AutoBlog Plugin Nickel Sale Now Live

The nickel sale for the WordPress AutoBlog Plugin is now live and has started at just $1.97.  The price is increasing by 5 cents with each sale and the first 20 buyers will get it at under $3.

The report I wanted to bundle with it isn’t complete, so I’ll add that to the download page tomorrow morning.

Make sure to bookmark your download page!

You can get to it here:-

[sale over – link removed]

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Woo Hoo, got the plugin for $1.97! I was waiting for the email and came to the blog and refreshed the page just in time to see the post with the link. Thanks for the great price Frank! This will be very useful.

CJ from Article Writing News

Wow, I was here, reading, when it went live. I’m only 7 minutes past launch and it already cost me $3.77! Your nickel sales are VERY popular… lol!

OK Frank,

Do I get a prize for being first? 😉

Best $1.97 I’ve spent today for sure!


Wondering if you have an example site where the plugin is live?

“I *think* that should be okay with everybody, but if you have an issue with that, then please leave a comment on my blog.”

Since you ask, I have an issue, Frank. I take Saturday’s off for personal reasons. I would have preferred you kept the Friday launch or waited until you were truly ready. Your launches seem to be delayed often.

The only saving grace is that your products are truly GREAT. You very worth following. I feel one could succeed by learning from you. You are on my short A-list of internet marketers (especially for scripts).

Are you including use/licensing guidelines?

Frank Haywood

@Paul Tuttle: These little pre-launches I do are often delayed yes. I give myself targets that I think I can meet to help me to keep focussed on the goal. As a positive side effect of it, I’m so busy working towards that goal it doesn’t give me time for any doubts or other self-punishing distractions.

The downside is, I don’t often meet my first target, but I don’t believe I’d get there any more efficiently by giving myself more time.

I’ve found that any time allocated to any task gets used up, no matter what the period of time is. So if I had 3 weeks to complete a task, the job would expand to fill the 3 weeks. Giving myself 3 hours instead keeps me tight and gets the job done faster.

I know what I’m doing. 😉


How bizarre! Looks like both Becky and myself got the script for the same price. Maybe we both clicked to buy at exactly the same time and the script got confused…

Looks like Becky and myself have pretty hot clicking fingers 🙂


Frank Haywood

@Ade Martin: Yep, that’s the way the script works deliberately. If 20 people all land at the same time on the page, then they all get the same price, even if they buy a few minutes later. The 21st person pays a dollar extra.

I debated with myself over this as to whether or not it would be useful to use AJAX to auto update the price, and in the end I decided not. It’s better to have 20 people happy that they got the lowest price, than to annoy them by showing a different price when they get to checkout.


Hello Frank,

work this script also with “german content”?


Hey Frank
This is the first product I have bought from you. I realy like it 🙂
Can certainly help me out with some clients sites as well.
Frank do you offer coaching or would you ever consider offering your personal services?

Also how long does it take from starting up a completely new site before you notice traffic?
I have been using this on a site I already have for a few days havent notice any traffic yet.



Frank Haywood


I’m expensive. 🙄

I did coaching a couple of years ago at a thousand dollars a pop, and at the time I said I probably wouldn’t do it again (and certainly not at that price) as it takes up so much of my time and attention. Having said that, I do intend to launch a new site before the end of the year where I’ll be teaching stuff for free, so watch out for that.

I’m also gearing up to start offering my services to local businesses as I believe there’s a truly HUGE market out there if you can get the businesses to want your services. I’ll be doing that first before I even touch the free learning.


Brian Lucas

I’m having a problem that seems quite common …. missed schedule.
All my scheduled posts end up ‘missed schedule’ then I have to reschedule the time on each one that was missed…then they work…but it doesn’t do much for time saving!
Also…What happened to the report??

Frank Haywood

@Brian Lucas: Aha! Missed schedule. That’s a WordPress bug caused by a mismatch in the database – I can remember reading a full explanation of this somewhere. It’s just affected one of my wife’s sites and we fixed it by changing the local TimeZone in Settings-General from UTC+1 to “London”.

Try that. Look up your local timezone and change it to a city near you. If you’ve already done that, then start looking for a plugin to fix it. If I find one I’ll post it here.

Aha again! You could try this one, but you’ll have to register on the site first to view the code.

The “short report” as it was meant to be has got a little out of hand. It was supposed to be 5 or 6 pages long, but has been growing as I realised I’d missed bits and pieces out and that it would be bound to cause a load of questions.

It’s now around 20 pages and is about two thirds complete. I’ll try to get it completed, the nickel sale closed and the site and product offically launched by the weekend. I may also add a videos page as there are some things that are just easier to explain in video form.

I *might* release the “short” report as a separate product, and create an edited down version to go with the plugin, but I’ll make sure that everybody who bought in the nickel sale will get the full size version.


Brian Lucas

@Frank Haywood: Had to wait a few days to see if it was working. Discovered that I needed the TIME and DATE in the EXACT SAME FORMAT as the plugin then everything seems to work OK. Now I’m months ahead with ease! Any Affiliate for this??

Hi Frank
Not sure if you got my email. How muc time do you give for $1000 I was wondering If you would give some scrutity to my site. Im also a PHP developer. I noticed a few way in which I could develop your recent plugin. Ways in which to make it better. I would be happy to give my services to you in exchange for advice. one of my site is just starting to get some traffic.

I did have an idea of speaking to some internet marketing gurus recording there conversations with me (with there consent of course), taking me from start up and then cleaning it up, and selling it as a product.

When you get someone who realy knows what there talking about, and they dont know what question is coming next then the best answers realy come out.
Its especially interesting when you ask a question and they say dont worry about the answer to that one, I find I was wasting my time on something that wasnt important.

Would any one else be interested in a product like that ?



Commented in wrong place! Duh!
Plugin works to post on time etc BUT it cuts the posts short. Sometimes only a sentence gets posted. Any idea why? …I have to then manually edit which seems to defeat the whole process. I checked all the posts awaiting posting and all were cut short on the uploading by the look of it even though the files were uploaded OK.

Frank Haywood

@Brian: It’s almost certainly a problem that’s local to you. I say that as I’ve not seen this issue myself and no-one else has reported it. That seems to be the most obvious answer.

First check the original text files on your desktop computer to make sure there’re no special characters inside them which is causing the text to be truncated. They must be plain text only, ie they have not seen any kind of word processing software, only a plain text editor.

Second, check that the files are actually uploading correctly by opening them on the server with your FTP software. If this appears to be the case, then I recommend using FileZilla as your FTP client, as this seems to be one of the few FTP clients (and it’s free) that actually handles all file types correctly. I have paid for software which can sometimes make a mess of uploading files, whereas FileZilla always gets it right.

If this is the case and you’re on a wireless network, it may be the files are being corrupted on their way across your network and out to your sites.

OK. I copy and paste an article into wordpad. I save as text file with all spaces hyphened and up load using my c panel. Check the folder on my server and all text files are complete in the folder. I post using the autoblog and it says all posts OK and remove folder from server. I then check posts and they are all cut short …. seems to happen in the posting process. Any clues?

Frank Haywood

@Brian: “I copy and paste an article into wordpad.

There’s your problem. The files MUST NOT have seen any kind of word processing software, only a plain text editor. WordPad is not a plain text editor and is probably inserting hidden special characters which is the point I was trying to make in my previous reply.

If you don’t want to use NotePad (and I can sympathise), then try one of these two notepad replacements.

Wordpad … Duh!
OK tried notepad and notepad+ … both do same … cut short BUT then I tried encoding the save in UTF-8 and not the default ANSI and it now all works great.
Thank you for all your help.