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Update: The sale for the "Totally brilliant" Attribution Copier plugin is now live at just $10.00 until Sunday evening (27th).

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I’m very excited to be able to tell you about my WordPress plugin called Attribution Copier.

Unusually I’ve been installing this across *all* my sites.

I say unusually because there’re many plugins I have written for certain types of site I create. But this is one that is suitable across the board.


Okay, what does it do?

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if when someone swipes some content from you to use on their own site that they’d also put in a link back to your site? Yes it would.

But most people don’t do this because either they don’t know how to (the majority), or it’s too much trouble to take those extra few moments to add a link.

You can imagine the situation – I’ve done this myself. I see something on a site I know a friend would be interested in or find amusing so I select and copy the text and stick it in an email and off it goes. Sometimes I’ll put a link back to the site if there’s other stuff on there that might be of interest, but most of the time I don’t.

I would be willing to bet you’ve done the same thing at some point. And there are lots of people out there that do their research on the internet and then compile a document or presentation with copy and pasted content.

Even my children do that for their homework. 😉

Well how about if you could *make* the people who copied your content give you a link back? Not in any forced intrusive way, they would just find the link back to your site automatically embedded when they do the copy and paste.

Now *that’s* cool isn’t it?

And that’s where the Attribution Copier plugin comes in. It does automatic embedding of a tag line and link back to your site whenever anyone copies your content.


When you stop and think about this, because it’s likely that most people (the general public) don’t know how to add a link to content they’ve copied, then it’s likely that they also wouldn’t be bothered to remove it either.

And when you take curation into consideration then it gets even more interesting.

In case you didn’t know, curation is an increasingly popular method of building large sites with other people’s content that’s been copied and pasted. Many of the sites I’ve seen often don’t have links back to the source content. I don’t think this is intentional, I think it happens in haste.

(There have been times I’ve had to search for the text online in an attempt to find the original source.)

So I hope you can see how powerful and how totally useful this plugin is. 🙂

If you want to try this out then select some text from this post, copy and paste into a text document and you’ll now see there’s a link back to my blog in the text.

The sale is LIVE and will last until Sunday evening at just $10. The plugin will then rise to $27 after the sale is over.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hello Frank

I got an email today for a similar plug-in. Here’s the link…


It’s priced at $17 I believe, but I’ll give yours careful consideration as I’ve
purchased from you before.



Frank Haywood

Hi Walter,

Thanks for that. Seriously. Although their’s pretty much does what mine does (but for a higher price), I think their sales copy raises some good points. So I’ll use some of the ideas presented there and use it to write the copy for Attribution Copier.

I’m also going to have a look to see if I can’t also supply a standalone HTML / javascript version rather than just WordPress only.


Hello Frank

Thanks for your comments. Yes, their sales copy does raise some good points. Nevertheless, your version basically does the same thing and for only $10 it’s steal.

I’ve now purchased and installed it on my blog in under three minutes. It’s working great too.

I like the idea of an HTML/Javascript version if possible. I’d certainly put a copy on my other sites for the same purpose.

Well done you!



Frank Haywood

Hi Walter,

You’re welcome, and that’s what I like to hear. 🙂


I like the idea. I’ve actually noticed it at some news websites (and others) where I’ve been doing just what you talk about – copying a chunk of text usually to email to someone.

Not sure why but trying it on this page did not work. I tried pasting to a txt file, and also direct into an Outlook email but no dice – no attribution. Small glitch?

Frank Haywood

Hi Chris,

Oops. I think I had my idiot’s head on yesterday. 🙄

If you try it now it will work fine.


Hi, Frank! Just a heads up that the price in PayPal after hitting Add To Car is $12.50, not the $10 mentioned in your email and on your web page.

BTW, what are the rights that come with purchase?


Frank Haywood

Hi Fred,

Fixed! Sorry about that, I was showing a family member how SmartDD works and changed the item price a couple of times but didn’t submit it the last time. D’oh! 🙄

The rights are full developer (client / flipper) which means you can add it to your client’s sites, or include it on a site you build that you intend to flip for profit. Quite good really. 🙂


Hi Frank. I’m about to show my ignorance here – would the attribute copier work on my Frontpage created site. I know it’s Old tech -not WordPress -but the content (original -not swiped stuff) has been built up over the years and I have the feeling that quite a bit is being lifted with no link back.

Regards, Ray

Frank Haywood

Hi Ray,

I’m sorry, it’s currently WordPress only. I’ll take a look to see if we can’t get you a standard HTML/javascript version – I have a feeling it wont be too hard to do.


Geoff Lord

Hi Frank

doesn’t seem to be working for me !! I tried copy and paste to text files, e mail posts, facebook, and a WP blog post……didn’t work on any of them !! bug hunt !!

Frank Haywood

Hi Geoff,

First thoughts are, some other plugin could be killing it so try turning them off and on one at a time, or maybe you have javascript turned off in your browser (try a different one to make sure).

Ah, two more. Maybe you have some kind of caching plugin enabled on the site (kill it as they’re not worth it unless you’re getting tens of thousands of visitors a day), or maybe your browser is caching the pages and it still has the old version without the new javascript cached. A SHIFT-F5 reload will usually clear the cache and force the page to be pulled down again.


Geoff Lord

Hi frank

Thanks for the info. Aha Now it is working fine. I think I must have tested when you had it turned off !!

However I must say that i do not agree with you on the use of Cache programs on WP Blogs. I do have a Cache program enabled on my sites because it is now a major element these days in speeding up a site which is now a part of the google algo for ranking sites, Proof of this is evident on my sites which have gone up in ranking dramatically since I applied cache applications.

Hi Frank,
Will the Attribution Copier Plugin be added to the membership area? It’d be super if it will be there, but truth be said, I’d buy it anyway if it’s not included there. Could you let me know before it closes Sunday night?

Best regards and thanks for the outstanding info you give us!


Frank Haywood

Hi Bill,

You’re welcome, and yes it’s already in the members area. 🙂


Thanks Frank, I would appreciate that. I already found some of my pages on a really crappy Russian site.
Regards, Ray

Frank Haywood

Hi Ray,

First looks say it can be done, I’m now just thinking about the easiest most flexible way of doing it.

But, if they’re using something like HTTrack to lift your entire site and then individual pages from it, then there’s not a lot you can do about it. Yet. 😉


Frank, would love it if you could come up with something to spike the “lifters”. I’ve spent money and time buying and extensively rewriting plr content. I visited the forum on HTTrack and seen all the ” How do I make the lifted content look like it’s mine? questions – and think “thieving B**’s – put some time and effort into writing your own content !
End rant -going for a hot chocolate drink to calm down