems for the price of one.  This offer will run for the duration of the 72 hour launch that is currently being run on CB Ad Rotator, so you have until Sunday at 3.00pm EST (8.00pm GMT) to take advantage of this.

But my advice is don’t hang about on this one – grab it now while it’s hot.

In the past I’ve missed out on very special deals like this just because I’ve forgotten about them until it was too late.

Don’t do that.  Get it now.

Here’s my affiliate link for CB Ad Rotator which I’m click tracking via Smart Link Cloaker.


When you click the order button on the CB Ad Rotator page, you’ll first fill in a membership box, and then be taken off to ClickBank to complete payment.

Check the secure payment page at the bottom to make sure it says “submitlink” as the affiliate.  If it doesn’t then you won’t qualify.  Try following the link above again.

After you’ve completed payment, then raise a support ticket on my support desk at:-


against department “AdSpurt”, and leave your name, receipt number and email address.  I’ll then reply to tell you I’ve added you to the list to receive AdSpurt when it’s launched.

That’s it.

Here’s the link again.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Charles “StayHomeDad” Burleigh


What a fantastic bonus! Thanks for making this available to us.

I’m really excited to get AdSpurt as I’ve seen it in action on your blog here and it looks awesome!

Thanks Again,

Mike “Kotalk” Russen

Hi Frank,

Great offer for those doing Clickbank stuff reminds me of the Havads program. I’ve got to say I am more interested in the program you intend to release as I thing the AdSpurt hover ads will be much more effective than the other ones.

So will wait for your release, I have a similar plugin for wordpress niche sites I have but yours looks snazzier and catches the eyes.