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Update: The plugin is now available and is currently $27.00 until the plugin goes officially live.

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On Thursday 21st April, I’ll be running a PRE-ORDER Easter Special for a new plugin called Backlinks and Traffic.

Funnily enough there are two parts to this plugin. 😉

Part One: Backlinks – is all about getting people to create links back to your site, and rewarding them for doing so.

Part Two: Traffic – is all about rewarding people for sending you traffic.

Now normally you can do this kind of thing by running an affiliate scheme, and you can still do that in parallel if you want to. But this new plugin is all about an extra, additional method of reward that will get people talking about and linking to your site. The reward can be anything you want, such as a direct cash payment in return for backlinks (yes I pay for some of my backlinks), or even an attractive product or service you can offer them.

If it’s something they want, then it will be worth their while to take a few moments out to create a few backlinks.

Here’s the thing, and one of the driving principles behind this. Many people are time rich but money poor.

They have time to go create backlinks for you, but they may not have the money to buy one of your products.

So what you can do is, you offer them your product for free in return for 10, 20 or whatever you decide, backlinks.

This is a win-win for both of you, and here’s why. They get the product for free. You get those all important backlinks to your site. And an even better idea while doing this is to tell them to join your affiliate scheme and use their affiliate link – that way it’s even more of an attractive deal to them.

They get the product for free, and also the opportunity to make some money from affiliate sales.

Just don’t make the mistake of saying to yourself “No I don’t want them to use their affiliate links.” Of course you do. Don’t actively do anything to block the flow of enthusiasm and you will reap the rewards from following that approach.

You WANT people to be excited and chat about your site on forums and blogs. Don’t you?

Every link is a potential sale and a potential new subscriber. 😉

Now looking at the second part of the plugin, you may decide you also want to give them an additional reward for sending traffic to your site. Let’s say for instance that you “know your numbers” and that for every 100 new visitors to your site, you pick up 60 new subscribers and a sale. And of those 60 new subscribers, 4 of them eventually purchase one of your other products, and that you get 6 sales of third party products you promote to them.

When you crunch all the numbers, this may mean to you that for every 100 visitors, your total earnings are $100 after affiliate payments and payment processor charges etc.

This in turn means that you could easily afford to pay 10 cents per visitor – that’s just 10% of your earnings – as an additional bonus payment of $10 per 100 visitors. If you didn’t want to pay cash, then you could even just supply another product for free.

How ATTRACTIVE do you think this would be to any potential affiliates that read about it?

Very? 😉

Part two of this plugin – the traffic bit – will count the number of clicks coming in from sources that are registered by the people promoting your site. We use a simple method of doing this, but it works a treat!

In fact the method we use allows people to link directly to your site without using an affiliate link, which means they can link to your site from forums without having their links removed by a moderator. 😉

Is that cool or what?

Like the Lightbox Popup, I’ll be releasing the Backlinks and Traffic plugin on pre-order in just over 24 hours as I write this, on Thursday 21st April at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).

More news tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Kathleen Gresham

I want it! I just hope I can manage to buy it from work at lunchtime as soon as it launches. Great stuff, Frank!

Frank Haywood

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for that. I see this is one of the more exciting plugins as it’s a new method of bringing in backlinks to your site where visitors may not have bothered before. As long as you don’t require people to create too many links, then it’s going to excite them to think they can get something for free that has clear value to them.

It may even convert “ordinary” visitors into new affiliates who want to sign up to your affiliate scheme and promote for you.

Who knows? Just by using this plugin you could end up changing people’s lives. 😉


Kathleen Gresham

I got it as soon as it launched. Haven’t had a chance to install it yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Thanks!

James Dunn

I got mine. This is one that I’m not 100% sure how I will use it just yet, but I’m buying anything that Frank puts out because there’s usually some sales angle that I can come up with for it. I didn’t grab one quite some time ago and then kicked myself later when I discovered a use for it – had to pay more, but it was still worth every penny.

Frank Haywood

Hi James,

I think this is one of those very plugins you’ve described. I’m sure that even if you *think* you don’t have a use for it today, when you see how it works you’ll be glad you nabbed it.

My bet is you’ll then start using it. 🙂


Mike Claggett

I got mine too. I can think of 100’s of ways I can use this to have my clients website visitor’s bird dogging for him/her and bringing them more business.

My imagination has been going absolutely nuts with all the possibilities for this plugin ever since Frank explained its 2 part workings – WOO HOO!

This will be like word of mouth gone wired and wild.

Thanks again Frank for reading our collective minds 😉

Frank Haywood

Hi Mike,

I think you’ll go even more nuts when you see it for yourself. It’s *like* an affiliate scheme without actually *being* an affiliate scheme. It’s more of an automated rewards system for people that “buzz” about your site that doesn’t have to put you out of pocket.


Hi there Frank, hope you are keeping well. Frank I just wanted to know with the back link part of this new plugin. If people have taken up of a free gift in exchange for back links, is there a way of checking if they have actually linked to your site?
Have a good Easter, and enjoy the glorious weather we’re having at the moment.

Frank Haywood

Hi Valda,

Yeah here in the UK we’ve been really lucky with the weather this last 2-3 weeks haven’t we? And the timing for this warmer spell has come perfectly. It’s a shame we both know it won’t last. 🙄

The plugin automatically checks the links they’ve registered for you, to see if there really are links back to your site. As long as all links are active, then they’ll get an email from the system.

So once it’s been set up, like all the best methods it’s completely automated and you can forget about it. 😉

Have a nice one.


Tom Brownsword

Hi Frank,

I may have missed it in your blog post (and I apologize if I did), but do you know when the plugin will be ready for use? I already have a project in mind and am eager to get started.


Julian McAuslan

Hi Frank

I have bought the plug in.
Can you tell me when i will be able to access it ?


Julian McAuslan

Hi Frank,

I never thought of this before, its so simple and so clever,

“So what you can do is, you offer them your product for free in return for 10, 20 or whatever you decide, backlinks.”

I have some PLR products im going to start doing this with.

thanks Frank 🙂

all the best


Mike Claggett

Hi Frank,

I blew it and lost the Bookmark to the download page. Can’t find the email with the link to the “Backlinks and Traffic plugin” DL page either. Must’ve suffered temporary brain deadness that day 😉

I submitted a support request at “Plugin Great! Help Desk!” with the PayPal Transaction ID requesting the URL for the download page.

Sorry to be a pain.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Mike C.

Mike Claggett

Thanks to Edesa in Support – Re-Downloaded “Backlinks and Traffic Plugin” and the read-me.txt documentation was there.

Excellent support response time (As always) and easy to understand directions.

Mike C.

Richard Wing

I have been looking for a demo on this since its now been launched? Where can I see it in action and/or screenshots or video demo of how it works and a feature list?

Richard Wing