BIG Spelling Mistakes

Okay this has nothing to do with what I’d normally write about on this blog, but I do have a “thing” about spelling and grammar.

Now we all make typos from time to time (I do) and spell checkers are unreliable. From and form are both words, and a spell checker won’t ever pick that up when you type form when you meant to type from, which is something that happens to me quite often.

But how about this for a typo.

I’ve just been with my eldest lad down to a place called Acocks Green (which is about 5 miles from where I live) to pick up some ant nest killer called Dethlac. It was almost a wasted trip as they didn’t have any, but we enjoyed a really good laugh which made it all worth while.

On the way there we drove past a new store which had a HUGE sign over the top of it. The plastic letters must have been two feet high, and it was really hard to miss.

And that’s what made us laugh so much.

I can just imagine a conversation at the sign creators.

First person: “I don’t think you spell it like this.”
Second person: “That’s what they asked for, and we say really clearly that we do the wording exactly as they asked for it.”
First person: “Shouldn’t we give them a call?”
Second person: “Nope. Just do it will you? We’ve got a lot on today.”

The sign read


-Frank Haywood

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I cannot count the nomber of times, I have chequed and re-checked a commment before I post it and I always see the obvious mistke after I hafe uploaded it.

Seriously, we have all done it, haven’t we?

Organic methods of pest control ants
One of the ways of getting rid of ants without resorting to poison. Make a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the surface with the solution a few times a day. Ants guide themselves with their scent. Vinegar has a natural chemical that alters ants’ scent and which ants avoid.

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Here is a link to the Top twenty spelling mistakes on signs around the world.

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@gareth: LOL! hilarious!