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Update: The sale for the security conscious Auto Password Change plugin is now live at just $10.00 for the next 48 hours.

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Today, Thursday 21st November at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EDT) I’m releasing a NEW plugin called Auto Password Change.

During this sale ONLY it comes with full developer (client/flipper) rights, and ALSO resale rights* too. When the sale is over these rights will be removed and will be an optional purchase, so this is the best time to get the plugin.

The Auto Password Change Plugin WILL Make Your Users More Aware Of Security On Your Blogs

If like me you have third parties with admin rights logging into your WordPress sites – or you look after clients sites for them – then you want this plugin.

In a nutshell it gives you control over how often the users have to change their passwords.

Now then. I reckon most people aren’t *that* security conscious – it’s our default state. I’ve been given access to plenty of customer sites over the years and while I would never do anything to harm a site, not everybody has the same scruples as I do.

As a result I’ve seen some pretty poor passwords such as short, real words (e.g. apple, treetop and so on) and passwords with simple number replacements for certain letters (e.g. 4ppl3, tr33t0p) which isn’t much better.

(By default, on your WordPress user profile, it will tell you if your password is strong or not and my guess is most people’s aren’t.)

These passwords will fail to simple “brute force” attacks.

Part of the answer is to make your users more aware of the security problem and one way to do this is to get them to change their passwords on a regular basis.

Better still is to automate the process and that’s what this plugin does.

You get to set a password reset frequency where your users are required to change their password every so many days. You can also display a message to them when it’s time to do so.


In addition you can skip this requirement for admin users (not a good idea, but it’s in there anyway) and also ignore the users first time login. This is where you may have added someone manually to the site, or they’ve been added via a membership plugin or similar.


Once this is in place, then you’re automatically making people aware of site security by default.

It’s important. I know…

In the past I’ve had a couple of blogs get hacked and defaced with ads and I know it’s because I’ve used poor passwords and left them in place for a very long time.

When they go down, that unplanned time to fix them hurts – even worse when it’s a client’s site – and the things is it’s all so very easy to avoid.

The plugin will also allow you to take manual control over a users last password reset date, so if you’re using a VERY secure password (I do), you can exclude yourself from the requirement to update your password by setting the date in the future, while still requiring all other admin users to change theirs on a regular basis.


I’m sure that deep inside you know this is something you should be doing.


The sale starts today 21st November at 6.00pm GMT, and you can do one of two things.

#1 – Be one of the first to get the plugin at the starting price of $10.00.

#2Join the Plugin Great Membership and get AT LEAST two new plugins, themes or scripts every month for one fixed price that won’t hurt your pocket.

In reality, as I release so many products and also run weekend sales the chances are high that you’ll get 3 new products per month in the membership – in fact there have been THREE released so far this month if you include Auto Password Change.

As I write this I have four other plugins almost ready for release with several more in various stages of development all of which I’d like to release before the end of the year.

Becoming a member is the perfect way to never miss out on a product release of mine again.

And it’s cheaper too.  😉


-Frank Haywood

* Having resale rights means you can sell it for a profit, not give it away, but your buyers don’t get the right to resell conferred to them, only you do. I am also toying with the idea of letting Plugin Great members have master resale rights to some of my plugins, but I’m still thinking about it so watch this space.

Posted by Frank Haywood