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Thanks for all the kind comments.

I hit a bit of a problem today and I’ve been forced to put this back until the weekend. 🙄

And unfortunately I won’t be around tomorrow and until Friday afternoon, because of a scheduled hospital visit.

Many apologies, I know it will be worth the wait…


I know a lot of people are waiting for details of the affiliate scheme. I get an email or two about it every week and that’s been going on for a while now.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get going, but it IS up and running now and I’ve been testing and fiddling with it the last couple of days.

And it’s a GREAT scheme. I know it’s me that’s saying that (and why wouldn’t I?) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any affiliate scheme that has more potential to generate you as much income as this one, and here’s why.

#1 – Software sells itself.

You may have missed the bit of fuss about this a few weeks ago, but I have to agree with the marketer who raised the point, as it’s true. While many people will now hesitate to buy the latest fad in learning, a useful tool is almost always seen as a good buy and chargebacks are low.

#2 – You’re not just joining an affiliate scheme for one single product.

I see this is one of the biggest problems with many affiliate schemes. The person running the scheme may have several other products and services, but typically when you join an affiliate scheme for one product you’re not able to reap the rewards of the sales of any other products.

So you end up sending buyers to the product owner who then sells his or hers other products to the new buyers without having to give you a cut.

NOT FAIR and NOT with this scheme.

All my products (and if you didn’t know – I have a LOT) are part of the SAME affiliate scheme.

Promote ONE product (even a free one) ONCE, and you earn 50% commission from sales of ANY and ALL of them through the prospects you send.

You’ll even be able to just link to one of my blogs and the prospect will get cookied. If they buy, you get the commission.

I can see that depending on how good you are at traffic, it should be a reasonable expectation to make a full time living just from promoting my products let alone anyone elses.

And I don’t think I’m being over the top with that statement, I think it’s a perfectly viable thing to be able to do.

At this stage I don’t know the numbers yet, but certainly you stand more chance of earning a commission through this scheme than most others because of the benefit you get of multiple chances of a sale

#3 – You can link to any landing page you like.

Including your own write ups or reviews, or even your own sales copy, and still get your prospects cookied.

We have the technology… 😉

Now I can’t say I’ll allow this to continue permanently as it *might* get abused, but certainly in the early days of the scheme I’m going to allow you to create links to any page you like.

If it does show signs of being abused, I’ll stop this aspect but leave any links you already created in place and untouched.

#4 – I’m going to randomly hand out $100 every month to one of my affiliates, and it could be YOU.

I’m having a bit of code written that will randomly select an affiliate each month. If this is popular (and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be) then I’ll increase that amount, and add in some additional variants to increase your chances.

But you have to be in to win it. 😉

This aspect will come online in the next 3-4 weeks.



You know what?

I’d definitely sign up for this scheme if it was me reading about it. 😉

But before I give you the link to the page (tomorrow, Wednesday), I’d like to tell you about a new plugin that I’ll be using as part of this scheme, called the Promo Tools plugin. I’ve just received the final version today and given it a quick testing and it seems to be perfect for our needs.

In case you don’t know what a promo tools page is, it’s usually a page dedicated to supplying an affiliate with a set of promotional tools together with their affiliate link embedded in them.

And that’s exactly what the Promo Tools plugin can help you with.

It will allow you to create pages that you can fill with promo tools you create for your affiliates such as pre-written blog posts, articles, emails, forum signatures and banners.

With this plugin, once you’ve set up the tools, all an affiliate has to do is paste their aff link into the box at the top and every single promo tool on the page gets auto-populated with their affiliate link.

Then they can copy the code for banners etc and paste it directly into their web site.

It makes the whole process a lot easier for them and the easier you can make it, the more attractive it becomes.

Shall we see how easy you find it to use? 😉

More news on this and the affiliate scheme tomorrow (Wednesday).

Have I missed anything?

-Frank Haywood

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Champion Charles Burleigh


Is this Affiliate Scheme going to be promoting only your applications / plugins / products? Your products are great and I am not opposed to promoting them. I am just asking for clarification.

I love the concept that you’re sharing here, especially being able to give away a freebie, which will then allow you to sell other items to that person, and the sales are credited to you.

I’m anxious to see what you’re setting up, because I know it will be great!

Warm Regards,
Champion Charles

Hi Frank

Very exciting period with the launch of this affiliate scheme. Count me in!


Vern Brown

As always, Frank, I will be up all night waiting for your download link -NOT!!
But, I will be anxiously waiting for the email!
Also, looking forward to the ‘Promo Tool’ plugin!
Thanks again . . .

Derek Nice

Hi Frank
I am Seriously loking forward to your scheme, The idea’s that you have are a long needed enhancment to the affiliate schemes that abound these days, Thank you look forward to Tommorow
Derek Nice

Joe Jackson

Hi Frank,

I’m glad to see this affiliate program taking shape.

I’m pleased with the plugins I’ve activated.

I really like the multiple streams themes too. I do have a few issues with MST6 that I’m still trying to figure out. I’m happy with the way it looks, and I find the advertising capabilities extremely useful.

I’m looking forward to checking out your affiliate program. Especially considering the functionality differences you mention.

Hi Frank

With regards to the affiliate scheme, would there be an incentive to promote this to fellow affiliates?

So say if I introduce somebody to your affiliate scheme that decides to promote, would I earn a percentage of their sales too?

Many thanks

Frank Haywood

Hi Dave,

Hmm… That would be nice wouldn’t it?

Because the underlying scheme is via ClickBank, then it’s not a very straightforward thing to do as they don’t support tiered affiliate schemes. But maybe I can do something about that by making a separate payment.

I don’t know yet as to exactly how it can be done as it may not be possbile to easily find out from CB which affiliates sponsored other affiliates.

Let me think about it and see if I can figure out some logic to make it all work.


Dan@Online Golf

Count me in. Looking forward to it.